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After Action Healing Drama
After danger, a character must be quickly treated before he dies.
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After the battle -- or The Chase, or many other dramatic situations -- many characters may be injured. Seriously. Merely defeating the foe doesn't mean you aren't in danger of your life; now your companions must rush to treat your injuries, or rush you to The Medic or Applied Phlebotinum.

This can be continuous with the battle -- or even overlap with it, with some character having to drop out to prevent another from bleeding to death on the spot. It can also happen after a breather, with a Post-Victory Collapse or Mortal Wound Reveal.

It is always a Matter of Life and Death and so as dramatic as whatever caused the injuries. Success is not assured. Compare After-Action Patch-Up, where the lack of danger means the treatment is a Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene.


  • In Legion Of Superheroes, Mon-el, Ultra Boy, and the White Witch found Dev-em prisoner and dying of kryptonite poisoning. They swept in to seize him and bolted off with him -- Ultra Boy nearly panicking because he could not find a pulse -- and back to their starship, where Mon-el set the machinery to cure him.
  • In a "What If" story, Doctor Doom mindcontrolled Mr. Fantastic to get him to attack the Fantastic Four; though he broke free, he was badly injured. His lab assistant Lysette kept him alive while urging them to fly the faster to the hospital.
  • When Rogue had just joined the X-Men, she was mortally wounded fighting next to Wolverine, saving his fiancee. Wolverine compelled her to absorb his healing powers to save her life.

Fan Fic

  • In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, when Li Mubai is poisoned, Jen races to produce the antidote. She arrives too late.
  • In Tangled, Rapunzel goes to stage one after Flynn is stabbed mortally.
  • In True Grit, after the bad guys are killed, Rooster Cogburn rushes Mattie back to civilisation to treat her snake bite.
  • Robocop, after Murphy is shot up in the infamously Gorn-tastic scene, he's wheeled into an emergency room, fading to death as they try to revive him.

  • In Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts:
    • "Iron Star" is all about Curth and Dorden's fight to save Gaunt -- told almost entirely from Gaunt's point of view, meaning he has only minimal awareness of reality in the midst of a dream.
    • In Salvation's Reach, Dorden is afraid they are unable to save Cant's life, because removing the garotte will release the pressure that was holding the blood in the artery. Kolding thinks of a means, and they labor for hours, succeeding.
  • In J. R. R. Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo has to be rushed to Rivendell after an injury sustained at Weathertop threatens to turn him into a wraith if he's not treated soon and properly at Elrond's house.

Live-Action TV
  • This is essentially the point of a M*A*S*H Unit - get the wounded to a doctor who can patch him up as quickly as possible. And they get the patients from Battalion Aid, which is even closer to the front lines.
  • Merlin: In 'Le Morte D'Arthur', Merlin must race to find a solution for Merlin's mortal injury from the Griffon, which can't be cured by normal means. And there's 'The Poisoned Chalice', where Arthur races to find an antidote for the posioned Merlin. Much later, there's a try-and-fail with Arthur and Merlin trying to save the dying Uther in "That Wicked Day".
  • CSI NY "Page Turner" the gang had to race to find out exactly what type of radioactive substance had caused two people to die and the coroner, Sid, to collapse, so they could tell the doctors what to do to treat him. Mac's "Near Death' ep may or may not count...I'm not sure because the doctors were racing to save Mac while the team raced to find the shooter.
  • In the first episode of the second season of Breaking Bad, after Tuco has delivered a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to an unwise subordinate, said subordinate gets dragged into a car to sleep it off. A moment later, the car comes roaring back up to Walt and Jesse with Tuco jumping out and demanding that Walt do something, "because you're smart!" as the subordinate is in bloody convulsions. Walt tries some CPR, only for reality to ensue.
  • Angel A Hole In The World, where the team races to save Fred after Illyria infects her, ultimately failing.

Video Games
  • In World of Warcraft, the Pandaren starting zone is a giant turtle island. Near the end, you have to remove a ship that has crashed into and pierced its flesh... by blowing it up, which leaves a huge bleeding wound. The next quest is to protect a bunch of healers who are trying to heal the wound before it dies and sinks.

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