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Bachelors Eat Garbage
A man without a woman cannot create a decent meal...and doesn't care.
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A bachelor/jilted male is shown cobbling together some substandard meal to highlight his "maleness." This most often depicts his living arrangements/lifestyle either before or after a female lead's involvement, to show how disfunctional his life is (or men's lives in general are) without a female partner. Closely related to Men Can't Keep House and Guys Are Slobs.


  • Overboard: After Annie/Joanna leaves, Dean Proffitt sloppily throws together "Spaghetti-os Surprise," (canned spaghetti topped with Ritz crackers) as the dinner entré for his sons and best friend. From the dialog, it is apparent that this is a meal he made frequently before the arrival of Goldie Hawn's character.
  • The uncle in Flipper seems to survive on nothing but Spaghetti-O's.
  • Calvin's dad proudly says he survived two years of his own cooking while he was in college. Calvin's mom claims he survived on frozen waffles and canned soup three times a day.
    Calvin's dad: Your mom wasn't there, so she wouldn't know. Get the syrup out, would you?
  • P.J. O'Rourke's book The Bachelor Home Companion is filled with this.
    There is only one secret to bachelor cooking – not caring how it tastes.
    [Ketchup] should be used on anything that would be inedible if it didn't have ketchup on it. Mustard is useful for cutting the excessively ketchup taste so many foods have.
  • Futurama has "Bachelor Chow", which resembles dog food.
  • In Kramer vs. Kramer, Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) is unrealistically inept at making french toast for his son the first morning after his wife leaves. He cannot do even the most simple tasks (such as breaking an egg or pouring milk in a bowl), and is forced to give up in anger after a fire breaks out and he burns his hand on the skillet. Later in the movie, he and Billy are shown quickly and efficiently making tasty and appetizing french toast as a symbol of how well they have adapted to life without mama Kramer.
  • Subverted in Falling Skies, wherein misogynistic, heartless outlaw gang leader John Pope turns out to be the camp's most accomplished chef (a skill he learned in prison).
    "What is that—paprika? Paprika! Nobody puts paprika on chicken. What're you, Hungarian?"
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