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Dining without eating
People are dining, but nobody actually eats anything.
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When a person or more often a group of people are eating, but nobody actually eats anything and, if they do, only very little? Instead they push the food around on their plates, poking at it and continuously lifting a bite but never actually putting it in their mouths. While avoiding the food, people doing this do tend to drink a lot during the meal, though.

It has nothing to do with the character(s) not having an appetite, but reeks of actor aversion to calories.

Examples: Friends does this constantly. They poke around their boxes of takeaway Chinese food without ever actually consuming any of it, or avoid taking more than a single bite of their pizza slice. Even their Thanksgiving dinners seem to pass largely without anyone actually eating anything! Joey as well as Ross and Monica’s father are straight aversions, though.

TheBigBangTheory does it as well.

In MarianKeyes’ novel Sushi for Beginners, a character describes going on a date where neither she nor her date ever eats anything because they are both on strict and permanent diets, while another character visiting L.A. in Angels mentions going to a pitch where everyone put tiny portions on their plates, and she was still the only one who actually ate anything.
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