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Rocket Powered Weapon
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Do We Have This One??

Sometimes a weapon is too heavy to swing around quickly, if swung at all. What better way to address this problem than making the weapon jet powered?

Sometimes, such a weapon will be used like a Jet Pack or Not Quite Flight. Rocket Punch is a Sub-Trope.


Anime and Manga
  • In Battle Angel Alita, the Badass Normal Ido uses a rocket-powered two handed pick when fighting cyborgs.
  • Franky from One Piece uses pressurized weapons, which are powered by Cola bottles in his chest. The Jet Dials from the same series also work on this principle.
  • In the Gecko Ending of the Soul Eater anime, Lord Death's city turned Humongous Mecha's arms use this, as well as for support.
  • More powerful forms of Vita's Graf Eisen (size-changing warhammer) in Lyrical Nanoha use mini-jets for propulsion to increase strike force. Also, in Nanoha Striker S, Erio's Strada (spear) is upgraded with jets that he can use to fly for short distances.

Live-Action TV

Tabletop Games
  • Digimon's Journey To The West set makes the rake used by Zhu Bajie's stand in jet powered.
  • In Warhammer 40,000, a hammer like this (with all orkish subtlety, it is actually an anti-tank rocket strapped to a hammer handle) is a weapon option for a tankbusta boyz team leader.

Video Games
  • Kirby: King Dedede's hammer
  • Anarchy Reigns: Big Bull uses a jet-powered axe.
  • Persona 4 Arena: Labrys' axe, which doubles as her Jet Pack.
  • Several of the high-end club sets in Pangya have oversized club heads with afterburners.
  • In the recent Telltale Back to the Future game, Young Doc invents a rocket-powered drill.
  • In Spiral Knights, completing the downloadable "Operation: Crimson Hammer" mission will reward you with one of three increasingly powerful rocket hammers depending on what difficulty you beat it on.
  • Super Robot Wars Alpha: Baran Doban's Bemidoban has a rocket-powered ball and chain.

Western Animation

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