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KIll God Free Man

Remove the control of god(s) on men by killing them.

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Dead are all gods: now we want the overman to live

I can't think of a better or more suited for the main space description than the laconic.

Works will vary on if this is the "right" or "good" path.

Sub-Trope of ‹bermensch.

  • In the Gothic trilogy this is the end goal of Xardas, by removing the remaining essence of the 3 gods for the game's world, man will be free to chose their own path. He succeeds in the end of the 3rd game. Xardas is on same side as The Nameless Hero.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II has Darth Tyrana/Kreia who wants to kill The Force. Amusingly, said character leans on the fourth wall enough to suggest a Rage Against the Author, seemingly well aware how often it is an excuse for bad writing. Sympathetic, but the main antagonist and final boss.
  • This is the stated goal of The Order faction (which you are involved in for the main quest) in Nehrim. In the game's world, the "Gods" are powerful mages that are believed to have no right to rule.
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