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There are a couple of funny moments in this otherwise-terrifying short:

* Right after the long shot of Mickey in the corridors, he winds up between the shadows of two towering wolf-like creatures staring down on him. He turns around, [[BigShadowLittleCreature only to see two metal figures not even his height in front of a fire]]. Even Mickey himself laughs at this, at least until a coal ember burns him.
* A little later on, after Mickey comes back out of the pitch-black room with the skeleton clock, he gets menaced by two skeletons hidden in the walls, the first of which bounces a cinder block on the ground right behind him to spook him. The second skeleton tries to grab him, but Mickey, unaware of exactly what's messing with him, runs off just in time, and the skeleton gives a "Rats, I missed!" pose complete with bone-fingersnap.
* The descending {{xylophone|sForWalkingBones}} when a group of skeletons get Mickey to slide back down a staircase he just ascended is worth a giggle, as is the overlapping clatter of the planks they hide under when they peek at him afterward; you could almost imagine drumming your fingers in time with it.
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