History Funny / Idiocracy

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* Over the years, Fuddruckers' name slowly devolves into...exactly what you're thinking. * The scene at St. God's Memorial Hospital. You can see people playing slot machines to win free healthcare. ** "Your floor-your floor is now clean!" * "Carl's Jr. Fuck you, I'm eating!" * Frito's utter incompetence as a lawyer. He turns on his own client because ''the other lawyer said he's guilty'' and objects that above all else, Joe interrupted him while he was watching "Ow My Balls!" * The "House of Representin'", where President Camacho is introduced like a pro wrestler. Even better, he ''is'' a former pro wrestler (and porn star). * The RunningGag of Joe being known as "Not Sure" for most of the movie. * "Brawndo's got what plants crave!" * After all Joe went through, it turns out that the "Time Masheen" is actually [[spoiler: a cheesy, wildly inaccurate historical theme park ride]].
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