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Spun off of Highly Intelligent Baby.

Genius is a very rare thing, and it often takes years of education, study, and work to attain it. But genius can begin to show itself at a very young age, resulting in Teen Geniuses and Child Prodigies. But what happens if it shows up even sooner than that? The result is the Brainy Baby.

The Brainy Baby is any infant with the intelligence of a rocket scientist. Not only can they speak, but they can speak 10 different languages fluently, know the complete works of William Shakespeare, and figure out how to invent time travel all just coming out of the womb.

For when every infant in a world exhibits an improbable amount of intelligence for an infant, it's Improved Infant Intelligence.

  • Stewie of Family Guy.
  • A minor character of The Proud Family is a super intelligent infant who always seems to enjoy pestering Oscar. He speaks in a deep voice and is always outsmarting and embarrassing Oscar Proud. He also doesn't seem to reveal his intelligence to anybody but Oscar.
  • The premise of the movie Baby Geniuses.
  • Jake and Zoe's daughter Erin, from the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series.
  • MC Frontalot's song 'Bizarro Genius Baby'.
  • In the Robert Rodriguez movie Shorts, two brothers use a wishing rock to wish one of them were super smart. The wish is granted to their baby sister, who informs them through telepathy.
  • "Baby Weems", a segment on Disney's The Reluctant Dragon, is about a baby who can speak eloquently from birth. He becomes a celebrity and confers with some of the most eminent minds of the day, but all that fame separates him from his parents, who can only see him from afar.
  • Folklore example: The titular character of the medieval Jewish satirical work The Alphabet of Ben Sira, from the moment of birth, is both fully capable of speech and much more intelligent than the adults he encounters (and never lets them forget it, either).
  • Sunny from A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • A rare serious version is Bean in Ender's Shadow.
  • Baby Amelia Earhart in the latest Sam & Max episode (The Tomb of Sammun-Mak). As the series has a tendency to reuse characters, Baby Amelia was present in Season 2, but they're not the same character: in season 2, it was the adult Earhart who had gotten in the Bermuda Triangle and drank too much from the Fountain of Youth, where in Season 3 it was actually the young Earhart as a baby. Either way, both of them are very eloquent, and the one who wasn't an adult goes on tomb raiding adventures in Egypt.
  • Diaper Man in The Mighty Heroes cartoon. He was actually the leader and "brains" of the title group.
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