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Weak, but skilled
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Here goes.

So your hero won the Superpower Lottery, he doesn't ever train, and never loses. When someone comes along looking for a fight, but his power level isn't 9,000, it's 1! ... and he wins.

It's not Gameplay and Story Segregation, they really are weaker than the hero, it's just that they know how to use what little power they have with such skill that they can shut down most stronger opponents with ease, especially if unprepared.

These types will usually start out much stronger than the hero (at least in terms of feats) but won't keep up with his rising powers. Often act as mysterious mentor/protector to the protagonist, bailing him out (but forcing him to fight his battles) and urging him to actually train his power to stop the bad guy, who this character can't take out because the bad guy is both strong and skilled.

Similar to Badass Normal, except with powers (or Serious Business skills) similar to the hero. Usually, mentors whose body has grown weak with age become this.
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