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Tetrapods Came From The Ocean
The first tetrapod coming onto land from the ocean instead of fresh water.
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This trope is a fish coming onto land on a beach from a large mass of water, presumably from the ocean. This portraying evolution, or a gag based on evolution, incorrectly. Tetrapods probably came from fresh water details  Hence why amphibians, the intermediate evolutionary step between fish and other tetrapods, live in fresh water, for at least part of their life cycle. Of course this trope may have actually been the scientific view, but its not anymore (if so, if someone could give a date that would be great). See Also: Somewhere This Index Is Crying, Artistic License – Biology, Hollywood Evolution, and Theme Park Version


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[[Western Animation]]
  • In the beginning episode The Parasite of Teen Titans Go there is a gag along the lines of this trope.
  • In the "Homer Evolution" couch gag of The Simpsons, Homer as a primitive tetrapod crawls out of the ocean (or at least a body of water with an octopus in it).

[[Real Life]]:
  • Mudskippers live on brackish water (which is halfway between salt and fresh water) mudflats.
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