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Adorably Dysfunctional
Sociopathic tendencies portrayed as adorable
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This trope is on hold for now - the distinction against Cute and Psycho is too distinct to discard it, but currently too YMMV to progress development.

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  • former title: adorably psycho

Aww, just look at that psychopath. He can't understand human emotion! Isn't that just adorable? And that crazy woman, brutally maiming people for the flimsiest of reasons. Surely we all just want to hug her!

This trope is when sociopatic tendencies are portrayed as adorable rather than horrible, funny or sexy.

This trope is about sociopaths, not people with Asperger Syndrome. Don't confuse them.

Comic Books
  • Nemi frequently go into this territory, having violent outbursts where the audience seem expected to relate to her and her unreasonable state of mind.
  • Lenore has this as her way of being Obliviously Evil.

  • The protagonist of Hard Candy mixes this trope with the underage version of Abusively Sexy Woman. In her own naive and youthfully enthusiastic way, she's just hellbent cutsey little mischief such as drugging a guy and castrating him.
  • The baby crocodile, bighorn, porcupine and eel from the Pixar short Partly Cloudy.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • Max of Sam & Max. They are both heroic sociopaths, and both of their anti-social antics are played very much for laughs. Max' sociopathy is played to exaggerate his physical cuteness and adorable mannerisms.
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