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The Chairman
The head of an evil corporation who rules the world of the story in practice and is probably the Big Bad
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"You see, Superman, I own Metropolis. My technology built it, my will keeps it going, and almost two-thirds of the people work for me whether they know it or not."

Every council of Corrupt Corporate Executives needs a boss. Enter the Chairman. He may be the actual title of Chairman, or he'll be the CEO, the President, the owner, etc. The point is, he calls the shots, this company exists to serve his will. Forget the mayor, this man is the one who runs the city. Through his company he controls everything and everyone, and he can do pretty much anything he likes. He's probably completely dismissive of the pain his company causes the common man and is always looking for chances to expand his power and money. If you need to talk to him you can find him in his massive office overlooking the city behind floor-to-ceiling windows.

This character archetype is somewhat of a modern counterpart to The Emperor. In modern or futuristic settings The Empire would be a bit dated, so instead you have a Mega Corp. ruled by The Chairman. He's an Evil Overlord just the same as Emperors tend to be but his power isn't in the brute force of an army, it's in his influence and wealth.

He's probably the Big Bad and may be a Non-Action Big Bad, since he relies on his employees to do his dirty work. Even if he isn't the Big Bad, The Chairman is always a villain, the best you can hope for is an Anti-Villain, but he will never be a hero.



  • Maximillion Pegasus aka Pegasus Crawford of YuGiOh, head of Industrial Illusions. Lightens up to Anti-Villain status after Season 1, though in spin-off games he's in prime form. From the same series Gozaburo Kaiba and his step-son Seto, who while upgraded to Anti-Hero in the anime was always a secondary antagonist in the manga.



  • The Fifth Element has Zorg, though his company's exact dealings are vague he at least has his hands in weapons production and cab companies.
  • Piratesofthe Caribbean has Cutler Becket, owner of the East India Trading Company.


  • John Henry Goliath V of the Goliath Corporation in the Thursday Next novels. He is the direct descendant of the corporation's founder and carries on its efforts to control Britain's government and populace, including using Mycroft's ovinator to control the minds of people in its range.

Live-Action TV

  • Holland Manners was this for the first few seasons of Angel. Angel himself was the CEO of the Wolfram and Hart for the final season, but he wasn't intentionally being evil most of the time.

Video Games

  • Mr House of Fallout: New Vegas, owner, founder and CEO of RobCo.
  • Final Fantasy VII has President Shinra, and later his son Rufus, as the presidents of Shinra Inc. In the game you even meet the mayor of Midgar, where Shinra has its headquarters, and he admits outright he's just a figurehead and Shinra controls the city.
  • Ratchet & Clank has Chairman Drek. He polluted his home planet Blarg with the intent to build a new planet and charge the Blarg citizens to move to it...and then revealed once he was done he was going to do it again.
  • Sid Meierís Alpha Centauri has Morgan Industries and their CEO Nwabudike Morgan.

Western Animation

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