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Paper Thin Crossdressing
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Person cross dresses for whatever reason, but is still visibly (and generally horrifyingly) obvious, with features such as facial or chest hair, or noticeably thick hairy limbs being visible. May or may not be effective in spite of this.

Do We Not Have This One, Seen It a Million Times.


  • There's a very butch crossdresser (complete with "rugged" stubble) in the Cowboy Bebop movie who appears as a one-off gag.

  • There's no mention of any physical traits, but one of the cases in favor of The Kinks' song "Lola" being about a crossdresser is that "she walks like a woman and talks like a man."

Video Games
  • The three main males of Persona 3 almost get picked up by one while trolling for chicks during the Yakushima Island sequence before Akihiko notices a bit of stubble where "she" missed a spot while shaving.

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