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One Last Stand Deserves Another.
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The enemy is closing in. There's no where to run, and the gates are barred. Everyone readies their weapons for a desperate final stand against the encroaching enemies. And they all get slaughtered.

Then along comes your main cast. They arrive at the site of a last stand and its clear what happened there. Sometimes bodies are strewn everywhere. Other times the space is mysteriously empty. They may find the remains of failed barricades and the walls are sure to bear a few battle scars. In some cases they even find a gruesome detailed record of exactly what happened before they arrive. In low tech settings this might be an Apocalyptic Log in the form of a journal or logbook, in more high tech settings there can be a full video record of the previous battle.

Whatever the state of the site of this last stand, our heroes had better put things together quick because they're about to make another one. Yes, the enemy is once again closing in on this exact spot. Time to rebuild those barricades, gather weapons and hope things go better this time around.


  • In ''Aliens Ripley and the marines discover the remains of the colonists last hold out. When they get stranded they end up having to hold out there themselves.
  • Starship Troopers. When the Roughnecks arrive at Whiskey Outpost on Planet P they find the Mobile Infantry (MI) who were guarding it gruesomely slaughtered. A short time later an army of Bugs attacks them and they must defend the outpost, hoping that they don't share the fate of the earlier MI.

  • In The Lord of the Rings, Balin's tomb, also known as the hall of Mazarbul was the site of Balin and his expedition's last stand. When the Fellowship arrives to investigate they find the remains of this battle and end up making a stand of their own in the same site. It works out better for them then it did for Balin.

Video Games
  • On several occasions in Call of Duty 2 the player clears a stronghold full of Germans, only to have to defend the very same fortifications he just defeated against the ensuing counter attack.

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