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* FoeYay: Jinx and Kid obviously but it also springs up between her and [[spoiler:See-More]] with different implications and results.
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* PapaWolf: Despite being a BadlyBatteredBabysitter, Kid develops this


* PapaWolf: Despite being a BadlyBatteredBabysitter, Kid develops thisthis towards [[KidFromTheFuture Irey and Jai.]]
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* [[spoiler:BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Besides the reasons listed under "AmazonChaser," Kid also likes Jinx because rather than letting his bad luck from the EquivalentExchange kill him, she chose to collect on it and put him out of his misery. [[WhatYouAreInTheDark No one would have known. No one could blame her for it.]] But she chose to stop it anyway.]]


* [[spoiler:BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Besides the reasons listed under "AmazonChaser," Kid also likes Jinx because rather than letting his bad luck from the EquivalentExchange kill him, she chose to collect on it and put him out of his misery. [[WhatYouAreInTheDark No one would have known.known if she'd let something horrible happen to him. No one could blame her for it.]] But she chose to stop it anyway.]]
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Added DiffLines:

-->In which a twist in time reverses the familiar roles. Now Jinx is the hero and Kid Flash the villain. Leave behind reality and all preconceived notions and journey...

Down the Rabbit Hole is a WesternAnimation/TeenTitans fanfic by lizzpercush. It ponders the question of what would it be like if Jinx was a Titan and Kid Flash was an agent of the HIVE. The story provides a lot of backstory to Jinx, following her from 10 years old and thus before the show begins and onward through the fifth season. It currently has 83 chapters of irregular length.

It can be read [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6416008/1/Down-the-Rabbit-Hole here.]]

!! Tropes:
*ActionGirl: Jinx and any of the other female Titans.
*AdaptationalVillainy: See-More and Mumbo Jumbo are competent, strong and scary in this universe.
*AffablyEvil: Kid and Mumbo.
*[[spoiler:AlwaysSaveTheGirl: Kid eventually develops this toward Jinx.]]
*AmazonChaser: Kid likes Jinx because she's cunning, underhanded and manipulates situations to her advantage.
*AmbitionIsEvil: See-More.
*AndYourLittleDogToo: Both Brother Blood and See-More [[spoiler:threaten Kid's ill mother]] to get Kid to comply with their orders.
*AntiVillain: Kid.
*[[spoiler:ApocalypseMaiden: Slade implies that Jinx could cause an event that would make the coming of Trigon look like a kiddie birthday party.]]
*ArchEnemy: Kid proclaims himself Jinx's, though really, it's See-More.
*AwesomeBackpack: Jinx's is a particularly powerful ChekhovsArmory.
*{{Badass}}: See-More and Kid.
**BadassAdorable: Despite being a mostly remorseless criminal, Kid is {{adorkable}} enough that he manages to be this anyway.
*BadassCrew: The Titans of course. The Hive 5 becomes this under a fastidious See-More.
*BadassTeacher: Zatanna.
*[[BaldWomen Bald Girl]]: As homage to the comic Titans, Jinx was bald for a portion of her childhood, eventually growing her trademark pink hair.
*BecauseDestinySaysSo: Subverted. Part of the reason Jinx was largely kept secret from the world was to ScrewDestiny. Cassandra herself tells Jinx to never give up hope or give into despair.
*[[spoiler:BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Besides the reasons listed under "AmazonChaser," Kid also likes Jinx because rather than letting his bad luck from the EquivalentExchange kill him, she chose to collect on it and put him out of his misery. [[WhatYouAreInTheDark No one would have known. No one could blame her for it.]] But she chose to stop it anyway.]]
*BelligerentSexualTension: Jinx has this against her will with Kid.
*BewareTheSillyOnes[=/=]CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He may be charming, friendly and have an enormous crush on his so-called "arch-nemesis," but Kid also orchestrated a successful jailbreak of the Jump City prison fairly easily and was for the longest time the only member of the Hive 5 that the Teen Titans couldn't capture or track.
**Mumbo Jumbo manages to make freeze-tag, hide and seek and truth and dare frightening. Think about that.
* BirdsOfAFeather: Jinx and Raven bond over their mutual DarkMagicalGirl[[spoiler:-ApocalypseMaiden]]-ess.
*BlackMagicianGirl: Jinx.
*BoyMeetsGirl: Chapter 27.
*BreakTheCutie: Poor Kid.
*BrilliantButLazy: Kid is actually a rather competent thief and speedster and rather intelligent... however he hates the HIVE Academy and Brother Blood and only participates in the former because he ''has'' to.
*BroughtDownToNormal: Mumbo Jumbo captures Jinx and strips her of most of her powers. When she starts doing too well on one of his imposed challenges, he kidnaps Kid and does the same to him to slow her down. [[spoiler:Also, See-More manages to slip a good luck amulet around Jinx's neck which cancels out her hex powers during one of her fights with the Hive 5.]]
**BroughtDownToBadass: It doesn't stop her. [[spoiler:Even with the amulet, Jinx beats the crap out of the 5 before they manage to catch her and that's only because they got ''lucky.'']]
*CardCarryingVillain: See-More.
*ChekhovsGun: The rose pendant. Jinx's vision memories.
**ChekhovsArmory: The backpack.
*TheChosenOne: Cassandra implies this of Jinx [[spoiler:and Kid]]. Chosen for what, we have no idea yet.
*CoolBigBro: Zachary is this to Jinx.
*CoolUncle: Jinx can count freakin' ''Batman'' and ''Superman'' as her cool uncles and Cassandra as her cool aunt.
*CosmicPlaything: The consequence of Kid taking Jinx's rose pendant when she was 15 means he had to be this until she comes to collect payment two years later.
*CreepyChild: Jinx as a kid was a particularly cheerful one, all things equal.
*DarkActionGirl: Madame Rouge.
*DarkAndTroubledPast: Jinx's parents are dead and her older sister died in a car accident. Kid's father ran out on him and his mother is very ill. [[spoiler:It's also the only reason Brother Blood and eventually See-More can exert any sort of control over him.]]
*DatingCatwoman: Jinx and Kid of course, the twist being that in this case, Jinx is the Batman to Kid's Catwoman.
*DisasterDominoes: Always present whenever Jinx uses her powers but coming to Jump City on her 15th birthday sets up the biggest blocks.
*DoomMagnet: Jinx... can't go anywhere without something going wrong or Kid showing up. [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Or something going wrong AND Kid showing up.]]
*TheDreaded: Jinx becomes this to the Hive 5.
*DreamingOfThingsToCome: Jinx once tried to look into the future. Bad idea. She uses drawing to make sense of what she remembers whenever it comes to her. So far, she's seen Terra, See-More and Kid.
*TheDrifter: Cassandra shows up whenever.
*EccentricMentor: Cassandra, who, when not speaking in riddles, doubles as Jinx's surrogate [[CoolUncle Cool Aunt.]]
*EquivalentExchange: To get Kid to leave her alone when she first comes to Jump City, Jinx gives him her rose pendant so that he will pass him HIVE assignment and leave her alone and so that Jinx does NOT have to part with any of the incredibly powerful magical artifacts on her person and cause the end of the world. However because powerful artifacts were on the line, it supercharges the exchange of an already priceless if harmless memento for safe passage through the city. Unfortunately for Kid, safe passage isn't payment enough so he becomes a CosmicPlaything until Jinx comes back to Jump to complete the exchange.
*EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Kid, who loves his mother dearly. [[spoiler:This eventually extends to Jinx herself, causing him to defect.]]
*EveryoneCanSeeIt: Robin, Cyborg AND See-More all knew Jinx liked Kid before she did.
* EvilRedhead: Kid, not that it's immediately obvious from his costume since it covers his head.
*FauxAffablyEvil: Slade and See-More.
*FemaleGaze: When Jinx sees Kid in his civvies for the first time, she very much enjoys the view.
*FiveBadBand: the Hive 5:
**BigBad: See-More.
**TheDragon and DarkChick: Kid.
**TheEvilGenius: Gizmo.
**TheBrute: Mammoth, Private HIVE and Billy Numerous.
**SixthRanger: Kyd Wykkyd.
*FoeYay: Jinx and Kid obviously but it also springs up between her and [[spoiler:See-More]] with different implications and results.
*{{Foil}}: Jinx, Kid and See-More.
*FriendlyEnemy: Kid to Jinx, Bumblebee and the Flash. He even randomly kisses the first two. [[BerserkButton They don't take it well.]]
*GeniusBruiser: See-More.
*GildedCage: Shadowcrest, admittedly and for good reason. However there are loopholes that Jinx could and did take advantage of to get out and see the outer world.
*[[spoiler:GreenEyedMonster: See-More. Very subtly.]]
*GreyAndGrayMorality: Seen in Kid.
*HappilyAdopted: Zatanna Zatara is Jinx's mentor and guardian in the story and Jinx loves her to pieces.
*HeroKiller: PlotArmor doesn't save Jinx from See-More. [[spoiler:[[VillainousRescue Kid does.]]]]
*{{Hikikomori}}:Jinx until she's 15 and her friends and family try their best to make sure she's as well-adjusted as possible when she finally does go out and see the world.
*HoneyTrap:[[spoiler: See-More encourages Kid to seduce Jinx. It works.]]
**[[spoiler:InLoveWithTheMark: A bit ''too'' well.]]
*HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Kid's FatalFlaw. Then again as a criminal, he tends to put his faith in other criminals so perhaps God is trying to tell him something.
*HotWitch: Zatanna and Jinx.
*IKnowYourTrueName: In exchange for her rose pendant and her various charms protecting her on her one day out, Jinx takes Kid's name as payment and also to end his 2 year string of bad luck. [[LoveAtFirstPunch He's impressed.]]
*IJustWantToBeFree: Jinx and Kid for different reasons. She's satisfied when she gets what she wants, [[SoWhatDoWeDoNow he isn't entirely.]]
*IndianMaiden: Again, as homage to the comic. Jinx uses the pale appearance as a disguise.
*KingIncognito: One day, Kid meets a very nice forensic scientist who tries his best to make Kid feel welcomed in Central City. [[spoiler:He's Barry Allen, TheFlash and [[SecretSecretKeeper he already knows what Kid really is]].]]
*KnightOfCerebus: Slade ruins everything.
*[[spoiler:LoveEpiphany: Jinx has one while screaming/pouring her heart out to Kid.]]
*[[spoiler:LoveMakesYouDumb: Jinx really should have thought twice about facing the Hive 5 so soon after Kid kissed her.]]
*[[spoiler:LoveRedeems: To Jinx, Kid and [[DidntSeeThatComing especially See-More's]] surprise.]]
**[[spoiler:HighHeelFaceTurn: Kid's a guy but still.]]
*MagicMirror: Jinx enchants these and other mirrored surfaces to get around or escape.
*MaleGaze: The first time Kid sees Jinx as a Titan and the first time he sees Jinx in her natural form where he has to re-hinge his jaw.
*ManInWhite: See-More, to contrast Kid's Man in Black and Jinx's WomanInBlack.
*ManipulativeBastard: Brother Blood and See-More.
*MythologyGag: Lots of them.
*NiceGuy: The Allens.
*NiceHat: Jinx's jaunty top hat, given to her by Zatanna. Naturally, it's magic.
*NoNameGiven[=/=]TheTropeKid: Kid never ever gives out his name during the entire time he's at the HIVE though, including Jinx, there's at least 6 people who know it anyway. [[spoiler: [[TheFlash It's Wallace Rudolph West]].]]
*NobleDemon: Kid.
*NonLinearCharacter: Cassandra.
*NotSoHarmlessVillain: Jinx will never understimate Mumbo Jumbo ever again.
*OddFriendship: Jinx and Robin.
*PapaWolf: Despite being a BadlyBatteredBabysitter, Kid develops this
*ParentalAbandonment: Kid's backstory.
*PeggySue: [[spoiler:As it turns out, getting hit with [[MentalTimeTravel Jinx's hex puts See-More in contact with canon!See-More's memories]], allowing him some insight on what he can do to work the events to his advantage.]]
*PlatonicLifePartners: Robin and Jinx meet as children at the behest of Zatanna, and despite the bickering and Batman's apprehension, get on like a house on fire, with Jinx even calling Robin her best friend. Kid suspects Jinx may have had a crush on Robin but [[GreenEyedMonster then he would.]]
*PluckyGirl: Jinx.
*[[spoiler:PostKissCatatonia: Kid kissing Jinx nearly cause her brain to break in two.]]
*PowerOfTrust:[[spoiler: Jinx realizes she's completely unafraid of Kid because even if he did catch her, he'd never let someone hurt her. She's proven right when he rescues her not once but three times.]]
*PsychicLink: After completing her equivalent exchange with Kid, Jinx slaps a tracking hex on him so she can find him no matter where he is across dimension, space and time or what he looks like. [[StalkerWithACrush He's overjoyed.]]
** ScarilyCompetentTracker
*TheQuietOne: Wykkyd.
*RunningGag: Jinx calling Robin "Shortpants," Kid stalking Jinx, Jinx drawing unicorns...
*[[ScaryBlackMan Scary Black Kid]]: See-More.
*[[spoiler:SecretSecretKeeper: The Allens already know who and what Kid is. It hasn't been said if they're related to him in this continuity though.]]
*ShipperOnDeck: Mumbo and See-More ship Flinx. [[spoiler:[[LoveRedeems This is a bad idea.]]]]
*SleptThroughTheApocalypse: Jinx. [[NotHyperbole Literally.]] Thanks, [[ChekhovsGun Raven!]]
*SomethingAboutARose: Roses feature prominently in the story with Jinx and Kid's interactions being kicked off by a rose.
*SpannerInTheWorks: [[spoiler:Kid]] wreaks havoc in See-More's plans for Jinx because [[spoiler:he didn't count on Kid actually falling in love with her]].
**DidntSeeThatComing: Somehow, it just didn't occur to See-More that [[spoiler:Kid might like Jinx more than he likes the 5.]] [[EveryoneCanSeeIt Somehow.]]
*StalkerWithACrush: Kid. PlayedForLaughs.
*SupernaturalGoldEyes: Cassandra.
*TroubledButCute: Kid.
*VillainousRescue: Kid catching Jinx and mending her hands after her run-in with Slade [[spoiler:and later setting her free when the Hive 5 succeeds in capturing her.]]
*TheWatcher: Cassandra when she's not being an EccentricMentor or TheDrifter.
*WhamEpisode: ''Sight'' and ''Lightspeed part 1'' and ''2''.
*WhenSheSmiles: Jinx.
*WomanScorned: [[spoiler:This and ambition is See-More's reasoning for going after Jinx so doggedly: he wants vengeance for canon!See-More whom Jinx left behind [[HeelFaceTurn when she became a Titan.]]]]
**DareToBeBadass: [[ImpliedLoveInterest Jinx,]] [[TheFlash the Allens,]] [[TheWatcher Cassandra,]] [[KidFromTheFuture Jai and Irey]] all say this to [[AntiVillain Kid.]] He's still on the fence on what he should do.
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