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The perfect suit for a Geek's Night out
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Sorry Mr Bond, but we do have a strict dresscode

Part of Hollywood Dress Code:

It's Prom Night! Or it's a wedding! It could be Shlomo's bar mitzvah but no matter what kind of an event, Wierdo McGeek is invited as well. And what kind of garment did he choose to show up with? A frilled shirt, a bowtie, a cummerbund and a tuxedo in baby blue. It's a Disco style Tuxedo John Travolta could barely look good in, but I've Seen It a Million Times that for example the Hollywood Nerd usually comes dressed up like this to a fancy event.

Contrast Sharp-Dressed Man, in which formal wear makes a good impression.


  • The title character in Angus wears a particularly hideous puce-colored one.
  • Tom Hanks' character in Big has one of these (sequins galore!) in the party scene. He makes quite an entrance.
  • Dumb and Dumber: Lloyd and Harry
  • Barry Fife (Bill Hunter) wears something very like this in Strictly Ballroom.


Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comic
  • Jon Arbuckle of Garfield is also been known to wear pink and purple suits as well.

Western Animation
  • American Dad!: Steve's Friend Snot
  • Angry Beavers: Daggett
  • Batman Beyond: Willie Watt wears an orange version to the spring dance in the episode "Golem". Made worse by the fact that other episodes show that future formal fashions are even more streamlined than today's, meaning it was really, really out of date and it wasn't actually a formal occasion (the only guys are wearing pretty casual clothes).
  • Ron Stoppable wears one of these in Kim Possible, saying he borrowed it from his dad.
  • The Simpsons: Homer

Real Life
  • Harpo Marx, during a vacation on the French Riviera, constantly wore a tuxedo made out of green felt. He later learned that he'd become widely known as "that American in the pool-table tuxedo".
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