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Dark Lord Sauronlite
Master Of Martial And Magical Evil
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A subtrope of the Evil Overlord, the Dark Lord Sauronlite is an entity that belongs in a class all it's own. Close to being a stock villain seen in several fantasy settings, in order to qualify as a Dark Lord Sauronlite, a character must, in addition to being an Evil Overlord, must meet the following criteria.

1. He must be a master of both magical and martial skills. If all he can do is cast spells, he's just an Evil Sorcerer, and if he's only able to swing a sword, he's a Black Knight.

2. He must rule over an empire. He can't just pop up out of nowhere and start attacking people at random, he has to first conquer a region and create a tyrannical rule over the realm. Said realm typically will either be, or become, Mordor, or Grim Up North. Überwald is also a likely location, though less common.

3. He must be the absolute evil in the setting. If there's a God of Evil, he will either be that god's son, or that god in physical form. He must be the center of all evilness in the world entire, and his death would end evil forever.

4. He can never be permanently killed. Not Night Invulnerable, but next to impossible to give Final Death. Ageless, immune to disease and conventional weaponry, yes, but not truly invincible. Yes, you can temporarily defeat him, seal him away, curse him to sleep for a thousand years, but nothing will permanently end his threat until the absolute end of the series, or the End of the World as We Know It. He may have his life force connected to some magical object, or bound to some location, or maybe he's made himself a living Cosmic Keystone, and his final defeat would destroy the world, but he will always have some sort of Get Out Of Death Free card, and will just keep resurrecting over and over again, until he either succeeds or someone figures out how to give him final death.

Typically appears as a Tin Tyrant, and often suffers from Orcus on His Throne. Expect plenty of Spikes of Villainy, and a Mighty Glacier on the battlefield.


  • The Lord Of The Rings gives us Sauron. On the battlefield, he was a terrifying warrior, although most of his magic was focused on ring making.

  • Dracula from the Castlevania series. His domain may make up only one castle most of the time, but it's easily big enough, in many incarnations, and populous enough to be considered a country in it's own right. In battle, he's a threat, both magically and physically, throwing around fireballs and using his vampiric strength to knock characters around easily, before changing into an bat monster and really laying into his enemies.
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