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Laconic: Over the top sports event

When it comes to sports, we usually think of things such as baseball, golf, and most importantly, the Olympics. Of course, depending on the type of story that is written, such events would be considered out of place in the overall setting. This tends to give writers an opportunity to make up a sports event that they feel will fit the narrative perfectly, because a medieval fantasy world where knights play football would be rubbed off as bizarre. And, since the sky tends to be the limit, the event in question turns out to be completely ridiculous, bordering on being an Acceptable Break from Reality.


Comic Books

  • An early Judge Dredd strip takes place during The first Lunar Olympics. Athletes are allowed to compete with bionic implants, provided that no less than 80% of their bodies is made of human tissue. Because of the Moon's lower gravity, Earth records in events like the pole vault and the shot put are broken like crazy. There are also a few "Moon Sports" introduced, notably one best described as "snowboarding tricks meets the ski jump"; overshooting ones run and missing the safety net leads to some very bloody, deadly results.

Live-Action TV

  • A "Weekend Update" segment on Saturday Night Live once reported on the first All-Drug Olympics that allows (and even encourages) athletes "to take take any substance whatsoever before, after, or even during the competition." By the time Weekend Update begins their coverage, 115 world records had already been "shattered."
Attention all athletes. There are minor scheduling adjustments.
Space Disk! Is totally canceled.
Space Swords! Is totally canceled.
Space Luge! Is also canceled.
And all other events are pending!
  • 30Rock has Olympic Tetherball, amongst others.

Video Games

  • Final Fantasy X has this in the form of Blitzball.
  • Numen Olympics, olympic events by genetically-enhanced superior people One event was seeing how many times you could jump off of walls between apartment buildings to reach the top, or sprinting faster than sixty miles per hour.

Western Animation

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