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Spider Chitter
That chittering noise that real spiders don't make.
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Real-life spiders don't have voices. They might tap or drum a surface, or pluck a web, to attract a mate or confuse prey. But creators of fantastic fiction frequently seem compelled to give spiders vocalizations. The sound they make usually takes the form of, but is not limited to, a scratchy chittering sound.

Does it make them scarier, or is it to reduce their element of surprise and make them less scary? In video games, would complete silence from an enemy distract from gameplay?

Another variation is when the critters don't chitter but hiss. This is a more realistic approach to this trope, since many Real Life arthropods, like the Madagascar hissing cockroach and Eastern tarantula (also known as the "Whistling spider" or "Barking spider") do actually have the ability to produce hissing sounds.

This trope is not about sounds that a spider might make in its environment, such as the skittering of its feet up a wall. Please limit examples to vocalizations only.



  • Shelob howls like a giant vacuum cleaner in the 1981 BBC Radio adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. Maybe we can forgive a spider on a radio show for making noises, because we can't actually see her.


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