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Kiss Up The Arm
A comedy/romance trope in which a guy starts by kissing a woman's hand and works his way up her arm.

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A comedy/romance trope in which a guy starts by kissing a woman's hand and works his way up her arm. Usually used to identify the man as either the Casanova or a pervert. Mostly a Dead Horse Trope nowadays, but can be found in many older works (particularly animated shorts).


  • Inversed and parodied in Batman: Vicky Vale kisses up the Joker's arm.

Live Action TV
  • The Addams Family. Gomez Addams, whenever Morticia spoke French.
  • Inverted and parodied in a sketch/dance sequence on The Benny Hill Show parodying the "Naughty Bits" of The Kenny Everett Show. In this version the (old, ugly) men play the parts normally done by young women and young women have the male roles. A woman kisses up an arm, finds the face of Benny Hill at the top, gives a disgusted Aside Glance, and kisses back down the arm to go away.

  • Used by Ali the salesman in Oklahoma!. He calls it the "French Goodbye."
  • In a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that this troper saw, there was this funny part where the two male leads (under the influence of a love spell) both grab one of Helena's hands and kiss it. They try to one up each other by kissing up her arm, and it finished with one of them sniffing her hair. Needless to say, Helena was not amused.

Video Games
  • In The Sims 2 one of the "Kiss" options was this.

  • The prancing forest-elf Jolly Elfsberry tries this trick on Antimony in Gunnerkrigg Court before being... diverted by Sir Egalmore's sword. (Actually, he's Coyote in disguise, but that's neither here nor there.) Heres's the page.

Western Animation

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