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Kicking My Own Butt
A Mirror Match Taken to the Next Level.
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Strong Bad: Man, man, we should start putting those Homestar Vs. Homestar fights on pay-per-view. Instant classics!

This isn't a case where you're fighting an evil twin or a clone of yourself, but you are literally fighting yourself. As in, you're hitting yourself or otherwise trying to inflict damage to yourself.

Sometimes this is used to set up a Wounded Gazelle Gambit, or for Playing the Victim Card.

Compare Mirror Match.


  • Fight Club: The narrator blackmails his boss into paying him for no work, and to seal the deal beats himself up in front of the boss, threatening to blame him for the beating if he doesn't comply, and of course in order to show how serious and nuts he is.
  • Liar Liar: Fletcher Reede desperately needs an excuse to get out of a court case since he's stuck with a curse so that he Can Not Tell A Lie. After hurting himself in the bathroom (by knocking his head against the wall), he comes up with the idea of beating himself up to get out of the case.
    Fletcher Reede: I'm kicking my ass! Do you mind?!

Live-Action TV
  • Malcolm in the Middle: Dewey hits himself so Lois will think Reese did it and ground him.
  • In a sketch from a Monty Python live stage show, Graham Chapman plays Colin "Bomber" Harris, a wrestler who goes up against...Colin "Bomber" Harris.
  • Night Gallery: In "The Hand of Borgus Weems", Peter Lacland smashes his own hand because he believes it belongs to Borgus Weems.
  • The Office: As Dwight is giving a martial arts demonstration, Jim states that "the only one who can defeat you is yourself", which leads to Dwight trying moves on himself.
  • Saved by the Bell: Screech wrestles himself in order to get out of a match with another character.

Web Animation
  • The quote above comes from the Strong Bad Email strong badathlon, where one of the events is "Greco-Roman Homestar Crud-Out-Of-Beating." The reigning champion is none other than Homestar, who is shown beating the crud out of himself.

Western Animation
  • In the Regular Show Episode Rigby's Body, after eating too much junk food, Rigby's body turns on him, and he ends up fighting himself until his body rips Rigby's consciousness out.
  • In The Fairly Oddparents episode Movie Magic, Sylvester Calzone criticizes Timmy's Amateur Movie, to which Timmy retorts, asking if he's some kind of critic. Since Sylvester had built an image of being a "Critic Punching Movie Star," he punches himself out, and throughout the rest of the episode, can be occasionally seen in the background continuing to punch himself.
  • Comes up several times in The Amazing Worldof Gumball.
    • In The Ghost, Gumball ends up in a fight with himself as he's trying to get Carrie to stop possessing him and using his body to go on eating sprees.
    • In The Refund, Gumball repeatedly slaps himself in order to pressure Larry into giving him a refund. It doesn't work.
    • In The Banana, Banana Joe's attempt to attack Gumball and Darwin results in him slipping and bruising himself. Knowing they'd be seen as bullies if anyone saw this, Gumball and Darwin proceed to beat themselves (and each other) up to make it look like it was an even fight.

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