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They're Good At Everything
A group of people put together for a particular reason tend to be very good at a number of unrelated things
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A story centres around a group of people who are together for a particular reason - for example, a youth sports team, or a high school club (or honours class) of some sort. It could even be just a group of friends. However, over the course of time, they end up winning awards in things that have nothing to do with the reason they are together.

  • "Head of the Class" is about an honours class in high school, but three of the students end up winning a citywide dancing competition.
  • "Glee" is about a high school show choir, but four of its members just happen to be the school's "quiz bowl" team - that makes it to the state finals.
  • "All Grown Up" (the nine-years-later sequel to "Rugrats") is about a group of friends since preschool, but they just happen to comprise a championship language-translating team as well (although this is more a case of one character carrying the team, it is clear that the others are polyglots to a certain degree as well).

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