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Doesn't Understand Sex
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This one occured to me recently, it's when a character overhears people having sex, but is either too young or stupid to understand what's going on. Which may elicit responses along the lines of "Is he hurting her?" or "If she keeps agreeing, why are they still making noise?"

May overlap with What Is This Thing You Call Love? and Chaste Hero. See also Harmful to Minors.

  • Richard in Looking for Group overhears Cale and Benny going at it and calls out encouragement, thinking he is torturing her.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, Norman the Anarchist from S.S.D.D. He seems to understand virtually everything else related to it, including pregnancy, but somehow manages to just not get it. Picture this: Richard's girlfriend, Anne, is visiting, and the two have withdrawn to their chambers for a while. Then Richard shows up in the living-room, naked except for a collar, and asks if he can borrow Norman's police-baton (why does Norman own a police-baton? Because his cattle-prod sometimes runs out of batteries, that's why.) Norman agrees with a shrug, and then muses "I wonder what he needed it for..." to a disbelieving Kingston. He also at one point wonders about how Richard's gotten more mature since meeting Anne, thinking "I dunno what they were doing when he went to study with her, but he always had the weirdest smile when he came back..."
  • Happens from time to time in Crayon Shin-chan, for example when he walked in on his parents doing it, thought they were wrestling, and wanted to join in the fun.
  • Due to Memetic Mutation (google "You lost me" meme), Shiro from Fate/stay night became this on the internets, despite having healthy amounts of sex in the original game.
  • Depending on the Writer, Stewie.
  • On The Simpsons when Santa's Little Helper was in heat.
Lisa: What's Santa's Little Helper doing to that dog?
Marge: Uh oh...
Bart: It looks he's trying to jump over her, but he can't quite make it. Come on, boy, you can do it!
  • And when The Ditz got in the adult video section of the comic shop.
Everybody's hugging!
  • In Watchmen, young Walter Kovacs does not understand what he sees in a flashback when he walks in on his mom servicing a client.
  • In the film Children of the Revolution, Joe gets arrested for refusing to be drafted, and he and his girlfriend Anna, a policewoman, have sex in an interrogation room. Outside, his mother hears the thumping noises and thinks he's being beaten by the police. Somewhat justified in that, as a Communist, she sees the police as stooges of the oppressors, and can't consider that her son might be romantically involved with a policewoman.

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