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The Osiris Treatment
Dismembering a corpse before disposing of it, often by disperisng the bits
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Someone dies, but is so fearsome or hated, their body is dismembered or otherwise dispersed in an (unnecessary?) attempt to make them Deader Than Dead


  • Named after the Egyptian God Osiris, his brother Seth did this to him. Somehow his wife Isis managed to find all the scattered bits, built a mummy, and revived him, so it appears Seth's precautions were insufficient.
  • From Discworld: Stoneface Vimes, The Kingslayer, was given this treatment after his execution.

  • In Jumanji, after Alan Parrish's disappearance into the titular otherworld, one nasty rumor that started flying around was that his father chopped him up into little pieces and hid them throughout the house.
  • In Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart, the Villain Protagonist dismembers his victim's body and hides it under the floorboards. This does not stop him from imagining(?) the corpse's heart beating while the police are visiting, driving him to expose his own crime.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer the gang had to separate the parts of at least one demon to prevent it coming back.
    • Yet another Buffy example: the Judge had had this done to him in the past, and Angelus put him back together again by reuniting all the pieces. Then Buffy blew him away with a missle launcher.
  • In Discworld Golems must be destroyed this way as removing their 'chem' (the scroll that powers them) only switches them off. Though you can just destroy that (so long as another is not made).
  • Happens in The Bible. In Judges 19, a gang rape/murder victim is dismembered, and a part of her body is sent to each of the twelve tribes to send a message about the depravity of the crime. The tribes are appropriately outraged.
  • In the Malloreon, Urgit mentions that after his depraved and reviled father was killed, he slit his throat and buried him 17 feet deep, head down, just to be safe.
  • The Outskirters in the Steerswoman books bury all their dead this way. It's because they're terraforming the planet; the wider they spread the body, the larger the area they're exposing to Earth-based biochemistry.
  • This is standard procedure for powerful vampires in Anita Blake Vampire Hunter. After being 'killed', the head and heart are taken from the body and all burned separately and then the ashes scattered over different bodies of water.
Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Dismembering a body and scattering the pieces made bringing back the person with a Raise Dead or Resurrection spell impossible. It was still possible to do so (e.g. with a Wish) but much more difficult.
    • One way to destroy a vampire involved cutting off its head.

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