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Remake In His Image
A villains major goal or one of his goals is to make the hero become just like him.
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Villains can have many different goals: money, taking over the world, taking the hero's love interest for himself, getting the hero to join him, getting the hero to kneel before him, defeating the hero and getting him to surrender to him, or other goals. But in this case the one thing the villain wants the most (or one of his goals) is to see the hero become just like him which they will attempt to do through either Mind Rape, Hannibal Lecture, other Break the Cutie tactics, or brainwashing them. They may have this goal in mind because they desire the hero, are in love with their carnage, desire having the hero join them, or because they are just evil that way and do it for kicks. See also The Corrupter.


Comic Books
  • The Joker, when he's not just on his For the Evulz kicks, usually invokes some sort of plan to "break" Batman, his allies, or the populace in general.
    • It even shows up in the Batman / Hellboy crossover story (albeit in a subplot that happens entirely offscreen): The Joker kidnaps the children of the wealthiest families in Gotham and threatens to turn them into "living, crazed likenesses of himself".
    • Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight seems to attempt to do this to Batman and fails but succeeds with Harvey Dent.
  • The Green Goblin has tried to do this to Peter Parker using such things as drugged toothpaste and his own brand of torture tactics.

Film - Animated
  • In The Incredibles, Syndrome stoops to this after his initial scheme is foiled by the Parrs. He tries to kidnap baby Jack-Jack, and announces that someday he'll make a good sidekick.

  • In Night Watch, the main villain, Carcer, has been sent back in time with Sam Vimes and toys with the idea of corrupting Vimes's younger self to make him just as bad as he is (since they're both shown to have similarities).

Live-Action TV
  • The war criminal Deathwalker from Babylon 5 develops a cure for all illnesses which requires sentient life forms to be dissected in order to produce it. She intends to watch all the people who called her a monster descend to her level.

  • This trope was covered in a couple of comics of Super Stupor. A villain plans on killing a hero's girlfriend, making that hero break his non-killing vow. Nearby tied-up antihero Punchline points out that this probably means the incoming hero will go right ahead and kill the villain in turn. "What did you think would happen, he'd join forces with you?"

Western Animation
  • In "Operation B.U.T.T." of Codename: Kids Next Door the Delightful Children attempt to "delightfulize" (brainwash) Numbuh 1 to make him just like them through Blackmail. He stops them in time though. The Delightful Children frequently attempt to "delightfulize" other children or Kids Next Door into becoming just like them as well probably to make their goal of adult supremacy over children much easier.
  • While Chase Young of Xiaolin Showdown at least ostensibly (and rather halfheartedly) pursues generic bad guy roles like ruling the world and collecting Wu, his true focus seems to be corrupting Omi and bringing him to his side.
  • In the first season of Teen Titans, Slade's mysterious and sometimes seemingly random acts of evil all focus on measuring Robin's abilities and reinforcing their similarities, culminating in Slade forcibly making Robin his apprentice.
  • In Batman: The Animated Series we learn in the episode "Mad Love" how The Joker succeeded in turning Harleen Quinzel into becoming just like him.

Video Games
  • * In the Kingdom Hearts series, this is what Master Xehanort does in a very Palpatine-esque manner with Terra in Birth by Sleep. After sabotaging Terra, causing the boy to lose control of his darkness and fail his Mark of Mastery exam, he spends most of the remainder of the game manipulating Terra (who had been just given the classic You Are Not Ready speech from Master Eraqus) with false pretenses about the nature of light and darkness and killing Eraqus--Terra's father figure--in front of Terra's eyes after orchestrating a Rage Against the Mentor fight between the two to enrage Terra in order to lure Terra into further using the powers of darkness. At the end of Terra's story, it turns out that this was done to weaken Terra's heart to the point that, after having Terra wail on him, Master Xehanort could pull a Grand Theft Me. This results in Terra-Xehanort, who subsequently loses his memories and goes on to become the present-day Xehanort responsible for most of the troubles the heroes have to deal with.
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