History Recap / ThomasTheTankEngineS6E17GordonTakesATumble

16th Jan '15 6:42:18 AM ThreeOneThreeBluestreak
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* NeverMyFault: Logically, it would be the signalman's fault for sleeping and shirking his duties, as well as Gordon's driver for not slowing him down, yet The Fat Controller blames Gordon for ignoring the sign.

* WhatTheHellHero: The Fat Controller tells off Gordon that he proved Salty that it was silly to ignore "go slow" signs.
30th Sep '13 6:56:05 PM 313Bluestreak
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23rd Aug '13 10:00:05 AM Psi001
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* HumblePie: Gordon comes back from repairs humiliated, though cheers up when the other engines are sympathetic, with Salty even apologizing for their argument. * ATragedyOfImpulsiveness: After accidentally being diverted onto a frail branch line, Gordon ignores a "go slow" sign, leading the rails to break under him and send him off the rails.
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