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Peaceful RPG Town
A safe haven free of monsters, where you can recover and purchase supplies.
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While most of the places you'll visit in any given game will be full of wandering monsters and other threats to your safety, there are a few safe havens around. Most of these are clustered around towns, places where all the characters you meet are friendly (or at least, won't attack you). So friendly, in fact, that they dispense helpful hints and background information, and won't mind if you go into their houses and rummage through their stuff.

These towns may be sparsely populated for areas that are supposed to be major metropolises. More modern games may attempt to make their towns seem larger than they really are by blocking off large portions of the city, or introducing a lot of buildings you can't enter.

Most towns you'll visit, regardless of flavor, will contain a few basic amenities. These include:

  • Inns: Places where your party can rest and recover their health and magic power.
  • Stores: Places where you can sell your loot for cash, and trade in that cash for needed supplies. These usually include consumable items, weapons, and armor.
  • Quests: Certain NP Cs in the towns will have tasks for you to take care of. Some of these advance the plot, but others are optional sidequests that grant you more gold and items.

Specific flavors of town may vary, ranging from quiet rural villages to bustling cities. These may include:

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