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Weaponized Car

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Cut me off and DIE.
A lot of the time, it is not enough for your Cool Car to simply be cool. Having extra measures in place in order to facilitate the capture of the enemy you're chasing, or your escape from the enemies chasing you, might not only be helpful, but necessary. Enter the Weaponized Car. Equipped with both offensive and defensive measures, this item is a must-have for the discerning Badass Driver. Many options are available, but the standard loadout includes:

  • Sports Car: Nine times out of ten, the Weaponized Car is gonna be a pretty slick ride. Weaponized Cars that take the form of trucks and more heavy-duty vehicles usually go to enemies and/or supporting characters.
  • Machine Guns: Usually mounted somewhere on the hood, these serve as the primary offensive weapons. They have Bottomless Magazines, of course.
  • Missiles: Normally mounted on the roof, these tend to be used fairly sparingly, since their supply is limited. They seem to see more use clearing obstacles than taking out enemies.
  • Oil Slick: Sprays a thick layer of oil on the road behind the car, causing pursuers to lose control and crash.
  • Caltrops: Ejects several dozen of these sharp, jack-like objects which will puncture the tires of pursuers.
  • Smoke Screen: Produces a cloud of dense smoke behind the car. If the pursuers aren't right on the driver's tail, this can be used to obscure dangerous obstacles, like a sharp bend in a mountain road.
  • Tire Shredder: This one you'll almost never see the good guys use, for some reason, but if the bad guys have a Weaponized Car, this is the one thing they'll always have. This is a sharp blade that extends from the center of the hubcap, used to shred the tires of a car directly alongside.

Reinforced armor, bulletproof glass, and a turbocharged engine are also pretty standard, for obvious reasons. Weapons like machine guns and missiles can almost always retract into the car in order to keep a low profile in settings where this is necessary. Vehicles with mounted weapons, such as military HMMWV's, do not count; a Weaponized Car only needs one driver for complete functionality.

Subtrope of Cool Car. See Vehicular Combat for the game genre based around a bunch of these beating the shit out of each other.
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