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A Cop's Partner is His Only Friend
A career cop's personal life is in shambles, but he has a rock solid relationship with partner.

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Couldn't find this anywhere. We have Buddy Cop Show, but that's not quite it. For one, that's a complete genre, while this describes the actual relationship. Plus, this shows up on ensemble cop shows just as often as buddy cop shows. Lots of other subtle differences and distinctions, I can go into them if needed.

Basically, a cop's partnership is the most stable relationship they have. If they have a spouse, expect them to be slightly jealous. By the time they realize how close they are, it may be too late (maybe they let a criminal get away in order to save their partner).

Needs a Better Description and Title. Just throwing this up for ideas while i finish up on some other YKTT Ws.

  • only example off the top of my head is Eliot and Olivia on SVU. clearly not a Buddy Cop Show. I know I've seen this elsewhere though...
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