History Tropers / KinReynard

17th Mar '11 2:35:39 AM Midnak
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* Death Glare: I have been on the receiving end, not pretty.

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* Heroes Want Red Heads: Her preferred Bishonen

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* Otaku: As stated above

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* Spoiled Brat: Not really, but see "With Friends Like These" below.
* Weaksauce Weakness: Apples
17th Mar '11 1:58:38 AM Midnak
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This lady shows examples of the following tropes:


*Gamer Chick: And how!
*Ill Girl: While not always sick, Kin is often sick.
*Power Trio: As previously said, in our power trio, she would be the Bones of the group.
*With Friends Like These: I made an account here just to write in all of these in hopes of annoying her.
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