KinReynard reporting for duty. A die hard {{otaku}} since her father first realized his daughter preferred comics over American Girl books and hasn't looked back since. To be honest I fancy myself {{action girl}} with five years of Kendo under my belt along with traditional European fencing. Being an English major (with a focus in comic books, who knew you could do that!?) I'm also a terrible, self proclaimed {{Grammar Nazi}} with hints at OCD and the "Bones" of her own at college {{power trio}}.

Since I've just started troping I don't have many accomplishments to my name but I'm quite sure that will change soon.

If a zombie apocalypse were to occur I would most likely survive, if nothing else from years of practice with zombie killing games.

Also a proud member of the small, but powerful, female gamer demographic to the perpetual joy of her mostly male friends and a mean sniper if you need one.

I'll be seeing you around!

This lady shows examples of the following tropes:


* Death Glare: I have been on the receiving end, not pretty.
* Gamer Chick: And how!
* Heroes Want Red Heads: Her preferred Bishonen
* Ill Girl: While not always sick, Kin is often sick.
* Otaku: As stated above
* Power Trio: As previously said, in our power trio, she would be the Bones of the group.
* Spoiled Brat: Not really, but see "With Friends Like These" below.
* Weaksauce Weakness: Apples
* With Friends Like These: I made an account here just to write in all of these in hopes of annoying her.