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Idiotic Animal Lover
An animal lover who doesn't realize how dangerous some creatures are
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Some people love animals so much that they forget to use their brains, or what little there is of them. Newsflash: things with sharp teeth, stingers, etc. should not be fooled with! (will expand on description later)


  • Leela from Futurama, whose love of all creatures frequently puts her crew members at risk. "Aww, it's so cuuuutee!" Famous last words.
  • Hagrid from Harry Potter. The more hideous and dangerous a magical creature is, the more he loves it. He also frequently insists that such creatures aren't dangerous, just "misunderstood".
  • Radical environmentalists Nick and Sarah from the second Jurassic Park film. Sarah in particular - bringing a wounded baby T-Rex into a trailer, knowing there's probably a very pissed off Mama Bear and Papa Wolf out there? What an Idiot.
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