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Seemingly important character from first pilot episode is never seen in series proper.
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A variation of Put on a Bus pertaining specifically to characters who don't make it out of the Pilot episode, no matter how important they seemed to be. Usually occurs either as the result of an actor agreeing to film the pilot but bowing out before signing a contract, or as the result of Executive Meddling.



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  • Psych In Pilot, Anne Dudek appeared as the competent and skeptical Detective Lucinda (no last name given); partner and lover of the major character Carlton Lassiter. Post-pilot she is never seen nor heard of again, seemingly replaced by the less skeptical Junior Detective Juliet O'Hara.
  • A two-fer for Weeds in Ep. 1x01 You Can't Miss the Bear. Haley Hudson appears as Silas' cool, down-to-earth girlfriend Quinn Hodes, who is also the daughter of major character Celia Hodes. Similarly, Justin Chatwin appears as a fellow Agrestic drug dealer Josh Wilson, who is also the son of major character Doug Wilson. In Ep. 1x02 Free Goat Celia tells Silas that she sent Quinn to Mexico for sleeping with him, as well as revealing that Quinn had a whole day to tell him this herself, but apparently cared more about the songs on her iPod. She returns for two brief appearances during the Season 4 Finale/Season 5 Premiere. Josh however, is not mentioned again until Season 4 in a short remark from a stoned Doug.
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