Recap / Thomas The Tank Engine S 6 E 17 Gordon Takes A Tumble

Air date: September 16th, 2002

Gordon brags to Salty that it is not "dignified" for express trains to take trucks, but when The Fat Controller assigns Gordon to take trucks, he makes a point to do it the way express engines do, but things didn't go well after ignoring the "go slow" sign...

Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Break the Haughty: Gordon suffers this massively as he heads to an old rusty branch line, tumbling off the rails and bursting into a shed in the fields.
  • Delusions of Eloquence: Percy pronounces the word "dignified" as "dignifried", and Gordon had to correct him.
  • Genre Savvy: Gordon finally says the line we're all thinking every time there's a railway accident on Sodor.
    Gordon: (after finally coming to a halt in a field) What will Sir Topham Hatt say?
    Narrator: He found out soon enough.
  • Humble Pie: Gordon comes back from repairs humiliated, though cheers up when the other engines are sympathetic, with Salty even apologizing for their argument.
    Narrator: "No one was hurt, but poor Gordon felt very... undignified."
  • Never My Fault: Logically, it would be the signalman's fault for sleeping and shirking his duties, as well as Gordon's driver for not slowing him down, yet The Fat Controller blames Gordon for ignoring the sign.
  • Oh, Crap!: "OH HEEEEELP!!!" cried Gordon. (As he flies off the tracks.)
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: After accidentally being diverted onto a frail branch line, Gordon ignores a "go slow" sign, leading the rails to break under him and send him off the rails.