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Two men, one dress

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When two or more characters, usually for reasons of comic relief or fan service, will end up sharing the same costume/disguise, be they friends, rivals, main characters, mooks or even (for bonus points) arch enemies. An example of the trope is the classic four legged animal costume (where one character plays the head and front legs, while the second plays as the butt of the joke...literally.) Other times it'll be less obvious, where a dwarf might sit on the shoulders of a giant and have a concealing jacket (or the like) to make the look of a "Genius Bruiser," or to simply get both characters passed an obsticle without leaving the other behind. The trope sometimes also becomes a way for fetish fuel when opposite genders are involved (be it the people involved, or the +2 characters of same gender contrasting with the costume's intended gender), an example is a large "woman" smuggling a man through a bar under her long dress (with obvious or not signs of difficulty in locomotion, unless of course the woman is unaware of the pervert...which is not to say it is impossible, as more likely improbable). Not to be confused with "fusion" or "body theft," but somewhat similar to "body sharing" in some cases (but not all.)
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