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Levitating Lotus Position
Person/Being levitates while in Lotus Position.
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The soft split on the Lotus Position page has been changed to a hard split between normal Lotus Position and levitating Lotus Position examples. See this thread for details. The name for the new trope was selected in an alternative titles crowner here.

I do not think I did a great job writing this description, so help with that would be greatly appreciated.
When seated in the Lotus Position, a character may levitate to demonstrate that he or she is meditating particularly profoundly. The Levitating Lotus Position is also used as to show that a character is displaying his or her Psychic Powers, intensely concentrating, healing, or is just especially calm.

Levitating while in the Lotus Position may also be a sign that a character is powerful or that he or she is far from normal.

Bonus Points if they start chanting "Ohm..."

See also Meditation Powerup. See Chunky Updraft and Love Floats for other uses of levitation.


Anime and Manga
  • Virgo Shaka of Saint Seiya awaits for the intruders to the House of Virgo in a Levitating Lotus Position. No surprise here for someone thinking he's the reincarnation of Buddha. Bonus points for keeping the pose while wearing the Gold Cloth armor of the Gold Saints.
  • Also in 3×3 Eyes, this is the default position for Kelarla (a Cute Monster Girl) whenever she appears, floating above the ground.

Comic Books
  • Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen does the levitating version of the Lotus Position while creating his fortress on Mars.
  • Used by Doctor Strange for purposes of study, meditation, and sometimes Astral Projection. Usually while sitting on three or four feet of empty air.
  • Jean Grey of X-Men being both telepathic and telekinetic could do the lotus and float.
  • Averted in Tintin as the only guy who levitates does so while standing (and completely involuntarily, as he's uttering a prophetic warning and doesn't remember anything afterwards, including levitating).
  • Leonard of Léonard le Génie encounters an entire squadron (yes, flying in squadron formation) of monks flying like this. One even shouts mayday because he has a leg cramp, meaning he can't get the landing gear out.
  • In B.P.R.D., Liz talks to a Shangri-La monk while he's in the lotus position three feet off the ground.

Films -- Animation
  • Gali has a similar pose to this while meditating in the first BIONICLE movie, managing to levitate despite not having psychic powers of any sort.
  • Master Oogway of Kung Fu Panda also does the levitating lotus pose.

  • In the Doctor Who NewAdventures novel Sky Pirates!, there's a scene where the Doctor is seen meditating in the levitating lotus position. (They're in a pocket universe with weird physics, which may or may not explain it.) Benny deliberately startles the Doctor to see if he'll fall when he wakes up -- he continues meditating, apparently unaware, while one of his hands reaches out and puts a pillow beneath himself, and then he startles, wakes up, and falls.
  • Jake spies Mike Callahan doing this in one of the original Callahan's Crosstime Saloon short stories. It is one of the first indications that there is a lot more to Mike Callahan than meets the eye.

Films -- Live-Action
  • Hugh Jackman's future character in The Fountain meditates while in the Lotus Position. The floating is justified considering the low gravity of his ecoship.
  • The Golden Child. The title character's astrally projected image does this when it appears to Chandler Jarrell.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • Dhalsim of Street Fighter performs a levitation in the Lotus Position as one of his Victory Poses, and during his Yoga Teleport.
  • Ly from Rayman 2 does the floating variation of the Lotus Position.
  • The Sims: Meditating long enough also allows a Sim to levitate.
  • The lotus pose and lotus-with-levitation are stock poses in City of Heroes.
  • Lord Vivec in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind does it.
  • The Wizard class has this as an Idle Animation in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.
  • Two of Gene's god roulette moves in God Hand has him regain health in a floating lotus position, Zen Revival and Enlightenment, which heal 30% and 100%, respectively.
  • The Pokémon Meditite is depicted doing this whenever you encounter one in the wild.
  • In Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, you adopt this position when you regain your health by using up some of your chi.
  • Pitfall Harry Jr. in Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure does this as his ultimate Idle Animation, also with levitation.
  • Max levitates in this pose in Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Episode 4 after discovering his Magic Feather, which is even more difficult to do with rabbit feet.
  • Otani Yoshitsugu from Sengoku Basara. Granted, he's actually sitting on a palanquin that levitates due to his sorcery.
  • In Fist of the North Star: Ken's rage Toki's "face breaking fist of compassion" attack has him sitting in this position, floating, while using his arms to direct the waves that break his opponents face. compassionately. The dramatic after-picture has him the same way but arms in his lap.
  • The Nali randomly do that in the original Unreal and Return to Na-Pali.
  • Certain NP Cs in Golden Sun can be seen learning how to do this.
  • There's a mini-game in Wii Fit where you sit very still on the controller pad. If you sit still enough long enough, your on-screen character starts doing this.

Web Comics
  • Vaarsuvius of Order Of The Stick floats in this position (or close enough for a stick-figure comic) while in a trance to regain spells. Belkar took advantage of this once to play a prank on V.

Web Original
  • There's a video on the official web site of The Muppets showing what the character Animal does on his days off. One of the things he does is meditate in the levitating lotus position. The video also includes the "Ohm..." element: Animal's meditation chant is "Wooooomaaaaan..."

Western Animation
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