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The Rhythm Of Life
The over-riding beat of the world that some claim they can hear
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Feel the rhythm of the Earth, and the whispers of the wind.

All right, focus really hard...

Can you hear it?

No? Try again...

Well, these guys can. They claim they can hear the rhythm of the world that people act in accordance to (although apparently, every person has a different rhythm) and by which everything happens in this life. This type of character is often concerned with conserving nature, and say they can tell someone's personality by the rhythm they move to.

Also covers poems/songs/whatever on this theme or subject.

In fighting games, Dance Battle characters often say can feel this as part of their strategy.

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[[folder: Music]]
  • Sweet Charity wrote a song about this idea.

[[folder: Video Games]]
  • Elena from Street Fighter provides the page quote. She has a strong connection to nature and trees.
    (To Guile) You are a very kind person. The wind told me so.
    • Dee Jay may also feel this as well as the rhythm he uses in his Dance Battle routine, although he may just be using the tune to one of his own songs as well.
  • On the page in the Plants Vs Zombies Almanac for the Sunflower, it explains that the sprite bobs back and forth 'to a rhythm of the earth that only Sunflower can hear'.
  • Christie from Main/Tekken says she can tell the rhythm of the other characters, which allows her to predict their actions and avoid their attacks.
  • Motochika, one of the Warlords from Pokémon Conquest has lines of in-battle dialogue including 'I can hear the rhythm of fate' and similar ideas.
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