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Lady Legionnaire Wear
Skirts which resemble Roman leg armour being used to make female characters more tomboyish or badass
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Segmented skirts (skirts which consist of overlapping strips, "petals" or actual plates of armour, which come down from the waistband) are often used as either a way to make a suit of armour more feminine (by adding in an armoured skirt) or conversely, to mark out one of a group of (fabric) skirt wearers as tougher than the rest (without breaking the theme by giving her trousers).

The reason for this trope is fairly obvious; The Mini Dress Of Power is a popular choice of outfit for an Action Girl, however it is rather impractical (and might look a bit too feminine for some characters). This trope is often used as a compromise. In addition to resembling armour (or actually being armour), it also looks more practical (since the segments won't restrict the wearer's movements). As a result it looks less feminine than a typical dress. This trope is also more likely to be combined with Skirt over Slacks or Modesty Shorts compared to other dress related tropes (either to re-enforce the idea that it's part of a suit of armour, or for modesty).

Distaff Counterpart to Man in a Kilt (since both could be considered battle dress which exposes the wearer's legs). Compare Battle Ballgown and Minidress of Power. Contrast the much less practical (but also fanservice-y) Chainmail Bikini.

Anime and Manga
  • In Bleach, Halibell gets one in her released form. Her fraccion Leona also wears one in her unreleased form.



  • Female members of the watch in Terry Pratchett's Discworld are described as wearing armour with this, cf Captain Angua, although technically male watchmen have the same uniform (this doesn't stop cover and fan artists drawing them differently, though).

Live-Action Television

Video Games
  • In The Legend of Dragoon three of the four main female characters wear a Mini Dress Of Power, however Dark Action Girl Rose sports this trope as part of her armour.
  • Charme the Thief from Recettear wears a black segmented skirt with many belts and pouches holding the top part in place (and a second, purple, example underneath the first). This contrasts the other female adventurers; Nagi and Tielle.
  • In Titan Quest some of the armors will look this way on a female character. Justified by the setting and the fact that all armors in game are pretty much unisex.
  • The Amazon player class from Diablo II wears one.
  • In Persona 4, Chie's Persona, Tomoe Gozen is represented as a female warrior wearing one of these.
  • Aika from Skies of Arcadia wears a dress that follows the non-armour varient of this trope (with a large belt to hold it in place). She's the tomboy to Fina's girly-girl (doing more physical damage but having less powerful magic than her).
  • Leliana from Dragon Age, although the leather straps don't overlap so much....
  • The Amazonian Armor from Drakensang: the upper part is a metallic corset, the lower one is a multi-segmented leather skirt.
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