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It's not that Heart/Aquaman suck, they're just in the wrong show
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Formerly Out of Context Character Element. Do We Have This?

The problem that makes Heart a lame power and requires an Eigen Plot that specifically showcases Aquaman isn't perception, but that the show centers on things that make a character's theme and abilities less useful by comparison.

For example: if a show focuses on hand to hand combat means characters should Never Bring A Knife To A Fistfight, so the one squadie that specializes in Dual Wielding Absurdly Sharp Blades is never ever going to land a hit. Or lets say the story is about pirates who each have a Cool Boat; if a character comes along who only travels by car, it won't matter how cool it is, the story will always have to bend over backwards to make them relevant.

The circumstances will vary but the basic situation will be the same: character's who are thematically at odds with the show's setting and premise will be hard to include in the action. It doesn't matter that Heart Is An Awesome Power if the show's premise never gives them a chance to showcase said power or trait. This can lead to viewers to consider them The Scrappy through no fault of their own.

See also Wrong Genre Savvy.

  • The various Transformers shows have run into this problem whenever a water based Autobot or Decepticon is introduced. Past their initial episode they'll rarely reappear unless This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman.
    • The Transformers examples has an interesting subversion. In Beast Wars, Depth Charges transforms into a ray. To avoid limiting his useability he also has the ability to become a spaceship.
  • Aquaman suffered from this in the Super Friends cartoon.
  • In Dragon Ball Z no one fights with a weapon, it's all hand to hand. When Trunks shows up he and his cool sword make a good impression... and it promptly proves less than useful against the Androids and Cell, after which point he only uses it sporadically.
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