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Fish Story

That placeholder was the size of an eighteen-wheeler!

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A fish story is a story people will tell in which they greatly exaggerate how big something unusual they saw to emphasize its sheer size. This occurs all too often in Real Life, and when it does, you know based on the story teller that the situation is Serious Business; in fiction, however, whenever someone tells such a tall tale, it's clearly Played for Laughs.

The term "Fish Story" presumably originated among fisherman, who would lie about the size of their catch that got away.


  • MouseHunt. When Ernie and Lars meet with Murray at the city pound, Ernie tries to play up the desperation of their mouse problem by telling him they need a cat that can take on, "Huge rats the size of sumo wrestlers, and lots of them!"

Live-Action TV
  • Billy the Exterminator. Billy actually deconstructs this on one occasion where he receives a call about a snake that's said to be the size of a telephone pole; Billy explains that he hears a lot of fish stories from people calling in, such as some that say they have rats the size of kangaroos when they only have tiny little mice. Upon arriving at the client's home, the client sticks with his story that the snake is fifteen feet long; Billy doesn't believe him... until he sees the snake for himself, and it turns out to be a python. After Billy and Danger Dave struggle to wrangle the snake into a container, the client tells Billy I Told You So.
  • Clipaholics. In a clip of four grown men freaking out over a cockroach in their apartment, the men were interviewed and one compares the roach to the size of a football.

Western Animation
  • Arthur. In one teaser, we see what Arthur is like through D.W.'s perspective, making him larger than the couch, to which D.W. tells him, "Arthur, you're in third grade, you're a giant! You're gloves are as big as my shoes!"
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