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Dinner with The Boss
The boss comes over for dinner and Hilarity Ensues.
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A standard sitcom plot in which the (Always Male) main character's boss comes to their home for dinner. Naturally, they'll panic when they learn of it and nervously prepare throughout the episode. Expect hilarity to ensue when the boss finally comes.

This is a very common trope in sitcoms, particularly animated ones. It's something of a Discredited Trope, though, perhaps due to the fact that it rarely happens in Real Life.


Comic Strips

Fan Fic

  • The Judy Blume novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing has this, only rather than the boss, it's a client at an advertising agency. The defiant kid brother, Fudge, causes trouble when the client visits, and it's implied that the agency lost the account because of this. The connection is made more direct in the TV adaptation, Superfudge.
  • In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Mr. Dursley's potential client and his wife come over to discuss a promotion over dinner. When Harry retires to his bedroom, Dobby the house elf appears and begs Harry not to return to Hogwarts. When he refuses, the house elf levitates a cake over the boss's wife's head and drops it.

Live-Action TV
  • Heil Honey, I'm Home!, the infamous sitcom which had Adolf Hitler and Eve Braun as the main characters (seriously) used a similar set up in its opening episode. The person coming to dinner was Neville Chamberlain rather than a boss, but it's treated exactly the same way.
  • Often happens in Three's Company.
  • Happens a few times on Bewitched.
  • Happens on Family Matters when Harriet's boss Nick is invited to play poker with Carl and his friends.
  • Inverted on Friends - Chandler's boss has him and Monica over to his home for dinner.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: Mr. Burns does this in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" as part of his political campaign.
    • Also parodied in "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase", where the family consists of beavers and the boss is a skunk (played by Tim Conway).
    • In the episode "Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield," there's a segment about Principal Skinner having Superintendent Chalmers over for dinner.
    • One more Simpsons example: In "Behind the Laughter", this was the plot of the pilot Homer shot. Bart played the boss.
  • Mr. Spacely does this in the pilot episode of The Jetsons.
  • Family Guy: Peter invites Mr. Weed, the owner of the toy company he works at, over for dinner. Weed chokes on a dinner roll (catapulted from Brian's mouth after Brian chokes & Peter gives him the Heimlich maneuver) and dies.
  • Done on an episode of Rocko's Modern Life, but not with any of the main characters. Instead, it played out with parasites living on Spunky, whose lives spoofed old sitcoms.
  • Mr. Slate does this a few times on The Flintstones.
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