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Bizarre Threat
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> "One day when you least expect it, you’re going to wake up as glue. And not the good stuff, either, but the cheap white paste that the weird kids eat." > Belkar Bitterleaf, Order of the Stick

Do We Have This One??

Basically, this trope is when a threat - usually a death threat - is played for laughs by being a bit, well, odd. This can include if a threat is unnecessarily long and convoluted, and the one making it gets a bit lost, or if it simply incorporates some really bizarre elements, or if it's a pathetically unthreatening sort of threat ("Do X, or I'm going to give you some really evil looks when your back is turned!").

This trope is usually seen in comedy, for obvious reasons. No relation to the Rule Of Escalating Threat.


  • The quote from atop the page comes from Belkar Bitterleaf, of The Order of the Stick, and is a textbook example.
  • Jayne, from Firefly, makes one of these when he talks about the "chain of command" being the one he beats you with if you argue with him.
" In Baldur's Gate, you can make Bizarre Threats quite often, but the most notable example is when you are confronted by an old guy offering cryptic advice, and can give the following response: > "If you've got a straight answer ANYWHERE in that bent little head of yours, I want to hear it pretty damn quick or I'm going to take a large blunt object roughly the size of Elminster AND his hat, and stuff it lengthwise into a crevice of your being so seldom seen that even the denizens of the nine hells themselves wouldn't touch it with a twenty-foot rusty halberd! Have I MADE myself perfectly CLEAR?!"
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