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Dragged Feetfirst Into Darkness
Monster lurking in concealment grabs an escaping character by the foot and pulls them towards itself
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So Alice just encountered the snarling hellbeast. She is exhausted and battered, but by some miracle, she is still on her feet and running for her life. Suddenly, a tentacle shoots out! It wraps around her ankle and knocks her down. Alice barely has time to start screaming before she is dragged quickly and violently into the shadows, where the rest of the creature is. A standard horror trope, can also be done by a regular human instead of a monster. Variants include the character being tagged and yanked while climbing something, swimming, or jumping. It doesn't matter how the monster is hidden; bushes, water, little-to-no light, or even just outside the camera shot. It just needs to be unseen by the victim and the audience until it starts reeling the character in.
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