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* Characters/{{Soulcalibur}} [[note]]Kilik, Chai Xianghua, Maxi, Astaroth, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, Nightmare, Aeon Calcos/Lizardman, Yoshimitsu, Edge Master, Arthur, Soul Calibur[[/note]]


* Characters/{{Soulcalibur}} [[note]]Kilik, Chai Xianghua, Maxi, Astaroth, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, Nightmare, Nightmare (Siegfried), Aeon Calcos/Lizardman, Yoshimitsu, Edge Master, Arthur, Soul Calibur[[/note]]

* Characters/SoulcaliburIII[[note]]Zasalamel, Tira, Setsuka, Amy Sorel, Olcadan, Abyss, Night Terror, Revenant, Greed and Miser, Valeria, Hualin, Lynette, Abelia, Luna, Demuth, Aurelia, Chester, Strife, Girardot[[/note]]


* Characters/SoulcaliburIII[[note]]Zasalamel, Tira, Setsuka, Amy Sorel, Nightmare (Inferno), Olcadan, Abyss, Night Terror, Revenant, Greed and Miser, Valeria, Hualin, Lynette, Abelia, Luna, Demuth, Aurelia, Chester, Strife, Girardot[[/note]]

* Characters/SoulcaliburV [[note]]Patroklos Alexander, Pyrrha Alexandra, Natsu, Z.W.E.I., Yan Leixia, Viola, Xiba, [[spoiler:Elysium]], Ezio Auditore, Devil Jin[[/note]]


* Characters/SoulcaliburV [[note]]Patroklos Alexander, Pyrrha Alexandra, Natsu, Z.W.E.I., Yan Leixia, Viola, Xiba, Nightmare (Graf Dumas), [[spoiler:Elysium]], Ezio Auditore, Devil Jin[[/note]]
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* Characters/SoulcaliburLegends [[note]]


* Characters/SoulcaliburLegends [[note]]Characters/SoulcaliburLegends
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* Characters/SoulEdge
* Characters/{{Soulcalibur}}
* Characters/SoulcaliburII
* Characters/SoulcaliburIII
* Characters/SoulcaliburIV (includes characters from the PSP game ''Broken Destiny'')
* Characters/SoulcaliburV
* Characters/SoulcaliburLegends


* Characters/SoulEdge
Characters/SoulEdge [[note]]Heishiro Mitsurugi, Taki, Siegfried Schtauffen, Sophitia Alexandra, Nathaniel "Rock" Adams, Voldo, Hwang Song-Gyeong, Seong Mi-Na, Li Long, Cervantes de Leon, Inferno, Soul Edge, Seong Han-Myong, Toki[[/note]]
* Characters/{{Soulcalibur}}
Characters/{{Soulcalibur}} [[note]]Kilik, Chai Xianghua, Maxi, Astaroth, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, Nightmare, Aeon Calcos/Lizardman, Yoshimitsu, Edge Master, Arthur, Soul Calibur[[/note]]
* Characters/SoulcaliburII
Characters/SoulcaliburII [[note]]Raphael Sorel, Talim, Hong Yun-Seong, Cassandra Alexandra, Necrid, Charade, Spawn, Link, Heihachi Mishima, Berserker, Assassin, Lizardman[[/note]]
* Characters/SoulcaliburIII
Characters/SoulcaliburIII[[note]]Zasalamel, Tira, Setsuka, Amy Sorel, Olcadan, Abyss, Night Terror, Revenant, Greed and Miser, Valeria, Hualin, Lynette, Abelia, Luna, Demuth, Aurelia, Chester, Strife, Girardot[[/note]]
* Characters/SoulcaliburIV (includes characters from the PSP game ''Broken Destiny'')
Destiny'') [[note]]Hildegard "Hilde" von Krone, Algol, Lord Geo Dampierre, Ashlotte Maedel, Kamikirimushi, Shura, Scheherazade, Angol Fear, The Apprentice, Yoda, Darth Vader, Kratos[[/note]]
* Characters/SoulcaliburV
Characters/SoulcaliburV [[note]]Patroklos Alexander, Pyrrha Alexandra, Natsu, Z.W.E.I., Yan Leixia, Viola, Xiba, [[spoiler:Elysium]], Ezio Auditore, Devil Jin[[/note]]
* Characters/SoulcaliburLegendsCharacters/SoulcaliburLegends [[note]]
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* Character/SoulCaliburNonPlayableCharacters
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* Characters/SoulCaliburLegends


* Characters/SoulCaliburLegends
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* Characters/SoulCaliburLegends
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A list of characters from ''Soulcalibur'' [[SoulSeries and its forerunner]], ''Soul Edge'' (but [[SequelDisplacement mostly from the former]]), and the tropes they embody.


A list of characters from ''Soulcalibur'' [[SoulSeries [[VideoGame/SoulSeries and its forerunner]], ''Soul Edge'' (but [[SequelDisplacement mostly from the former]]), and the tropes they embody.
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* Characters/SoulcaliburIV


* Characters/SoulcaliburIVCharacters/SoulcaliburIV (includes characters from the PSP game ''Broken Destiny'')


[[folder:Debuting in ''Soulcalibur II'']]

!!Raphael Sorel
Origin - ''Rouen, French Empire''

Weapon(s) - Rapier

-->Voiced By: YasunoriMasutani (Japanese), Paul Jennings (''Soulcalibur II''; English), Charles Rubendall (''Soulcalibur III'' onward; English)

A French noble who was marked for death due to supporting an acquaintance who was corrupted by the Evil Seed. He is saved by a young girl named Amy. He decides to take revenge against those who did him wrong by obtaining Soul Edge, but there is a second objective: to repay Amy for helping him, by creating a better world for her. He eventually finds Nightmare and fights him, but loses the battle. However, as Nightmare attempts to kill him, Siegfried begins to resurface and Raphael exploits this vulnerability by stabbing Soul Edge's eye. This releases Siegfried from the sword's control, and Raphael collapses.

In ''III'' he returns to Amy, severely injured from his Soul Edge-induced scars. As he recovers, he starts noticing changes within himself. He noticed his skin began to turn pale white, and his eye color had changed to red. He also noticed that he felt very weak during the day, and a powerful thirst at night. By the time he had even considered the fact that he was being "malfested," however, the process was already completed. Both himself and Amy had become vampires, no longer able to co-exist with humans. Thus, Raphael concluded that if he and Amy could not change for the world, then the world would change for them. And so he began infecting people and turning them into his minions, but this would not last long as a traveler began curing the people by giving them "Holy Stones." He set out to take the stone, but upon touching it he was burned and repelled, and Raphael destroyed the stone. He set out to once again find Soul Edge to destroy the other Holy Stones and create the perfect world for Amy.

Raphael eventually comes to believe in ''IV'' that the "Holy Stones" are actually fragments of Soul Calibur, the polar opposite of Soul Edge (though they aren't: they are parts of Kilik's mirror). Thinking that Soul Calibur is even more powerful than Soul Edge, he now seeks to use its power to finally give Amy her world.

Rendered unconscious in ''IV'', he awakens in a dungeon in ''V'', and returns to his home to find that Amy has disappeared. Understandably pissed, he sets out on a new quest to find her.

[[spoiler: His body is outright confirmed to be the vessel for the new Nightmare, going under the alias of Dumas. Whether the Raphael that appears in-game is a ghost, or whether his story occurs after the events of the game's story mode, is up for debate.]]

* AnimalMotifs: Bats, as befitting of a vampire. This is most obvious is V, where both his costumes are covered in bat symbols.
* AmbiguouslyGay[=/=]MistakenForGay: When he first appeared. Nowadays, not so much.
* AntiVillain ([[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type III]]): Somewhat.
* AristocratsAreEvil
* BlondGuysAreEvil
* DanceBattler: Very much a ''male'' equivalent of the LadyOfWar archetype with his artsy fencing techniques and rhythmic kicks. His weapon demonstration even involves him dancing before picking up his sword.
* EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench
* FanNickname: "Raph."
** Also Ralph, for some reason.
* FrenchJerk
* KaleidoscopeEyes: In every installment barring ''V'', Raphael's eye color has changed. He's gone from {{blue|eyes}} (''II'') to amber (''III'') to {{red|EyesTakeWarning}} (''IV'' and ''V'').
* KnightTemplarParent: To Amy, although she apparently doesn't take him seriously. [[spoiler:Point in case: her ending in ''IV''.]]
* LargeHam: "Would you like a taste of my power?!"
* LaughingMad
* {{Lolicon}}: A few of the tropes below give off some rather... unfortunate subtext.
* LoveMakesYouCrazy:
-->"As of right now, this world truly belongs only to Amy and me! So why should the two of you even have been here?! The mistake has been corrected! '''[[NoblewomansLaugh OH HO HO HO HO HO!]] [[LaughingMad HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!]]'''"
** Definitely noticeable by ''V'', where his voice sounds less calm and more unhinged, as though he just got out of an insane asylum.
* LoveMakesYouEvil: He wants to make a better world for his adoptive daughter Amy.
* NiceHat: In ''V'', which gives him a striking similarity in appearance to [[Manga/VampireHunterD D]][=/=]Film/VanHelsing. There is definitely some twisted irony behind this observation.
** Or a medieval version of [[BlazBlue Hazama]].
** Thanks to his fencing prowess, the headgear also gives him the air of a [[TheThreeMusketeers Musketeer of the Guard]].
** Before the official announcement, people thought he was [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Jotaro]] based on his window on the character select screen.
** It's likely based on the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankou "Ankou,"]] a [[TheGrimReaper personification of death]] from early French folklore who is often depicted wearing a wide-brimmed hat, as shown [[http://perlbal.hi-pi.com/blog-images/103841/gd/1187000939/L-Ankou.jpg here.]]
* PapaWolf
* OlderThanTheyLook: He's 49 by the time of ''V'', but still looks 32, thanks to his vampirism.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: In ''IV'', one of Raphael's throws (that only works on females) as well as his [[FinishingMove Critical Finish]] involve biting the neck and drinking deep. He's corrupted not by another vampire but by the evil of Soul Edge.
** His vampirism also halted his aging, [[OlderThanTheyLook leaving him physically at 32]] in ''V''.
* RedEyesTakeWarning
* RedRightHand: His eyes.
* RoyalRapier
* SpannerInTheWorks: Raphael might have possibly saved the world due to being foolish enough to face down Nightmare in ''II''. If he hadn't thrust his rapier into Soul Edge's {{eye|sDoNotBelongThere}}, Siegfried might not have been able to finally break free of Soul Edge's control.
* TragicKeepsake: In ''V'' he is seen holding one of Amy's hairbands and is looking for her, meaning something bad may have happened to her during the timeskip. This only serves to fuel the theory of "Viola = Amy" even more.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: His alternate costume in ''V''.
* WellIntentionedExtremist

Origin - ''Nayong Anito ng Hangin, South-East Asia (Philippines)''

Weapon(s) - Elbow blades

-->Voiced By: YukariTamura (Japanese), Julie Parker (''Soulcalibur II''; English), HyndenWalch (''Soulcalibur III'' onward; English)

Talim is a priestess ([[LastOfTheirKind the last priestess]], to be specific) of a tribe who worship the winds. She seeks to restore the balance of nature by purging the powers of the two swords. She heads out and tries to catch the forces of evil, and ends up getting entangled with Yun-seong and Seong Mi-na.

Her whereabouts as of ''V'' are currently unknown.

* ActionGirl
* ApologisesALot
* BadassAdorable
* BareYourMidriff
* BlowYouAway
* TheCape: The sort of hero she is.
* CatGirl: In her ''Soulcalibur IV'' alternate costume -- comes complete with paw-shaped mittens and boots.
* TheCutie: To a point.
* DualWielding: Her weapons are bladed tonfas.
** DualTonfas
* FragileSpeedster
* GirlishPigtails: This varies depending on her costume, but she sports either two or four pigtails.
* InHarmonyWithNature: Specifically, the [[BlowYouAway wind]]. It comes with the job.
* [[LastOfHisKind Last Of Her Kind]]: Due to turmoil caused by the influences of Spanish and Portuguese culture in the region, she was reared to be the last priestess (Babaylan).
* LittleMissBadass: One of the youngest fighters, along with Amy. Talim is 15, while Amy could be anywhere from 12 to 14 years old.
* TheMessiah: She never hates anyone, but only has the purest intentions. This is especially evident in her ''SCIV'' ending...
* {{Miko}}: Of a sort, due to the religious role she plays in her culture.
* MusclesAreMeaningless: How she can block and parry attacks from a giant axe wielded by a [[http://soulcalibur.wikia.com/wiki/File:Height_Comparison.jpg 6'8" golem]] remains a mystery...
* NiceHat: As seen in her ''Soulcalibur III'' alternate costume and her ''Soulcalibur IV'' main costume.
** Also seen in her unlockable third ''Soulcalibur II'' costume.
* UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}}: She's a native. Of the region at least -- a good portion of her move-list uses native Tagalog words. Her name Talim is itself the Tagalog word for "Edge" or "Sharp."
* PurityPersonified: Easily the sweetest character in the series.
* WaifFu: She's only 4'8" (144 cm) tall.
* YinYangBomb: Her ultimate weapon(s) in ''Soulcalibur IV'' makes her the only character, besides Algol (the final boss), that can use Soul Edge and Soul Calibur ''at the same time''. Kilik and Zasalamel carry something similar, but not quite.

!!Hong Yun-seong
Origin - ''Jirisan, Korea''

Weapon(s) - Chinese sword

-->Voiced By: KosukeToriumi (Japanese), Jim Singer (English)

A student of Seong Mi-na's father, and AscendedFanboy of Hwang. Following his hero's example, he goes after Soul Edge in order to prove to him he's a great fighter. He gets ludicrous levels of stubborness in ''IV'', where Talim, Mi-na, ''AND'' Hwang all tell him the sword's pure evil, only for him to dismiss them and continue under the excuse "I want to see it by myself."

[[spoiler: As of ''V'', he and Seong Mi-na returned to Korea, and were hailed as heroes. History then plays out as normal, meaning that Korea no longer has a part in the current events.]]

* [[spoiler:BrainwashedAndCrazy: Both his and Mi-na's endings in ''SCIV'' result in this as a result of him being [[GrandTheftMe possessed]] by [[ArtifactOfDoom Soul Edge]].]]
* {{Expy}}: A more direct one of Hwang.
* FieryRedhead
* HotBlooded: "I'm gettin' pumped up!"
* HumanPackMule: A few endings of Mi-na's have this fate befall him.
* IdiotBall: By this point, he's actually starting to believe there might be some truth to the whole "Soul Edge is evil" thing, but still wants to see for himself.
* IdiotHero: Hwang tells him '''not''' to go after Soul Edge, but he goes anyway, and he's not even listening to Seong Mi-na anymore.
* PatrioticFervor: His goal to find Soul Edge is a direct result of his hopes to protect his homeland. There's also this exchange with Mitsurugi in ''III'', the second he sees him:
-->"Enemy of my country... prepare yourself!"
* ShonenHair: He sports an impressively spiky quiff.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Hong Yunsung?
* SurferDude: His look in ''SCIII''.

!!Cassandra Alexandra
Origin - ''Athens, Ottoman Empire (Greece)''

Weapon(s) - Short sword and shield

-->Voiced By: ReikoTakagi (Japanese), Debra Jean Rogers (English)

Sophitia's younger sister. She heads out to destroy Soul Edge so that her family can live in peace. As of ''IV'', she fought against Raphael but got tricked and lost her shard of Soul Edge, and later follows Siegfried's trail believing he has the "Holy Stone" that can destroy Soul Edge (well, he does have ''one'' big crystal that can do that, anyway...)

Is succeeded by Pyrrha in ''V''. [[spoiler:[[AllThereInTheManual Was sucked into Astral Chaos following the defeat of Soul Edge in IV.]]]]

* ActionGirl
* AssKicksYou: She has several moves that are this, and even her Critical Finish is a shield-assisted ass-smash.
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: As of ''II''.
* DumbBlonde: While there isn't any canon evidence of her intelligence (or lack of), the supplemental manga and ''Broken Destiny'' campaign has her fulfill this role.
* {{Expy}}: The original idea was for her to replace her big sister Sophitia.
* {{Fanservice}}: [[LampshadeHanging "You like this kind of stuff?"]]
* FanNickname: "Cass" or "Cassie."
* GenkiGirl
* HairOfGold
* HotBlooded
* HotChickWithASword
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery
* LargeHam: "I guess this means I'm the best!"
* LittleMissSnarker: She comes across as quite sarcastic and even downright bitchy sometimes:
--> "Were you looking forward to winning? ''Oh, I'm sorry....''"
--> "Oh my, how stupid are you?"
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe
* MamaBear: Sort of. Wanted to spare her sister from fighting to save her children, so she stole Sophie's weapons and set off to fight the evil.
* MiniDressOfPower: By ''IV'' it's become mini to the point of non-existence.
* OperaGloves
* PossessionImpliesMastery: Same deal as her sister.
* PluckyGirl
* RequiredSecondaryPowers: An interesting example of a completely mundane character displaying a lack of this -- despite being skilled with Sophitia's weapons, she doesn't know how to take care of them. Her ''Soulcalibur III'' profile mentions she got Rothion to fix them up after ''II'', and in ''III'' [[spoiler:her weapon breaks when she uses it to destroy Soul Edge. [[QuickTimeEvent If]] Sophitia finds out in her ending, she sends her straight to the forge to fix it... cut to Cassandra having a sobbing fit, wailing that she ''doesn't know how''.]]
* ThighHighBoots: [[http://www.fightersgeneration.com/characters/cassandra-sc4-art.jpg Sports a pair in]] ''IV''. It closely resembles her Player 2 costume from ''SCII'' with a different color scheme.
* [[spoiler: TrappedInAnotherWorld: ''[[AllThereInTheManual New Legends Of Project Soul]]'' indicates that Cassandra was dragged into Astral Chaos during the defeat of Soul Edge at the end of ''IV'', which explains why she vanished without a trace for 17 years without even trying to find her nephew and niece. No comment has yet been released if Pyrrha Omega tearing open Astral Chaos by claiming Soul Edge allowed Cassandra to escape.]]
* ValleyGirl: A fairly subtle version, but it's there in her vocalization (in English) and precocious personality.
--> "Have you looked in the mirror recently?"

Origin - ''Unknown''

Weapon(s) - Pure energy capable of taking any form

A man that got trapped into Soul Edge's dimension and corrupted into a monstrosity. He got free during the climax of the first game, and sought Soul Edge as it can appease his inmense pain. Created by Todd [=McFarlane=] as a home version-exclusive character.

* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere
* MegaManning: Borrows from pretty much ''everyone'' in ''II'', leading to some pretty [[GameBreaker broken]] string of moves.
* OneShotCharacter: Yeah, pretty much. Just about everyone else in the series who was playable and even largely inconsequential side-characters has received ''some'' sort of mention in later installments. Necrid... has not.
* ShapeshifterWeapon
* TheUnintelligible: Speaks in incomphrensible gibberish, to the point that his quotes are labelled as basic emotions conveyed by his speech.
* WasOnceAMan: Noted in its bio and surmised by Talim in their Destined Battle.

Origin - ''Unknown''

Weapon(s) - All weapons

An unnamed man once sought fame, and was convinced by a merchant to buy and start hoarding shards of Soul Edge. The man was killed by thieves after bragging about his possessions on town. The man's obssession with fame and strength permeated the shards, who animated his corpse, which gave them a semi-sentient form. It looks to become one with Soul Edge out of raw instict, and got its wish in ''IV'', as it merged together with all the shards.

* DemBones
* DittoFighter: Just like Inferno and Edge Master.
* EyeBeams
* EyelessFace: Well...
* EyesDoNotBelongThere: It has a giant eye in his ribcage. Makes even less sense than Nightmare's mouth.
* FacelessEye: See above.
* {{Flight}}: By assuming a comet-like form.
* NoBiologicalSex
* PosthumousCharacter
* PutOnABus: As usual for the DittoFighter characters, its story just... stopped. It comes out of nowhere for an event match in ''III'', and then finally joins with the rest of Soul Edge in ''IV''.
* ShapeShifting: How it changes to match each player character's style, it readjusts its skeleton.
** ShapeshifterVisualCue: Played with. All of its forms are a brown skeleton with a giant eye in its torso. However, they all also have the habits of the character it's masquerading as, mostly useful to this audience in distinguishing it as Sophitia from it as Cassandra (Cassandra is ironically bouncier).
** ShapeshifterWeapon: Surprisingly averted.
* WasOnceAMan


[[folder:Debuting in ''Soulcalibur III'']]

Origin - ''Unable to determine due to his ability to reincarnate''

Weapon(s) - Scythe

-->Voiced By: HiroshiTsuchida (Japanese), KeithSilverstein (English)

[[TheGrimReaper Guy with a scythe wearing a cloak]] which he ditches in ''Soulcalibur IV''. Looks suspiciously like SamuelLJackson. Zasalamel is cursed with {{Immortality}}, which makes him reincarnate himself endlessly. It seemed awesome at the time, but over the years constant resurrection became a real bitch for him, and he just gradually stopped caring, wanting to end his life. He decides to EvilPlan to obtain both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur so that he can finally die.

He obtains them and ends his "curse," but as this happens he witnesses [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture a vision of the modern world]]. He was so amazed by this that he suddenly stops the process, keeping his "curse," and puts in motion a [[EvilPlan Good Plan]] to regain both swords so that he can become ''Chronos, Lord and Master of Time'' and guide humanity to realize its potential.

His current status is unknown as of ''V''.

* BaldOfAwesome
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Or so it seems...]]
* BornAgainImmortality
* TheChessmaster
* CursedWithAwesome: His {{reincarnation}} ability.
* EyesOfGold: ''Eye'' to be precise. His left eye is golden. It apparently [[SoulJar contains his soul]] and stays with him throughout all of his incarnations.
* FanNickname: "Zasa." "Zas" is also somewhat common.
* HeelFaceTurn: In ''Soulcalibur IV''.
* InTheHood: His primary and secondary attires in ''III'' and ''IV'', respectively.
* MasterOfIllusion: In ''IV'', his encounters with Siegfried, Kilik, and Algol has Zasalamel create illusory copies of people dear to those characters (Siegfried's father Frederick, Kilik's adoptive sister Xianglian, and Algol's son Arcturus) just to spite them for no reason.
* UsefulNotes/TheMiddleEast: It's likely he may originally be [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylonia Babylonian,]] judging by the names of his attacks being named after figures of Babylonian myth and legend: Ereshkigal, Nergal, Shamash, Tiamat, etc.
* ResurrectiveImmortality: Zasalamel masterminded the events of III for the express purpose of [[WhoWantsToLiveForever curing]] himself of this.
* ScaryBlackMan
* SharpDressedMan: As seen in his ''IV'' ending. That is one classy cat.
* SinisterScythe
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: His ending in ''Soulcalibur IV'', in which he achieves true {{Immortality}}. 400 years from the events of the game, he is seen in New York City, now [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney a man of great importance]] ([[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking possibly the President]]), looking at how much the world has changed and giving a nice little monologue before he boards a helicopter for an important meeting.
* XanatosGambit and XanatosRoulette: His plan to finally die. However, he discards of it before ''IV'' due to his visions and Zasalamel feeling the energies of the swords warping him into Abyss.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: Zasalamel's goal in ''Soulcalibur III'' is to find the cursed sword so that he can finally achieve a peaceful (and permanent) death.
** Averted in ''Soulcalibur IV'', in which he suddenly ''wants'' [[LivingForeverIsAwesome to live forever because he saw a vision of the modern world and felt the urge to live again.]]

Origin - ''Bird of Passage Assassins Guild, Europe''

Weapon(s) - Ring blade

-->Voiced By: MasumiAsano (Japanese), JenniferHale (English)

A young girl who uses a ring blade and looks like she wandered off from the {{Cirque du Soleil}}. Tira is a former assassin who once worked for an organization called the Bird of Passage. When the Evil Seed shone down on the leaders, the group disbanded. Tira had become addicted to killing during her time in the group, however, and couldn't live a normal life. When she heard about Nightmare, she empathized with him because he was a similar being to herself, and she became his servant. [[KickTheDog She then went after Sophitia's children]].

In ''Soulcalibur IV'' her mind gets shattered by the meeting of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge and her already bi-polar nature becomes a full {{split personality}}. She becomes very cunning and manipulative and has most of the cast under her thumb. Unfortunately, Soul Edge is destroyed, and she suffers a mental breakdown, returning to the shadows. She finds solace in her plans for Pyrrha, and upon Soul Edge's return she returns to Nightmare. However, she is not pleased when she finds out that the new Nightmare wants to privately seek control over the world, instead of slaughtering everything. Deciding that this Nightmare is an impostor, she sets out to seek a new host in ''V''.

* AncientConspiracy: The Bird of Passage was responsible for many notorious murders of prestigious figures and officials, and from its safe position in the shadows, it influenced the history of medieval Europe.
* AnimalMotifs: She has an association with birds, especially {{ravens|AndCrows}}.
* BadassNormal: She can fight on equal grounds with Sophitia, who has literal god-given skills and a divine weapon... with a completely unenchanted weapon.
* BareYourMidriff: Present in all her main outfits.
* BeautyMark: Just below her right eye.
* BloodKnight
* {{Career Killer|s}}: Raised as an assassin.
* CargoShip: In-universe. She's in love with Soul Edge, the sword itself, not the sword's current body/host. This is made clear when she [[spoiler:let Z.W.E.I. kill the current host of the sword, "''Graf Dumas''." She then let Pyrrha dispose of Z.W.E.I. and starts talking to the sword like a long-lost lover.]]
* CircusOfFear: As seen in her costumes and highly acrobatic movements.
* CirqueDuSoleil: Her look and [[ShoutOut possible design inspiration]]. One of their shows (''Alegria'') featured the brilliant [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztXmzMvSXZ0 Elena Lev,]] a young hula-hoop/acrobat artiste, dressed all in green, who has a ''definite'' Tira vibe.
* CombatStilettos: In ''V''.
* ContinuityNod: Her main outfit in ''V'' seems to draw inspiration from her main outfit in ''III'' and especially her alternate ''IV'' one.
** Her entire relationship with ravens can be seen as a reference to Nightmare's raven in ''Soulcalibur II''.
* DarkActionGirl
* TheDragon: To Nightmare, especially in ''SCIV'' where she does all his dirty work for him.
** Plus unlike [[TheStarscream Astaroth]], [[HeelFaceTurn Ivy]], [[UnwittingPawn Voldo]], and [[TokenGoodTeammate Sophitia]], Tira is genuinely and completely loyal to him.
** [[spoiler:At least until ''SCV''.]]
* EarlyBirdCameo: Not Tira herself, but her raven (no pun intended) was the same one seen in the intro to ''II'' handing out pieces of Soul Edge to various warriors.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: In ''IV''. Before that, she had [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair green hair]] by default.
* {{Expy}}: Possibly of [[Manga/DeathNote Misa Amane]] [[CompositeCharacter and]]/or [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Harley Quinn]].
** In ''SCIV'', it's possible to give her a crude Harley Quinn outfit.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Her voice alternates according to her mood, ranging from squeeky and perky in her "jolly" state, to incredibly gruff and gutteral in her more powerful, angrier "gloomy" state.
** PowerMakesYourVoiceDeep: In one of her endings from ''III'', Soul Edge takes over Tira's body. The end result? She gets a much sultrier voice.
* FairyTaleMotifs: Her throws are named after elements from fairy tales, such as Glass Slippers, Death Spindle, and Poison Apple.
* FluffyFashionFeathers: Her [[VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}} Mari Shimazaki-designed]] [[http://www.fightersgeneration.com/np9/sc5alt-tira.jpg 2P costume]] in ''SCV''.
* {{Forceful|Kiss}} KissOfDeath: Her poison lipstick/soul-sucking [[FinishingMove Critical Finish]].
* GigglingVillain
* GirlishPigtails: In her ''SCIV'' incarnation, and the imagery remains in ''V''.
* [[spoiler:KarmaHoudini]]: In ''V''. [[spoiler:She orchestrates most of the plot of ''V'', ultimately succeeding in replacing Nightmare with Pyrrha as Soul Edge's next host, [[VillainExitStageLeft but is conspicuously absent by the game's close.]]]]
* LargeHam: Most notably in her gleeful mood, but her gloomy mood has its moments.
* MadLove, PsychoSupporter, UndyingLoyalty: [[CargoShip Towards Nightmare/Soul Edge.]] But ''not'' the second Nightmare, who she views as an in-universe ReplacementScrappy.
* [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]]
* MeaningfulName: Her weapon, ''Eiserne Drossel'', translates to ''Iron Throttle'' from German. ''Drossel'' can also mean ''Thrush'', which fits in with her association with birds.
** With regard to her ''own'' name - "Tira" is the feminine form of "Tir/Tyr," a Norse name referencing (appropriately) the God of combat. This lends weight to her possible Scandinavian origin, mentioned above.
* MoodSwinger: At first. The energies released by Siegfried and Nightmare's clash broke her mind, escalating it to full-on [[SplitPersonality dissociative identity disorder.]]
* MoreThanMindControl: Her method of manipulating Pyrrha.
* MulticoloredHair: White and purple in ''V'', drawing inspiration from her alternate costume in ''IV''.
* PartsUnknown: Unlike nearly all of the other warriors in the series, her bio contains [[PartsUnknown no information on her birthplace]] and this is simply listed as "unknown." Fans have suggested several possible origins, ranging from Scandinavia, Germany, and Romania.
* PetTheDog: She likes animals, particularly birds.
** If Nightmare wasn't a CompleteMonster, her UndyingLoyalty towards him could be seen as this.
* PerkyFemaleMinion: To Nightmare.
* [[PsychopathicManchild Psychopathic Womanchild]]
* PurpleEyes
* RingsOfDeath: She wields probably the most [[ImprobableWeaponUser unusual]] weapon in the series, a large bladed hula-hoop.
* SheCleansUpNicely: She's something of an UnkemptBeauty in her normal costumes, but certain 2P costumes indicate that Tira is downright ''gorgeous'' if she pays any attention at all to her appearance.
* Literature/SomethingWickedThisWayComes: She appears to have stepped right out of this disturbing, circus-based horror novel.
* SplitPersonality: Manifests fully in the fourth game, but was present in ''SCIII'' too. Gameplay wise, this is presented as a more acrobatic "jolly" move-list and a more damaging (including self-damage) "gloomy" move-list. She switches between these styles throughout the match.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Her default outfit in ''Soulcalibur III''. It's a wonder her boobs don't slip out or get bruised.
** Then again, her default outfits in ''IV'' also qualify. ''V'''s wouldn't, but her shirt is completely torn apart, so it counts.
* TalkingToThemself: Present in a few of Tira's moves in ''IV''.
* TheStarscream
* {{Tykebomb}}
* UncannyValleyMakeup: ''Lashings'' of mascara, loads of green or black eye-shadow, [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090113200306/soulcalibur/images/a/a3/600px-Portrait-Tira.jpg bright green lipstick]] and stripes of deep fuchsia body/face-paint.
* UndeathlyPallor: As of her appearance in ''SCV'', where her whole face and body is now a ghostly pale pinkish grey colour.
* {{Underboobs}}: Formerly provided the trope picture.
* VillainousHarlequin: Arguably.
* {{Yandere}}: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in ''Broken Destiny'', which portrays her as Nightmare's unwanted StalkerWithACrush who will kill anyone who comes between their love.

Origin - ''Raised in Japan''

Weapon(s) - Shikomi-zue concealed in an oilpaper parasol

-->Voiced By: Nanaho Katsuragi (Japanese), KariWahlgren (''Soulcalibur III''; English), TaraPlatt (''Soulcalibur IV''; English)

A [[ButNotTooForeign European-Japanese]] woman who wields an [[{{Badass}} Iai sword hidden in an umbrella]]. She seeks {{revenge}} against Mitsurugi for killing her master, [[MentorShip the only man she ever loved]]. In ''IV'' she gets self-doubts about her mastery of the sword, and retrains in order to reach [[Anime/RurouniKenshin Himura-esque]] speed.

Between ''IV'' and ''V'', Mitsurugi's backstory states that she defeated him sometime during the time skip, taking his Shishi-Oh in the process. By the time of ''SCV'', she has left Japan and started a new life in Istanbul under the alias of "Neve," where she taught the ways of the sword to orphans. She also had a hand in training [[spoiler:Patroklos.]]

* ActionGirl
* AllThereInTheManual: According to the [[WordOfGod official site]], after the events of ''Soulcalibur IV'', Setsuka understood how mistaken she was to pursue revenge. She took on the name "Neve" and travelled to Istanbul (Turkey) where she became a self-defence teacher to orphaned children, including [[spoiler:Patroklos.]]
* [[CombatStilettos Combat Sandals]]: She wears 6 inch high okobo sandals, even in combat.
* DistaffCounterpart: In a sense, she could be a considered to a very loose female counterpart to Arthur.
* [[HairDecorations Fancy Hair Decorations]]: Her hair is gathered high on top of her head in an elaborate coiffure and held in place with various combs and ornamental pins in a Geisha/Oiran style.
* FemmeFatale
* {{Geisha}}: Her design basis, although she is more reminiscent of an [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oiran Oiran,]] a type of high-ranking Japanese courtesan distinguished from geisha by their more elaborate kimono and hair decorations, front-tying ''obi'', and higher status.
* GorgeousPeriodDress: Her player 2 outfit in IV, often dubbed her MaryPoppins outfit by the fanbase.
* HiddenWeapons
* HighClassCallGirl: Her look. She's based on an Oiran, as explained above. This is referenced in one of her kicks, "Oiran kick."
* IaijutsuPractitioner
* IceQueen: Her demeanor.
* {{Istanbul}}: Her current home, as of ''SCV'', following her departure from Japan. The Turkish city is traditionally thought of as the gateway from Asia into Europe (and vice versa). Setsuka's character design personifies this "east-meets-west" quality, in what could possibly have been a deliberate pun. [[spoiler:The city is also located within the Ottoman Empire, which enables her meeting and training Patroklos.]]
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery: Especially in ''SCIII'', where she's geisha-ed up to the nines.
* KimonoFanservice: Her beautiful kimono, a gift from her dead master, looks as if it would slip off if she so much as ''sneezed''.
* LadyOfWar
* MeaningfulName: ''Setsuka'' means ''snow bloom'', which suits her cold personality.
** ShownTheirWork: The name ''Neve'' means ''Snowy'' in Latin, which is a [[FridgeBrilliance remarkably appropriate]] Western counter-part to her previous alias ''Setsuka''.
* MentorShip: Was in love with her master, as mentioned above.
* MightyWhitey: She's actually European. She dyed her hair black in the 3rd game but returned it to her natural blonde color in the 4th game. Subverted in that she was shunned from early childhood for her overtly non-Japanese appearance before she was taken in and cared for by her aformentioned master.
* ParasolOfPrettiness[=/=]ParasolOfPain: Not only does the umbrella [[SwordCane conceal her weapon]], but she actually whaps her opponents on the head with ''just'' the umbrella in a few moves.
** SilkHidingSteel: Used as a {{visual pun}}.
* ParentalAbandonment: Presumably. However, it's not explained in her bio how she came to be an orphan in Japan.
* ParentalSubstitute: [[spoiler: While training Patroklos in the art of iaido, she was disappointed that the boy was so steadfastly clinging to revenge as a motive and urged Patroklos to not go down the same path she did, causing him to eventually turn his back on her. It is only later that Patroklos realizes that Setsuka was a second mother to him.]]
* {{Revenge}}: She wants to kill Mitsurugi to avenge her slain master.
* RevengeBeforeReason: Setsuka vows to take revenge upon the man that defeated her master in a duel, which accidentally gave him an infection that killed him. Despite the fact that his dying words were that the swordsman was a good and honorable man, and that she should not hold a grudge against him.
* SatelliteCharacter: Becomes apparent instantly. Also, see "StandAloneEpisode."
* ShoutOut: To ''Manga/LadySnowblood'' and ''KillBill''.
* StandAloneEpisode: Her story. Unlike the other characters in the series, who are all connected to or effected by Soul Edge or Soul Calibur in some way, Setsuka's storyline has ''nothing'' to do with the legendary swords or their power and is ''purely'' concerned with her attempting to kill Mitsurugi. She is not accompanied by any other characters in ''SCIV'''s Story Mode and this must be completed using her alone.
** Exemplified in her ending in ''SCIII'', in which she's the only character to completely ignore Soul Edge after beating Abyss.
* SwordCane
* [[TallDarkAndBishoujo Tall, Blond and Bishoujo]]
* TheUnfettered: Her single-minded goal is to avenge her slain master, nothing more.
** [[spoiler:Setsuka actually moves past her revenge in both games' endings. In ''III'', she even [[WarriorTherapist counsels]] a woman in a predicament similar to hers and helps her move beyond such petty things as well.]]
** The above might not hold true, given what is mentioned in Mitsurugi's ''V'' backstory.
*** [[spoiler:While training Patroklos, she advised him to not give in to dark desires such as revenge, as she was once consumed by that same drive in the past, implying that she did get over her vengeance after defeating Mitsurugi and saw something of her younger self in Patroklos.]]

!!Amy Sorel
Origin - ''Rouen, French Empire''

Weapon(s) - Rapier

-->Voiced By: Kanako Tateno (''Soulcalibur III''; Japanese), HitomiNabatame (''Soulcalibur IV''; Japanese), Heather Hogan-Watson (''Soulcalibur III'' onward; English)

Raphael's adopted daughter. She was orphaned at a young age, and had become distant from the world. She saves Raphael from the authorities, and starts to open up her heart again to the world.

In ''III'' she becomes a fully playable character, and gets [[JustForPun revamped]] for the Arcade Edition of ''III'', and then gets even '''more''' revamped for ''IV''. Bored of waiting for Raphael to return with Soul Calibur, and possibly not too happy with him [[ParentalAbandonment constantly leaving her]], she heads out to search for him. Amy is missing as of the time of ''V'', although it is speculated that unspecified events might've lead her to becoming the woman known as Viola.

* ActionGirl
* AgeInappropriateDress: In both senses, as the trope picture points out.
* AscendedExtra: Goes from a background character who makes a cameo in the intro to ''II'' to a bonus character in ''III'' to a full-fledged memeber of the roster in ''III: Arcade Edition'' and ''IV''.
* EarlyBirdCameo: She makes a short cameo in the opening movie of ''II'', before becoming a playable character in ''III''.
* ElegantGothicLolita
* EmotionlessGirl: Subverted due to the fact that it's just a JerkassFacade.
* GirlishPigtails
* ImpossiblyLowNeckline
* HeWentThatWay: How Raphael met her in the first place, as well as what endeared her to him and caused him to adopt her.
* HotChickWithASword
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery
* LittleMissBadass
* LadyOfWar: Majestic with her rapier!
* MeaningfulName: Amy, coming from the old french Aimée, means "beloved." This is played up with the mission you need to complete to unlock her in ''SCIII'', named Beloved.
* MegaTwintails
* MiniDressOfPower
* MoralityPet: For Raphael.
* NietzscheWannabe: Many of her winquotes in ''IV''.
* PokemonSpeak: In ''III''.
* PrettyInMink: Her outfit in the 4th game.
* PrincessCurls
* [[spoiler:WhenSheSmiles]]: Her ending in ''IV''.
* ZettaiRyouiki

Origin - ''Unknown (An ancient civilization)''

Weapon(s) - All weapons

-->Voiced By: Shigenori Souya (Japanese)

A warrior from an ancient time when the soul swords were in their infancy, who mocked the gods and got in exchange an owl-headed curse. Trapped in a time-still labyrinth for many years, the Evil Seed finally released it in the 16th Century. After getting used to the new era, he sets out to fight the power that released him.

* BadassGrandpa: Possibly one of the oldest characters in the series (his in-game bio claims that Soul Edge was only "young and weak" in his era).
* DittoFighter
* {{Expy}}: Of Edge Master, who is implied to have fought him to a draw before he was cursed.
* PutOnABus: As with most ditto fighters.
* WorthyOpponent: He fought Edge Master to a draw, and can see Edge Master's influence in Kilik's style. The only person he's considered as approaching worthy since then was Mitsurugi.

Origin - ''Chaos''

Weapon(s) - Scythe

-->Voiced By: HiroshiTsuchida (Japanese), KeithSilverstein (English)

Zasalamel's [[OneWingedAngel ultimate form]] after being affected by the energies of the [[CosmicHorror abyss]] he used for his plans. In ''Soulcalibur III'', supposedly he'd morph into this as an after-effect of the ritual he performed to merge with the energies of both swords. ''Soulcalibur IV'' {{retcon}}ned this, and instead Zasalamel cut short the ritual after feeling his body starting to be transformed.

* BodyHorror: He looks like a decaying body with a hole in its chest...
* CastingAShadow
* FinalBoss
* MindOverMatter
* PowerEchoes

!!Night Terror
Origin - ''Chaos''

Weapon(s) - Soul Edge - Great Sword

A WhatIf character intended to show Nightmare's [[OneWingedAngel ultimate form]] after he merged both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur with itself. While the character itself never came to be (well, canonically, anyways), his design was the base for Nightmare's ''SCIV'' form, possibly to show he's approaching [[PowerLevels that magnitude of power]] all by himself.

* {{BFS}}: Shames ''anything else'' in this series '''''several times over'''''.
* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler: As of the ''Soulcalibur V'' artbook, yes.]]
* EyeBeams: A [[GameBreaker full screen flying-out-of-range variation]].
* MeaningfulName: Night terrors are nightmares on steroids.
* PlayingWithFire
* PowerGivesYouWings
** WingsDoNothing: Averted. He's the ''only'' character in the series who is immune to a RingOut. Guess why is that?
*** It also gives him a stance in which he is invulnerable to damage and can do 70% damage to any downed character.
* SNKBoss: This guy will ''give'' you night terrors trying to fight him.
* TrueFinalBoss


[[folder:Debuting in ''Soulcalibur IV'']]

!!Hilde (Hildegard von Krone)
Origin - ''Wolfkrone Kingdom, Holy Roman Empire (Germany)''

Weapon(s) - Short sword and lance

-->Voiced By: YukoKaida (Japanese), JulieAnnTaylor (English)

A female knight who hails from the [[FictionalCountry kingdom of Wolfkrone]]. Having been in charge of Wolfkrone since her father went Berserk, she's been defending it from Nightmare for a long time. After Siegfried's appearance on town, she took it as an omen and decided to lead a full-scale attack behind him, hoping for ultimate victory. She was recently revealed to return in ''Soulcalibur V'', now traveling with Siegfried's band of mercenaries after Wolfkrone fell into darkness. She has also apparently become a mother, but whose child she bore is unknown as of now.

* ActionGirl
* ActionMom: As of ''SCV'', she is 35 years old and a mother to two young children.
** HotMom
* AnimalMotifs: As seen on her armor, which incorporates [[BigBadassWolf wolves]] in ''SCIV'', and [[OurGryphonsAreDifferent griffons]] in ''SCV''.
* BadassPrincess
* BeautyMark: Just to the left of her mouth.
* BlueBlood
* DualWielding: Hilde carries a short sword and a ''lance''.
* {{Forgiveness}}: A definite theme in her ending, as she [[spoiler:pardons a wandering Siegfried who was prepared to ''willingly'' [[RedemptionEqualsDeath die at her hand as a final penance for his misdeeds]].]]
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: She's Princess of the Kingdom of Wolfkrone. The Pieces of her alternate outfit are even listed as "Princess ___"
* FieryRedhead: While she doesn't have the personality, she has the red hair.
** She can be pretty fiery sometimes:
--> "Stand down! Do you know who I am?"
* GorgeousPeriodDress: Her [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091219010023/soulcalibur/images/2/2a/HilSC4art3.jpg alternate costume]] in ''SCIV'', with its [[BattleBallgown ruff and "leg of mutton" sleeves]], is a comparatively realistic look for a European noblewoman during the late Elizabethan era, when the series is set.
* HeyItsThatVoice: So, when exactly did [[BlazBlue Tsubaki Yayoi]] become a European princess?
* FireForgedFriends: With Siegfried, apparently. In ''IV'', the man wanted nothing to do with her. Come ''V'', they're "sworn allies" and traveling companions, their forces banding together to stave off Nightmare's hellish influence on Europe.
* JeanneDArchetype: She's the ''Soul'' series' very own version.
* [[KnightInShiningArmour Lady In Shining Armour]]
* LadyOfWar: She even ''[[EveryProperLadyShouldCurtsy curtsies]]'' before a battle in ''V''.
* [[MadWomanInTheAttic Mad Man In The Attic]]: Her father, King Georg von Krone, is kept locked away in the highest tower of the Royal castle, having been corrupted by the destructive power of Soul Edge.
* MeaningfulName: Her full name is derived from Old Germanic words hild and gard, meaning ''battle'' and ''protection'' respectively.
* NiceHat: Her 2P attire in ''V''. She looks like a female [[TheThreeMusketeers musketeer]].
* PatrioticFervor: "Fall before the flag of Wolfkrone!"
* PrincessesPreferPink: Averted. She wears red under her armor and her alternate oufit is a blue dress. That doesn't stop the player from altering either outfit to be (or giving her a whole new one that is) pink however.
* PrincessesRule: A {{justified|Trope}} example.
* {{Redheaded Hero}}ine
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: She personally leads her kingdom's army into battle to fight Nighmare between ''SCIII'' and ''SCIV'' and and seeks out Sigfried to try and aid him in destroying Nightmare.
* ShipSinking: The only thing we know about the father of her children is that it's ''not'' Siegfried.
* TheStoic: Oh so ''very'' much.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Averted, she wears a full suit of armor and a helmet. Considering the rest of the series' [[{{Fanservice}} female cast]], one could call it subverted. However, this doesn't keep the players from being able to put her in one via Character Creation mode.
** WordOfGod says that this was intentional.
* TokenWholesome
* TheVonTropeFamily
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: Taking the throne at a young age due to her father's insanity, Hilde didn't get to experience a normal childhood, having to act like an adult and become strong both physically and emotionally to protect and guide her kingdom, as well as repel Nightmare's forces. It's telling when 35-year-old Hilde is virtually indistinguishable from her 18-year-old self.
* YodelLand: She hails from the {{fictional|Country}} Wolfkrone Kingdom, apparently located somewhere within the German-speaking region of the Holy Roman Empire, which comes complete with a giant rotating cuckoo-clock as a fighting arena.
** It's clear from the ''New Legends of Project Soul'' sourcebook's world map page that the Wolfkrone Kingdom is approximately located between Switzerland and Germany.
** AdvancedAncientAcropolis: It's the late 16th century. The Wolfkrone Monument stage is a ''carousel'' complete with animatronic musicians.

Origin - ''An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history''

Weapon(s) - Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and weapons concealed in his body

-->Voiced By: JojiNakata (Japanese), JamiesonPrice (English)

The boss of ''Soulcalibur IV''. Algol was a hero who got hold of Soul Edge and build a kingdom, becoming a beloved ruler. His son became jealous of his power and stole Soul Edge, becoming a berserk monster who ended up being killed by Algol himself.

After, he started working on creating a blade that could counteract Soul Edge. This "spirit sword" would eventually become Soul Calibur. He used a shard of Soul Edge in the process, and gave up his life for it. The sword, however, ended up being as evil as Soul Edge, and his soul ended up trapped inside it. His supporters sealed him within the sword, and after years of purifying, turned it into the Soul Calibur we know and love. His supporters would eventually become a cult that would pass down Algol's legend for generations.

Flash forward to the 16th century, where he finally wakes up due to the immense power radiated from Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. The first thing he wants to do as soon as he wakes up: [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking kick some ass]] and regain his full power in concordance with his [[BloodKnight warrior spirit]].

He fights Mitsurugi in ''IV'', but his battle is cut short when he vanishes along with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. When Soul Edge made a reappearance in ''V'', so too did Algol. He now resides within Astral Chaos, not doing much of anything.

* AboveGoodAndEvil: Declares that the concepts mean nothing to him in ''V''.
* AnimalMotifs: The [[BigBadassBirdOfPrey bird]], although other motifs such as [[KingOfBeasts lions]] and [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs dinosaurs]] [[WhatCouldHaveBeen were considered]]. This can be seen is his long, almost talon-like nails. His throne, on the other hand, is shaped like the hood of a [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent cobra]].
** In ''V'', the cloth he wears around his shoulders is held in place by a stylized cobra head.
* AntiHero ([[SlidingScaleOfAntiHeroes Type III or IV]])/AntiVillain ([[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type III or IV]]): Despite his claims to destroy all who stand in his way and his {{ambition|IsEvil}} as a king, Algol is pretty much OrcusOnHisThrone for the duration of ''IV'', coming across more as fatalistic than evil. Many of the Good and Neutral-aligned characters spare the guy in their endings, and many of them say that he's not even evil to begin with. The worst thing that happens? He defeats Siegfried (but seemingly doesn't kill him) in his ending and begins his reign anew, creating a utopia with the implications that his rule was instated to prevent the world from befalling the same fate as his son.
* ArtificialStupidity: He sometimes rings himself out because his AI likes using an uppercut followed by a forward leap to cross up the opponent. He does this ''all the time'', even when it's not necessary.
** Averted when, thanks to a patch, his AI has been completely rewritten. He's a lot smarter now and doesn't use the move anymore.
* AutobotsRockOut: Two of Algol's themes, "Thanatos" and "Regalia," are pretty metal compared to the rest of the soundtracks they come from.
* ArmCannon: One of the 10 weapons he can create.
* {{Badass}}: The man blocks [[EvilWeapon Soul Edge]]'s unimaginably powerful cursed power with his {{bare hand|edBladeBlock}}s, and he is able to subdue it through willpower alone.
** It's worth noting that Algol is the ''only person in the entire series''[[hottip:*:however, see ''Voldo'']] that Soul Edge was completely unable to corrupt or control.
* BloodKnight: "Fighting is my all. It is my existence!"
* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: Two sources. One: He maintains his own existence and that of his tower by thought alone. If he runs out of power, he dies. Two: He's supported by the energies he gained from both swords, which allows him to create any matter from thought. Should the energy runs out, he ceases to exist.
* DemotedToExtra: In ''V''.
* DontYouDarePityMe: He tells this to Kilik, claiming he has no regrets.
** [[DontYouDarePityMe Don't You Dare Mock Me]]: And this to Talim. And Cervantes.
* {{Expy}}: Of Raoh from ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar''.
** Gameplay wise he is similar to Necrid, with a multitude of weapons at his command.
** As of Soul Calibur 5, his general attitude, part of his moveset and his taunt brings [[StreetFighter Akuma]] to mind.
* FailureKnight: ''Eons'' later, the loss of his son thanks to Soul Edge has still shaken his spirits. Algol laments in several scenarios that despite his awesome might, he cannot change the past. It is for this reason that he [[spoiler:[[PetTheDog empathizes with Sophitia in her ending and frees her from Soul Edge's influence, urging the brave mother to return to her children in bliss.]]]]
* FinalBoss
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: Only if you [[AllThereInTheManual don't know about him]].
** [[spoiler:Big time in ''V'', where he has absolutely ''zero'' plot relevance whatsoever, and is the final boss of a bonus BossRush mode.]]
* HeroicWillpower: Taken UpToEleven by his ability to subdue Soul Edge's will, although he isn't very heroic.
** Actually he is, just not during the events of the game itself. His backstory is quite noble.
* MeaningfulName: He is named after the Algol Star. The star's name derives from the Arabic ''ra's al-ghul'', meaning "head of the ogre" (al-ghul = "ghoul"), which was given because of its position in the constellation Perseus, representing the head of Gorgon Medusa. The English names of Demon Star and Blinking Demon are direct translations.
* MesopotamianMythology: His entire move-list (as well as his own name) is Arabic, so it's fairly clear that he originates from ''somewhere'' in that region, albeit eons ago. Also, his character is likely [[ShoutOut inspired by]] the legendary Sumerian hero-king Gilgamesh, as he is master of the Tower of Lost Souls which shares many thematic similarities with Namco's venerable ''Tower of Druaga'' arcade game, which is itself based upon the Gilgamesh epic.
* NobleDemon
* NothingUpMySleeve: Has '''10''' weapons hidden inside '''his own body'''.
* PoweredByAForsakenChild: Algol sacrificed himself to create the Soul Calibur.
* PowerFloats and PowerGlows
* RatedMForManly: Only person known to have tamed the evil in Soul Edge and not be controlled by it, wields both the Edge and Calibur simultaneously, and has a definite ''Houkuto no Ken'' vibe about him. He fits.
** As a plus, he [[{{Stripperific}} sheds all his bird-themed armor]] in ''V'', showing off his chiseled physique, though whether this makes him RatedMForManly, EvenTheGuysWantHim, or MrFanservice is up to the viewer.
* SealedEvilInACan: More like Sealed [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Neutrality]] In A Can.
** Definitely SealedBadassInACan, though.
* ShoutOut: In addition to having Raoh's looks and the general ''Hokuto'' villain SlouchOfVillainy, he also perfectly fits into the racial template of the Pillar Men from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'', even having their signature "Rib Attack."
** In ''V'', he looks like [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIII Gill and/or Urien]].
* SlouchOfVillainy: As seen [[http://soulcalibur.wikia.com/wiki/File:Algol1.jpg here.]]
** ''Soulcalibur V'' turns this into ''his finishing move''.
* SNKBoss: In Tower of Lost Souls [[spoiler:if you fight him fairly]].
* ShapeshifterWeapon.
* StoryBreakerPower: In-universe at least, only rivaled by Night Terror and a scant number of characters (in the case of the former, [[SNKBoss this is flipped around from a gameplay perspective]]).
* {{Stripperiffic}}: In ''V''.
** WalkingShirtlessScene
*** UnderwearOfPower
* TragicVillain: If you consider him to be one, that is.
* YinYangBomb: His main weapons are Soul Edge ''and'' Soul Calibur, and his body is ''formed'' out of both swords' energies.
** BladeBelowTheShoulder: He morphs each hand into them to attack.

[[folder:Debuting in ''Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny'']]

!!Dampierre ("Lord" Geo Dampierre)
Origin - ''Claims a different place of origin on every job (Resides in Venice, Republic of Venice)''

Weapon(s) - Retractable wrist-mounted knives

-->Voiced By: ShigeruChiba (Japanese), VicMignogna (English)

Con artist and general douchebag that wants to live in luxury, but being unable to get it the honest way, becomes a bandit. He cons his servants into servitude and uses them as hostage to get money off of rich uncles. Upon seeing Hilde, fell madly in love with her... but still wants to sack Wolfkrone. All in all, a man of principles.

Returned in ''V'', [[http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-10-21-ezio-confirmed-for-soulcalibur-5 as a pre-order bonus character,]] where he decides to exploit Nightmare's crusade for cash.

[[spoiler: He and Cervantes are acquaintances, and he sold Pyrrha into slavery.]]

* AllThereInTheManual: Averted -- his bio is especially strange and ambiguous, with his birthplace and age listed as "changes every time someone asks him." It's likely he is Italian and there are a few clues: He refers to himself as "Le Bello" in his quotes, meaning "the handsome one" in Italian. Also, the vast majority of Dampierre's moves are named after either characters from the Commedia dell'arte, a form of improvisational theatre that began in Italy in the 16th century, or places and things from Venice ("Canal Grande," "Misty Waters of Laguna," "Gondola Dreams," "Adriatic Pearls"). Finally, his stage, the Voiceless Volpe Bridge, is Italian in design and "volpe" is the Italian for fox.
** Further evidence was recently revealed in his ''SCV'' story, which states that "everyone in Italy's financial world had heard of Lord Geo Dampierre..." and also - ..."(he) enjoyed success in a variety of ventures centred around the City of Venice."
* BadassMustache: Yes.
* ConfusionFu[=/=]FightingClown
** WhatTheFuAreYouDoing: Can hurt himself and fall over during some of his moves.
* CoolShades: His alternate outfit. Anachronistic to the max but he's a bit of an oddball anyway.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He may look like a pansy, but watch out.
* DastardlyWhiplash
* FanNickname: [[SuperMarioBros Waluigi]], based on his mustache.
* IllGirl: [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111018231618/soulcalibur/images/2/2f/Damdaughter.jpg His imaginary daughter (the role played by his henchwoman Giesele) that he tells stories about to swindle money from others is this.]]
* KnifeNut: He uses [[BladeBelowTheShoulder hidden punch-daggers]].
* LethalJokeCharacter: Might possibly be the ''only'' character to beat out ''Yoshimitsu'' in terms of sheer whimsy and insanity. While his overall tier ranking is low, his effectiveness depends almost entirely on the player's ability to bait their opponent. Seeing the entire thing in action is gut-bustingly ''hilarious''.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Possibly. His appearance in ''V'' is similar to that of ''Broken Destiny'', suggesting that he's one of the few characters besides Ivy and Raphael to have not aged. Considering ''Broken Destiny'' is non-canon, though, it's possible that this is his first "real" appearance and he actually is that old/young.
* NiceHat
* ShoutOut: To Bill the Butcher from the movie ''{{Gangs of New York}}''.
** He also [[MichaelJackson moonwalks]].
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: His Critical Finish.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Frequently refers to himself as "Le Bello."

[[folder:Debuting in ''Soulcalibur V'']]
!! Patroklos Alexander
Origin - ''Athens, Ottoman Empire (Greece)''

Weapon(s) - Short sword and shield, [[spoiler:Soul Calibur - Iai sword]]

-->Voiced By: {{KENN}} (Japanese), YuriLowenthal (English)

Son of Sophitia and main character of the 6th game. Uses a "sharper" variation of his mom's moveset. Sets out to find his older sister Pyrrha and to cleanse the world of the malfested, as they apparently killed his mother. [[spoiler:He eventually succeeds Siegfried as the wielder of Soul Calibur, becoming Alpha Patroklos.]]

* ArbitrarySkepticism: Soul Calibur, the spirit sword of salvation? Cool. Soul Edge, the evil sword of legends that creates the hated Malfested? Sure. Greek Gods? With you 100%. Azure Nightmare, the madman whose bloody reign of terror is well-documented as one of the darkest times in European history and who singlehandedly sacked small countries? Myth.
* AscendedExtra: Previously mentioned in his mom's profile.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Once he has been re-united with Pyrrha, lord help anyone who messes with her...
--> '''Tira''': "What's that? Me? The only pawn on this board is this stupid little girl!" *''Smack!''*
--> '''Patroklos''': "You ''BITCH!!''"
* {{Bishounen}}
* BreakTheHaughty
* BurnTheWitch: Towards the Malfested.
* CatSmile: [[http://www.fightersgeneration.com/np8/char/patroklos-sketch.jpg Patroklos confirmed for lion, get in the car.]]
* CallingYourAttacks: '''TRUE JUSTICE!'''
* CharacterDevelopment: He goes from a guy who just wants [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge revenge]] against the [[FantasticRacism malfested]] and will kill anyone who even barely looks it to [[spoiler:almost becoming Soul Calibur's KnightTemplar to moving past his hatred to save his sister.]]
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]: At the start, he acts like a total dick, but as the story progresses, he's not that person anymore.
* {{Expy}}: [[spoiler:Alpha Patroklos has inherited Setsuka's fighting style. Minus the [[ParasolOfPain parasol]] and Japanese sword.]]
** In-story, Pat starts out as cocky and self-righteous. He then goes on to [[spoiler:suffer a MyGodWhatHaveIDone reaction from his actions in the story, is manipulated by one of the soul swords, and eventually wisens up and seeks atonement, haunted by his callous deeds in the past.]] Sounds a lot like ''Siegfried'' doesn't it?
* FanNickname: [[spoiler:Alpha Patroklos = Patsuka.]]
** Some fans call him "Pat."
*** [[{{Troll}} Patrollklos]] or a variation thereof because of his TrashTalk after he wins, along with the trollfaces he makes in his winposes.
* ForGreatJustice
* [[spoiler:GratuitousJapanese: Alpha Patroklos will say certain moves in Japanese, probably as a side effect of the below.]]
* HeroicBSOD: He gets a HUGE one after realizing that [[spoiler:all of those people Dumas had him kill were actually innocent people, NOT malfested]]. This comes within literal minutes of him discovering [[spoiler:Dumas is actually Nightmare in disguise, and that his sister actually IS malfested]]. Needless to say, he doesn't take the triple-whammy well.
* [[spoiler:IaijutsuPractitioner: As Alpha Patroklos, oddly. This is apparently how he fought before using the sword and shield, having been trained by Setsuka whilst living in Istanbul, prior to ''SCV''.]]
* [[spoiler:IAmNotLeftHanded]]: Sort of. [[spoiler:Patroklos initially [[AllThereInTheManual learned iaijutsu and iaido from Setsuka]] (and he was a very quick learner), but then decided to switch to using his mother's Athenian style out of respect. The style was entirely self-taught, and while Z.W.E.I. notes it to be a pale imitation of Sophitia's and tells Patroklos essentially to BeYourself, Patroklos still holds up well up until he switches back to his original teachings (from which he goes on to trump enemies he had problems with in the past). That's... pretty {{Badass}}, actually.]]
** ContrivedCoincidence: The above... [[spoiler:which was required to keep the iaido style within the series, whilst dropping the previous wielder, Setsuka.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: He's [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex extremely cocky]], taunts his opponents openly, and does some highly questionable things throughout story mode, such as [[spoiler:killing an innocent man just because ''Patroklos thinks he's a malfested''.]]
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He does however, show that he cares deeply for his sister and strives to save her.
* JusticeWillPrevail: He's like the [[FatalFury Kim Kaphwan]] of ''Soulcalibur''. One of his quotes even has Patroklos triumphantly proclaim [[IAmTheNoun "I am justice!"]]
* KnightTemplar: For Soul Calibur. [[spoiler:Especially when he stabs Pyrrha.]]
** [[spoiler:This is eventually subverted when Patroklos decides to save Pyrrha rather than following Soul Calibur's wish.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: Has one that plays in at least three stages and several cutscenes.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe
** ShieldBash
* ManInWhite
* MeaningfulName: Could very well be named after [[Literature/TheIliad Patroclus]].
* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: His entire thought process after [[spoiler:killing his own sister]] could be summed up as, "Uh, whoops... I need a rewind button." Luckily [[spoiler:Edge Master]] granted that wish.
* {{Shoryuken}}: Uses one [[http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2011-soul-calibur/714560 here]] as the finishing blow of his Critical Edge.
* ShownTheirWork: His last name was recently corrected (in-game) to the more accurate Alexand''er'', which follows the Greek principle of attributing gender-specific endings to family names.
* SingleStrokeBattle: [[spoiler:Alpha Patroklos's Critical Edge. It's basically a less flashy version of Setsuka's Critical Finish. [[RecycledINSPACE With crystals]].]]
* SpiritualSuccessor: To both Cassandra and Sophitia, although his cocky and free-spirited fighting style and personality are more akin to his aunt.
* [[TellMeAboutMyFather Tell Me About My Mother]]: He had been raised by his father, Rothion. Rothion would convey stories about [[ActionMom Sophitia]] and her holy mission to destroy Soul Edge. Patroklos, as a result, desired to become a holy warrior, [[SoProudOfYou just like his mother.]]
** MissingMom
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: As seen in his Critical Edge.
* UnwittingPawn: His head-strong passion and sense of justice, as well as his naivety, make him an ideal enabler for Graf Dumas' machinations...

!! Pyrrha Alexandra
Origin - ''Athens, Ottoman Empire (Greece)''

Weapon(s) - Short sword and shield, [[spoiler:Soul Edge - Short sword and shield]]

-->Voiced By: Nozomi Sasaki (Japanese), LauraBailey (English)

Daughter of Sophitia, also a main character. After being kidnapped by Tira, she ended up released from Soul Edge's influence at the hand of her mother. Sadly, unlike Patroklos, she ended up not knowing of her family and became an orphan. She now sets out in search of the truth, not knowing that her life is being manipulated by Tira, who kills every man Pyrrha falls in love with. [[spoiler:She eventually succeeds Nightmare as the wielder of Soul Edge, becoming Pyrrha Omega.]]

* ActionSurvivor: Rare female example and highly unusual for the series. Unlike the other combatants, it's strongly suggested that Pyrrha has little experience in battle, as evidenced by her timid guard stance and somewhat clumsy repertoire of throws.
* ApologeticAttacker
** ApologisesALot: She ''really'' takes after her mother.
* AscendedExtra: Same as her brother.
* AssKicksYou: Her Hip Charge attack counts, as do her Bottoms Up and Heaven's Rider grabs.
* [[spoiler:BlackEyesOfCrazy[=/=]EyesOfGold[=/=]HellishPupils: As Pyrrha Omega.]]
* [[spoiler:BrainwashedAndCrazy: While she was affected by Tira's MoreThanMindControl, she became this under the influence of Soul Edge.]]
* BreakTheCutie: Oh boy...
* TheCorruption: Subject to it in ''IV'', does not remain in ''V''... [[TheEndOrIsIt or does it?]]
** [[spoiler:[[DoubleSubversion Double Subverted]]. By the end, she still has her corrupted arm, but her eyes, voice, and personality return to normal.]]
* DarkMagicalGirl
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler:She eventually ''overcomes Soul Edge's influence'' and uses it free her brother from crystal stasis.]]
* TheDrifter: [[WordOfGod Hisaharu Tago]] has said this is how she spent her life, since she was kidnapped as a young child and therefore [[TearJerker never got to enjoy any sort of family life growing up]].
* TheIngenue
* FanNickname: [[spoiler: Oprah as Pyrrha Omega]].
* FragileFlower: In personality, but not ability, if she's forced.
* GroinAttack: Naturally.
* HeyItsThatVoice: In case you didn't notice, that Japanese voice of hers is the voice of [[Manga/LuckyStar Patricia Martin]].
* LonersAreFreaks
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe
* MadeASlave: Prior to the events of ''SCV'', Pyrrha was purchased by a nobleman's son named Jurgis (the Greek equivalent of 'George') in a slave market, and began working as a {{maid}}.
** ReleaseYourSlaves: Jurgis fell in love with Pyrrha, and eventually proposed to her.....
** UnwittingPawn: That night however, he was murdered. Pyrrha was [[FrameUp blamed]], arrested and imprisoned. Soon afterwards Tira, the ''real'' culprit, appeared outside her cell and with skillful words, she wormed her way into Pyrrha's heart...
* MiniDressOfPower
* NotEvilJustMisunderstood: Everyone around Pyrrha dies and she is blamed for it. The culprit, Tira, even mentions this to her. Tira mentions it again when Pyrrha became [[spoiler:Pyrrha Omega. At first, Pyrrha still had the same personality, but she was pushed away from her brother (who, without her, would have eaten a Soul Edge to the face) just because she became malfested.]]
* PossessionImpliesMastery: Same as her mother and aunt.
* [[spoiler:PowerEchoes: As Pyrrha Omega.]]
* [[spoiler:RedRightHand: Just like Nightmare, Pyrrha's entire right arm mutates after she is confirmed a worthy candidate to be Soul Edge's wielder. Unfortunately, unlike the other wielders who got back their normal bodies after rejecting Soul Edge's influence, this one sticks. [[ButYourWingsAreBeautiful Good thing Patroklos loves his sister just the way she is.]]]]
* ReplacementGoldfish: While she does take Sophitia's role as the target for Tira's antagonism and the pawn in her schemes, Tira ''also'' plans on making poor Pyrrha a replacement Nightmare after rejecting the current one. [[FoeYay Yes, the Nightmare that Tira was arguably in love with.]]
* ReluctantWarrior: Her pre-fight animation sees her worriedly ''back away'' from her opponent, luckily she's a {{Badass}} if pushed.
* ShrinkingViolet: Arguably one of most timid characters in the series.
* SpiritualSuccessor: Similar to her bro, she is one to both her mom and aunt, moreso to Sophitia due to her timid personality and fighting style.
** [[spoiler:Pyrrha Omega takes it further by being a [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute direct port]] of her mother's moveset plus a few moves from her aunt.]]
* [[spoiler:SuperpoweredEvilSide: Pyrrha Omega.]]
* ToxicFriendInfluence: Tira, good God...
--> '''Pyrrha''': "Tira, you're [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter the only one]] [[TheOnlyOneICanTrust I can ever trust]]..."
* YouAreNotAlone: This is all she wants said to her. [[spoiler:Tira and Soul Edge both promise this, but Patroklos is the one who finally delivers.]]
* YouthfulFreckles
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A.

!! Natsu
Origin - ''Izumo, Japan''

Weapon(s) - Dual kodachi

-->Voiced By: FuyukaOoura (Japanese), KateHiggins (English)

A girl who is Taki's disciple. Is the host of a demon called Arahabaki. Sets out with Leixia, Maxi, and Xiba to find her sensei, who has disappeared. She also doubles as Leixia's bodyguard.

* ActionGirl
* DualWielding: Uses two small [[KatanasAreJustBetter ninjato]], just like her mentor.
* FlashStep
* HappilyAdopted: Implied to have been raised by Chie.
* {{Mukokuseki}}: Despite being Japanese by birth, she sports utterly unrealistic ''strawberry-blonde'' hair. The incongruence is compounded by the fact that the game is set in the early 1600's, when it would have been impossible to dye brown/black Asian hair such a light shade. It seems odder still, because Namco took care to explain that Setsuka's fair hair is a result of her being ethnically European.
** On the other hand, she does have comparatively (realistic) European features compared to the other Asian characters (i.e. her eyes are a bit wider and less almond shaped than Leixia's). It's quite possible that she's actually of European descent, as well... [[OverusedCopycatCharacter making her the THIRD blonde, Western castaway in the series...]]
* {{Ninja}}
** HighlyVisibleNinja: Her ninja garb is a very lush shade of reddish-pink (even brighter than Taki's)... not great for her line of work.
* SealedInsideAPersonShapedCan: Has the demon Arahabaki sealed inside her.
* ShoutOut: Let's see, a blonde ninja in a garish outfit who has a demon sealed within her? [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Where have I seen this before...?]]
* SpiritualSuccessor: To her mentor Taki, as she possesses some of her moves with a much youthful twist.

!! Z.W.E.I.
Origin - ''Unknown''

Weapon(s) - Sword and summoned spirit

-->Voiced By: KentaMiyake (Japanese), MatthewMercer (English)

A mysterious, intimidating man who wields a short sword, but utilizes a strange tonfa-like grip in renders (but a normal grip in gameplay screenshots). Is capable of summoning a wolf spirit {{familiar}} named "E.I.N." to aid him in battle. He is currently working with Siegfried to find Soul Calibur's new wielder.

* {{Badass}}: Anyone who has the guts to [[spoiler:take on Nightmare ''and win'']] deserves this acclaim.
** BackToBackBadasses: With Siegfried in the story, during a skirmish with Graf Dumas' forces. One of his victory poses shows him back to back with E.I.N.
* BilingualBonus: His name means "two" in German.
** The wolf-spirit he can summon is named E.I.N., which is "one."
** His sword is named "Kreuzgriff," which is German for "Cross Handle." This explains its unique shape.
* FightingSpirit: Is able to call forth upon E.I.N., an ethereal BigBadassWolf with a crescent moon lodged into its stomach, to fight alongside him.
* FunWithAcronyms: Not that we know what the acronym is for...
* HellBentForLeather
* HeroWithBadPublicity: Z.W.E.I. definitely has [[SummonMagic strange powers]], but he uses them for good. That doesn't stop the average person from thinking otherwise. Opposing a political ruler's [[WitchHunt Malfested Hunts]] might have something to do with that.
* {{Jossed}}: When he was first revealed, many assumed he was meant to be a new antagonist. His story profile later stated that he is in fact on the side of good.
* TheLancer: To Siegfried in ''V''.
* MulticoloredHair: Mostly black, with several patches of white randomly scattered about.
* MysteriousPast
** NoNameGiven: Z.W.E.I. is just what he calls himself.
** PartsUnknown: His [[AllThereInTheManual official bio]] is surprisingly scant on detail, with his birthplace, age, date of birth, blood-type and even his real name simply listed as "unknown". This is in stark contrast to the far more detailed bios of the rest of the cast. Whether these details were left out to simply [[MysteriousPast enhance his mystery]], or that he (arguably) is a more [[ArtShift otherworldly character]] than the rest of the cast and is therefore more difficult to categorise in a [[MagicRealism real-world setting]], remains open to debate....
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Both aesthetically and game-play wise. Thus far, the series has always presented warriors from various recognizable, real-world global cultures with a [[MagicRealism fantasy twist]] - [[MedievalJapan Japanese samurai]], [[SwordAndSandal Greek warriors]], [[BlueBlood English & French aristocrats]], [[KnightFever Germanic knights]] etc. ''His'' design and most of his move-set however, is almost completely [[HowUnscientific fantasy-based]], with an overall look not grounded in any real-world culture and a [[HighFantasy high-fantasy]] fighting style incorporating a summoned were-wolf. This sets him apart from most of the cast as a whole.
* ReverseGrip: More of a side grip, but arming swords typically were not held like that. Subverted in his actual gameplay; he knows how to hold a sword, though he switches to the side grip for certain attacks.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:The last time he is seen in the story, he was thrown off of a cliff. It's not known if he survived.]]
* VaporWear: Strange male example, but [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/soulcalibur/images/d/d0/Sc5_pub_2d_zwei1b-copy.jpg his sagging pants and unzipped fly show that he's not wearing any underwear underneath.]]

!! Yan Leixia
Origin - ''Luoyang, Ming Empire (China)''

Weapon(s) - Jian

-->Voiced By: Yoshino Nanjo (Japanese), LaurenLanda (English)

Xianghua's fifteen-year-old daughter. Fled her home in China to avoid being married to the Emperor after she came into possession of the Dvapara-Yuga necklace.

* AnimeChineseGirl
* ArrangedMarriage: Xianghua would far prefer her daughter to become one of the Ming Emperor's wives, than pursue her dreams of seeing the world outside Ming (China).
* DistractedByTheSexy: When Leixia suggests Patroklos might be a strong opponent, Natsu and Maxi accuse her of deciding this entirely on attractiveness.
* FlowerMotifs: Her primary costume is designed around a lotus flower.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Leixia is not the first time LaurenLanda has voiced a [[BlazBlue Chinese Girl with much skin revealed (though this time, it's less boobielicious).]]
* GenkiGirl
* GirlishPigtails
* IBrokeANail
-->'''Leixia''': "Aww... No fair! You got me all dirty!"
* ItsAlwaysMardiGrasInNewOrleans: Her stage, "Grand Festival of Guandi Temple," is set during Chinese New Year.
* JumpedAtTheCall: In ''Soulcalibur V'''s promotional material she is referred to as "A Young Lady Longing for an Adventure."
* JusticeWillPrevail: Is said at the end of her Critical Edge. She probably got it from her mom.
* LittleMissBadass: Is only 15 years old during the events of ''V''.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Somewhat, her looks were modeled after French ''SC'' player Kayane, making the latter something of an [[AscendedFanboy Ascended Fangirl]].
* PrettyInMink: Her 2P attire gives Leixia a fur hood.
* SpiritualSuccessor: To Xianghua ([[CaptainObvious for the right reasons]]) in a similar manner as how Natsu is one to Taki.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: To her mother. [[YouRemindMeOfX It's even remarked upon by Kilik.]]
* TheRunaway: Leaves home when she finds out her mom plans to [[ArrangedMarriage marry her off to the Emperor]].
* TragicKeepsake: She has Kilik's (Dvapara-Yuga) necklace, and he is one of the "ill-fated characters" of ''SCV'' as Daishi says, whatever that may mean.
** It turns out it [[BlatantLies meant nothing.]]
** Or... [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation she does nothing important]]?

!! Viola
Origin - ''"A place of roses and lilies"''

Weapon(s) - Steel claw and energy orb

-->Voiced By: HitomiNabatame (Japanese), Heather Hogan-Watson (English)

A mysterious girl who serves Z.W.E.I. Fights using a metal claw and a summoned energy orb. She is apparentlly amnesic, and follows Z.W.E.I out of necessity, believing that he can lead her to the truth.

* BadassCape
* CombatStilettos
* CrystalBall: [[ImprobableWeaponUser Her secondary weapon.]]
* ElegantGothicLolita
* FairyTaleMotifs: Her [[WordOfGod official bio]] is especially whimsical, listing her birthplace as "a place of roses and lilies" and her blood type as "twisted strings of red and blue," which is in stark contrast to the more factual bios of the rest of the cast.
** ShoutOut: Her oddly lyrical birthplace bio entry owes its origins to Tennyson's 1855 poem ''Maud'', in which it is said of the titular heroine: "You have but fed on the roses and lain in the lilies of life," suggesting a sheltered, protected upbringing.
* FortuneTeller: Has the look of one. Her theme in ''V'' is even entitled "Wandering Seer" and she has a second, Quick Battle-only theme named "Dance of the Oracle."
* GradualGrinder: Viola herself doesn't deal much base damage, but compensates with her high combo potential and unpredictable orb summoning, chipping away the opponent's health in the strangest ways.
* HotGypsyWoman: Her 2P outfit.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: In a series that prides itself on presenting real-life weapons and fighting styles (with a [[MagicRealism fantasy twist]]), her magic orb stands out as being ''completely'' [[HowUnscientific fantasy based]].
* InvulnerableKnuckles: An extreme example. She wields only a small set of thimble-like claws on her right hand, and in a game where her opponents are armed to the teeth with katanas, giant axes and halberds, it is unclear how she manages to guard and parry their attacks, especially as she simply holds her barely protected ''hands'' up to block.
** However, if one looks closely at Viola while she guards, they will notice a weird, disc-shaped [[BarrierWarrior translucent shield]] momentarily form before her on impact, possibly meaning she doesn't use her claws or bare hands to guard, rather a magic shield.
** MusclesAreMeaningless: As with Talim above, but she at least wields tonfas, a weapon with defensive capabilities.
* IdentityAmnesia: Her character blurb states that she is unaware of her past...
* InTheHood
* MysteriousWaif: Definitely gives off this vibe. [[WordOfGod Hisaharu Tago]] noted at TGS 2011 that Viola will play an important role in the story.
** Which turned out to be a [[BlatantLies Blatant Lie]].
* OddFriendship: Sees Z.W.E.I. as a kindred spirit, as she believes both of them were given inhuman powers that forces them to have to wander through life alone.
* PrincessCurls
* StockingFiller: She sports fish-net stockings with a spider-web motif incorporated.
* SuspiciouslySimilarOutfit: Her overall look is strikingly similar to Amy's (the hair, dress, tights, etc.), and she is voiced by the same voice actresses as Amy in both Japanese and English, leading to theories that she ''is'' actually Amy...
** ShrugOfGod: The staff has stated that she is not related to Amy, but they were quite vague on that statement, possibly referring to her fighting style and not her looks. The plot thickens...
* WhiteHairedPrettyGirl
* WolverineClaws: Her weapon, a vicious spiked glove reminiscent of [[Film/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger's]].
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A

Origin - ''Zhen Hang Mountain, Ming Empire (China)''

Weapon(s) - Rod

-->Voiced By: ToshiyukiToyonaga (Japanese), JohnnyYongBosch (English)

Kilik's successor for ''SCV''. According to the official artbook for the game, he is the estranged son of Xianghua and Kilik. Edge Master told Maxi that to save Kilik, Xiba would have to inherit the Kali-Yuga. And so, off they go, on their Literature/{{journey to the west}}. [[spoiler:He inherits the Kali-Yuga {{offscreen|MomentOfAwesome}} from Kilik. The japanese official artbook, and character profile from other countries, reveal that Xiba is the estranged son of Kilik and Xianghua.]]

* AnimalMotifs: Monkeys. In fact he's one big ShoutOut to Sun Wukong.
* BigEater: He's munching on a roast leg of lamb in his official artwork and all he talks about is food.
* BladeOnAStick: A few of his alternate weapons.
* CuteShotaroBoy: Despite being 16.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: His 1P outfit.
* DubInducedPlotHole: For some reason Xiba's family ties are not present in his english profile, while all other language options has it; in fact, Xiba's profile is all but cut short ''in all'' english official sources.
* {{Expy}}: Of the protagonist of the famous Chinese novel ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'', Sun Wukong. His bio makes this explicit.
* TheFool
* KidHero
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to Kilik.
* NemeanSkinning: He wears a tiger-skin wrapped round his waist, complete with a tail that further enhances his [[Literature/JourneyToTheWest Monkey]] shout-out.
* ObsessedWithFood: To the point he even yells "Food!" if defeated in battle.
* [[spoiler: ParentalAbandonment: He is actually the son of Kilik and Xianghua, but he unfortunately inherited the Evil Seed from Kilik. After consulting Edge Master for advice, he was put in the care of Kong Xiuqiang. Now flashforward 17 years. [[MosesInTheBullrushes Does he look Malfested?]]]]
* PintSizedPowerhouse: He's the shortest male to appear in the series, standing at 5'5".
* SimpleStaff
* SpiritualSuccessor: To Kilik.
* TrueCompanions: He travels with Maxi, Leixia, and Natsu, and calls the villagers living in the foothills of the Zhen Hang Mountain his family.

Origin - [[spoiler:''The living incarnation of the holy sword, Soul Calibur'']]

Weapon - [[spoiler:Soul Calibur - All weapons[[hottip:*:wielded by women]]]]

-->Voiced By: [[spoiler:ChieNakamura]] (Japanese), [[spoiler:Diane Holmby]] (English)

[[spoiler:The origin of the voice that called out to Cassandra as she touched Soul Calibur in her ending in ''IV''. As Inferno is the embodiment of Soul Edge, so too is Elysium to Soul Calibur. While Inferno seeks to bring chaos to the world, Elysium wishes to bring order. However, her methods for doing so are that of a WellIntentionedExtremist who is willing to remove all obstacles in that path. She appears to Patroklos in the image of his mother, flat-out lying to him that there is no way to save Pyrrha from her fate.]]

* AngelicBeauty
* [[spoiler:DistaffCounterpart]]: To [[spoiler:[[BiggerBad Inferno]]]].
* DittoFighter: but has exclusive moves when posing as [[spoiler:Pyrrha Omega.]]
* {{Expy}}: Looks just like [[spoiler:Sophitia...]]
** [[spoiler:AFormYouAreComfortableWith: ... because that was the form Patroklos wanted to see. It definitely made manipulating him easier.]]
* TheFaceless: Wears a mask that covers most of [[spoiler:her]] face in battle. [[spoiler:It's noticeably missing when she first meets Patroklos.]]
* [[spoiler:GrandTheftMe: If Patroklos did not follow her plans, she would have turned him into her version of Nightmare.]]
* HolyHandGrenade: [[spoiler:Her]] [[LimitBreak Critical Edge]] no matter the moveset involves [[PowerGivesYouWings spreading wings]] and calling light from above, which heavily damages the opponent.
* KnightTemplar: [[spoiler:After seeing Siegfried's ''SCIV'' ending and ''SCV'''s bad ending, ''yes''.]]
* [[spoiler:LightIsNotGood]]
** [[spoiler:[[MalevolentMaskedMen Malevolent Masked Woman]]]]
* [[spoiler:[[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]]]]
* [[spoiler:MeaningfulName: Elysium is basically the Greek form of Heaven for warriors which makes it the opposite of Inferno, who is named after Hell.]].
** [[spoiler:FridgeLogic: She should be named Paradiso, being Inferno's opposite, but then you realize that Elysium is technically the Greek version of paradise.]]
* [[spoiler:NoBiologicalSex: Technically genderless; she only takes a female form out of necessity to manipulate Patroklos.]]
* [[spoiler:OurAngelsAreDifferent]]
* [[spoiler:PerpetualMolt: Seen in her intro.]]
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Is possibly the ''least'' clad character in the entire series. Yes, even less than ''Ivy at her worst''. Luckily, the 2P outfit is much less revealing.
* WellIntentionedExtremist

[[folder:Bonus and Guest Characters in ''Soulcalibur II'']]
!!{{Spawn}} (Al Simmons)
Origin - ''Detroit, Michigan US''

Weapon(s) - Double-blade axe

Todd [=McFarlane=]'s {{Badass}} demon appears in the series due to a deal with Namco to publish his character Necrid in exchange for toys created of the series' characters. Malebolgia sends him to the Soul World to retrieve Soul Edge. Exclusive to the {{Xbox}} version.

-->Voiced by: AkioOhtsuka (Japanese), Victor Stone (English)

* AnAxeToGrind
* BadassCape: Only seen in the intro (see "NoFlowInCGI" below).
* DealWithTheDevil
* TheCowl: Literally and figuratively (except for in his 2P costume, which removes the cowl, revealing his [[NightmareFace burnt and horribly disfigured face]]).
* GlowingEyesOfDoom
** MonochromaticEyes: Green.
* NoFlowInCGI: In-universe, his cloak is said to have taken the form of an axe in this game. This trope is the real-life reason as to why.
* SirSwearsalot: ''Easily'' the mouth foul-mouthed character in the series.
* UnstoppableRage: Put bluntly, Spawn is eternally pissed and it's easy to set him off.

!![[TheLegendOfZelda Link]]
Origin - ''Hyrule''

Weapon(s) - Sword and shield

A Hylian hailing from ''TheLegendOfZelda'' series. Travels to the Soul world to destroy Soul Edge, which had threatened Hyrule. Exclusive to the [[NintendoGameCube GameCube]] version.

-->Voiced by: NobuyukiHiyama

* BattleThemeMusic: An arrangement of the ''Zelda'' theme plays when he fights in the Eurydice Shrine.
* CompositeCharacter: Has the look and [[NobuyukiHiyama voice]] of his ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'' incarnation (his ending even mentions him playing an ocarina), but [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast the intro shows him drawing the Master Sword from the Lost Woods and two of his unlockable weapons are the Cane of Byrna and Bug-Catching Net]].
* EasterEgg: Winning with Link causes the ItemGet chime to replace the normal victory fanfare. There's also the matter of the game's rendition of the ''Zelda'' main theme.
* HeroicMime: Even with all the opportunities given, he still doesn't speak here.
* JackOfAllStats
* ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman: Link is abysmal-tier in ''Soulcalibur II'' ([[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros he's used to it]]), but his throw is incredibly easy to ring people out with, making many Weapon Master stages a cinch.
* ScreamingWarrior: [[HeroicMime Regardless of the above]], he ''does'' [[{{Kiai}} yell a lot.]] He's quite good at it.

!![[{{Tekken}} Heihachi Mishima]]
Origin - ''Japan''

Weapon(s) - His own fists with steel wrist guards

-->Voiced By: DaisukeGouri (Japanese), Victor Stone (English)

He is transported to the 16th century after his blood made contact with a shard of Soul Edge, making him relive the shard's memories, and wants to test his strength against ancient warriors. Exclusive to the [[{{Playstation2}} PS2]] version.

* AnimeHair
* BadassGrandpa
* BadassMustache
* BadassNormal
* BaldOfAwesome[=/=][[BaldOfEvil Evil]]
* BloodKnight
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: His "weapons" are metal armguards he uses to deflect blows from weapons. His ultimate weapon? He takes the armguards off and fights at his peak. Heihachi is so strong he can Guard Impact Soul Edge, wielded by Nightmare itself, with his bare skin. And then punch it to death. Again, this is a pensioner with no cybernetic or mystical enhancements at all. He's just that good.
* ContinuityNod: His 10-hit combo is his most powerful move.
** He also refers to Kazuya in one of his quotes ("I'd love to show this to that idiot son of mine!") and name drops his pet bear Kuma when defeating Inferno ([[InsultToRocks "Even Kuma is stronger than you!"]]).
* ExtremityExtremist: Uses his [[BareFistedMonk bare hands]] against weapon-wielders.
** Protected by armguards (unless he's using his InfinityPlusOneSword).
* RecoveryAttack: Only character in the series with one, as it comes from ''Tekken''.
* TitleDrop: And not of ''Soulcalibur''. His ultimate "weapon" (bare fists) is named "Tekken."

Origin - ''Holy Roman Empire (Germany)''

Weapon(s) - Battle axe

Men turned berserk by the Evil Seed. In ''II'', they're also used as labyrinth guardians in the side-game. Comes in 3 variants.

* AnAxeToGrind
* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Rock's movelist.

Origin - ''Persia (Iran)''

Weapon(s) - Scimitar

Assassins from Astaroth's cult. Ditto Berserker above. Comes in 3 variants.

* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Hwang's movelist. This has lead to some believing that Assassin (if there is only one such character) ''is'' Hwang.

!!Lizardmen (Fygul Cestemus experiments)
Origin - ''Grand Shrine of Palgaea, Persia (Iran)''

Weapon(s) - Short sword and shield

Many men turned lizard by Astaroth's evil cult. Served Lizardman and Nightmare in ''Soulcalibur'', and turned shard-seeker for the cult in ''II''. In ''III'', they were oblivious to Astaroth's cult smashing, and wandered the lands. In ''IV'', they gathered around Aeon Calcos, who become their leader again. They obey his every order without question, even killing innocents if necessary.

Maze and labyrinth guardians. Come in several variants.

* ReptilesAreAbhorrent

[[folder:Bonus Characters in ''Soulcalibur III'']]
Origin - ''Unknown''

Weapon(s) - Dual wave swords

An assassin once feared, but later mocked as an old man. Revenant having killed a previous incarnation of Zasalamel, Zasalamel made him pay in his next reincarnation. And since death wasn't enough, he controlled his remains to serve him as a servant. In ''IV'' he's downgraded into a Cervantes-copy still serving Zas.

* DemBones
* DisproportionateRetribution: Receiving end, see above.

!!Greed and Miser
Origin - ''Japan''

Weapon(s) - (Miser) Katana and shuriken, (Greed) Dual kunai

-->Voiced By: Keiji Hirai (Greed; Japanese), Yuki Makishima (Miser; Japanese)

An old man that looks like a bum and a Japanese-looking girl. Two random assassins and rivals of Yoshimitsu. They get trashed by Mitsurugi in ''IV''.

* DualWielding: Greed uses two kunai in battle.
* EyepatchOfPower: Greed.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Miser. She also wields shuriken.
* MartialArtsHeadband: Miser.
* MeaningfulName: Both of them.
* RavenHairIvorySkin[=/=]ShinyMidnightBlack: Miser.
* TheRival: To each other as well as Yoshimitsu. They are respectively "Number Four" and "Number Five" in their organization of thieves.

!!Valeria, Hualin, and Lynette
Origin - ''Venice, Republic of Venice (Italy) / Xian, Ming Empire (China) / Kiev, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Ukraine)''

Weapon(s) - Grieve edge (Valeria), Extendable staff (Hualin), Tambourines (Lynette)

-->Voiced By: Yuki Makishima (Valeria; Japanese), HiromiKonno (Hualin; Japanese), Kanako Tateno (Lynette; Japanese), Heather Hogan-Watson (Lynette; English)

Otherwise referred to as ''The Shop Girls'' by the fans. One lost her father to Soul Edge, the second got hired after noting her talents and the third seeks her life's calling... though they are more remembered by their role as the ones attending the in-game store... and their [[JigglePhysics ludicrous amount of jiggling]] (especially Valeria... oh boy).

* AnimeChineseGirl: Hualin.
* ArmedLegs: Valeria.
* BlondBrunetteRedhead: Lynette, Hualin, and Valeria respectively, although Valeria [[HairColorDissonance veers a bit towards]] [[RoseHairedGirl fuschia]].
* FieryRedhead: Valeria approaches this when you repeatedly try to buy an already-purchased item or select an item only not to actually buy it.
* GenkiGirl: They're ''all'' pretty upbeat, but Lynette takes the cake.
* GetBackHereBoss: There's a mission where you have to defeat each of them while they run from you extremely fast. You're given a very long time limit, but it goes down fast if you let them taunt.
* ImpossiblyLowNeckline: ''Valeria''. Enough to give [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Lulu]], the current model of the trope, a run for her money. It should be noted that while Valeria can be recreated in CAS, her individual model is ''considerably'' more buxom than the standard CAS female.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: ''Tambourines'' for Lynette.
* {{Meganekko}}: Hualin.
* {{Meido}}: Present to a degree with Valeria and Hualin, but most notable with Lynette.
* OdangoHair: Hualin.
* SimpleStaff: Hualin. Her weapon is able [[TelephonePolearm to grow to mammoth proportions]]. It's based on the staff from ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'', which could change length and width (see also, [[Manga/DragonBall Goku's Power Pole]]).

!!Abelia, Luna, Demuth, Aurelia, Chester, Strife, Girardot
Origin - ''Chronicles of the Sword''

From an AlternateUniverse known as Chronicles of the Sword. All bosses within said mode, [[DefeatMeansFriendship some later]] [[HeelFaceTurn reedemed]] to [[DefeatMeansPlayable become units of the player]].

!![[VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}} KOS-MOS]]
While not an "official" character and lacking a move-set, KOS-MOS makes a cameo in the character creation mode, where she can be created with the "type-x" parts.


[[folder:Bonus and Guest Characters in ''Soulcalibur IV'']]

!!Ashlotte Maedel
Origin - ''Hidden Shrine of Fygul Cestemus, Persia (Iran)''

Weapon(s) - Axe

-->Voiced By: HitomiNabatame (Japanese), MeganHollingshead (English)

A robotic maiden created by the remains of the cult that created Astaroth, Ashlotte Maedal's assigned mission is to assassinate him for being a traitor. She was created and designed by Ogure Ito (Oh! Great), of ''Manga/TenjhoTenge'' and ''Manga/AirGear'' fame.

* {{A|nAxeToGrind}} [[BladeOnAStick Spear]] [[AnAxeToGrind To Grind]]
* ArtShift: Like all of the bonus characters created by famous Japanese artists and designers, her profile art is different than the main cast.
* BadassAdorable: Immensely strong due to being based on Astaroth, but despite some Uncanny Valley effects, she's still very cute, and the fact her quotes give her a polite, sweet-tempered personality make her curiously adorable for a clockwork doll with a spear.
* BattleBallgown
* ClockworkCreature
* ElegantGothicLolita
* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Astaroth's movelist, and uses Rock's victory poses.
** Could also be considered as the ''SC'' equivalent to [[{{Tekken}} Alisa Bosconovitch]].
* EyesOfGold
* HeroicAlbino: Or at least, more neutral than {{evil|Albino}}.
* PantyShot: Her intro.
* PrincessCurls
* RapunzelHair
* RobotGirl
* SuperpoweredRobotMeterMaids
* UncannyValleyGirl: Seems to be a double offender at first for being an eerily realistic human-sized clockwork doll rendered with eerily realistic computer graphics, but pretty much averted since she moves and acts just like the human characters in the game.
* WhiteHairedPrettyGirl

Origin - ''Kyoto, Japan''

Weapon(s) - Denryu Bakuha (Metal bludgeon)

-->Voiced By: Nami Kurokawa (Japanese), MichelleRuff (English)

An oni girl who seeks out Soul Edge, believing that it is a kindred spirit to her: a being that is forever conflicted with humans. She was created and designed by Hirokazu Hisayuki, character designer and animation director from the eponymous animation studio {{Sunrise}}.

* ArtShift: Same deal as most of the bonus characters, the designer gets to keep his original art in the game.
* CarryABigStick: It's a sterotypical weapon used by oni, the ''kana-bo''. It's supposed to have about the same shape and length as a baseball bat. Kana-bo have lots of little bumps for extra damage, however.
* CuteButCacophonic
* CuteMonsterGirl
* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Nightmare's movelist, and uses Siegfried's victory poses.
* FieryRedhead
* RedOniBlueOni: Literally. Her costume colors are even red and blue!
* ZettaiRyouiki: Does it count if they're thigh-high [[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/soulcalibur/images/e/e6/Kamikirimusi.jpg bandages?]]

Origin - ''Suwa, Japan''

Weapon(s) - Dual katanas

-->Voiced By: TakakoHonda (Japanese), KarenStrassman (English)

A wandering killer who is possessed by a demon. The demon wants her to take it to a stronger body to possess, and the woman wants to fight more worthy opponents. She was created and designed by Hiroya Oku, of ''Manga/{{Gantz}}'' fame.

* AbsoluteCleavage
* ArtShift: Oku gets to keep his original piece in the main game, differing from the main cast.
* AuthorAppeal: Black leather, skimpy costume, katanas, and breasts; the way Oku likes it and what one can find in ''Gantz''.
* BiTheWay: Implied from her quote selection, which will have her causally flirt with male and female enemies alike.
* BloodKnight: One of the very rare female kinds.
* DemonicPossession: A rare case in which the host and possessor are in some sort of mutual agreement that favors both parties.
* DualWielding: Wields two {{katanas|AreJustBetter}}.
* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Cervantes' movelist.
* RapunzelHair
* RavenHairIvorySkin
* ShinyMidnightBlack
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Rivalling even Ivy, ludicrously enough.
* ThongOfShielding

Origin - ''Reclusive Village''

Weapon(s) - Rapier

-->Voiced By: Nami Kurokawa (Japanese), StephanieSheh (English)

[[Literature/ArabianNights The ancient storyteller]], now spontaneously an elf. She wants to learn more about the stories of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to use as material for her newest tale. She was created and designed by Yutaka Izubuchi, famous illustrator and designer who has contributed to many art directions in anime, but he is more known for creating ''Anime/RahXephon''.

* ArtShift: Izubuchi's orignal piece is kept in the main game.
* CuteButCacophonic
* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Amy's movelist, and uses some of Raphael's victory poses.
* LoveAtFirstSight: One-sided case in regards to Algol, as she watched him from afar the first time she left her village in search of information about the great war between the soul swords.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* TheStoryteller
* WhiteHairedPrettyGirl

!!Angol Fear
Origin - ''Core of the Macrocosm''

Weapon(s) - Spear

-->Voiced By: TakakoHonda (Japanese), BrianneSiddall (English)

A servant of the macrocosmos who is sent to Earth to investigate the battle between the two swords. She is also using them as a gauge to judge whether Earth should be destroyed or not. Created and designed by Mine Yoshizaki, of ''Manga/KeroroGunsou'' fame. Angol would later become directly related to his series by being the cousin of Angol Mois, a character from his own series.

* AbsoluteCleavage
* ArtShift: Yoshizaki's orignal piece is kept in he main game; also differing from the other bonus characters, even her 3D model is noticeable unique and anime-esque.
* CanonImmigrant: Eventually became an official character in ''Keroro Gunsou''.
* CombatStilettos
* DarkSkinnedBlond
* {{Expy}}: Duplicates Seong Mi-na's movelist. She also bears more than a passing resemblance to her cousin.
* HangingJudge: On a cosmic level
* HumanAlien
* HumansAreBastards: Comes to this conclusion in her ending but spares the Earth anyway. However, this is only because there is other life on the planet
* LargeHam: Mild Case
* WhiteHairedPrettyGirl

!![[TheForceUnleashed The Apprentice]] (Galen Marek)
Origin - ''Planet of Kashyyyk''

Weapon(s) - Lightsaber and Force powers

-->Voiced By: Shuhei Sakaguchi (Japanese), SamWitwer (English)

Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice, codename Starkiller, real name Galen Marek. He is ordered by his master to investigate a dimensional tear in the space-time continuum, and this leads him to our world where he is caught in the battle between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

* BattleThemeMusic: A shorter version of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2mO4ZHWK-U "Duel Of The Fates"]] from ''ThePhantomMenace'' plays whenever he is in a match located in the ''StarWars''-themed stages. (This is overridden by Vader and Yoda's themes when he fights them.)
* EarlyBirdCameo: Appeared in this game before making his canon appearance in ''TheForceUnleashed''.
* LaserBlade: The lightsabers, naturally.
* LightningBruiser
* InkSuitActor: Modeled after and voiced by SamWitwer.
* ReverseGrip
* ShockAndAwe: His Force Lightning.
* SNKBoss: Despite being fairly low-tier, he's incredibly quick and annoying to fight against.
* [[SuddenlyVoiced Suddenly Voiced In Japanese]]: The Japanese versions of TheForceUnleashed games weren't dubbed in Japanese, since the voice acting was in English with Japanese subtitles and this is the first time we can hear him speak in that language.[[hottip:*:Also the reason why he's voiced by a low-profile Japanese voice actor.]]
Origin - ''Unknown''

Weapon(s) - Lightsaber and Force powers

-->Voiced By: Ichiro Nagai (Japanese), TomKane (English)

The ancient Jedi master, investigating the emergence of a dimensional tear. Exclusive to the Xbox 360 version [[StrangeSyntaxSpeaker he once was]], but now available as downloadable content for the PlayStation3 for $4.99.

* BattleThemeMusic: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykZL23rzO50 "Qui-Gon's Noble End"]] from ''[[ThePhantomMenace Episode I]]'' plays when he fights in a ''Star Wars'' stage.
* ContinuityNod: His Critical Finish is a replica of how he dispatched a Clone Trooper during the attack on the Jedi Temple in ''RevengeOfTheSith''.
* FragileSpeedster
* LaserBlade: The lightsaber.
* LethalJokeCharacter: Considering abysmal-tier due to a pitiful attack range and really slow movement, but is immune to throws and players who practice with him will be dancing around their opponents and cutting them to pieces with confusing combos.
** Also, his size means you're usually stuck low-attacking him, and due to his size he can't be grabbed (Not even by another Yoda).
* OldMaster
* UnnecessaryCombatRoll: Not unnecessary to Yoda in gameplay, actually -- he can either roll in a direction to cover distance, or walk in a manner that is much slower than everyone else.

!!Darth Vader
Origin - ''Planet of Tatooine''

Weapon(s) - Lightsaber and Force powers

-->Voiced By: ToruOhira (Japanese), [[ChadVader Matt Sloan]] (English)

The [[MagnificentBastard Dark Lord of the Sith]]. He notices the power caused by the clashing of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and heads off to take the swords for himself. Was exclusive to the PlayStation3 version at first, but is now available to Xbox360 owners for 400 Microsoft Points.

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: '''DARK LORD OF THE SITH'''.
* {{Badass}}: As is usual for Vader.
** BadassBaritone: Ditto.
** BadassCape: Again, ditto.
* BattleThemeMusic: As per his home series, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8 "The Imperial March"]] plays when he fights in one of the Star Destroyer stages.
* ChadVader: Gets PromotedFanboy status for providing Vader's voice for ''SCIV''.
* TheDragon: Yes, the developers still mention the Emperor in Vader's profile.
* EvilLaugh: In his ending. Notable in that it's the first time we ever hear Vader do one, which is a bit [[TheStoic unusual]].
* EvilSoundsDeep: One of the ''many'' tropes he carried over from ''StarWars''.
* HiddenAgendaVillain
* LargeHam: One of his hammier appearances, owing either to the fact that [[ToruOhira his Japanese seiyuu]] usually voices clownish-sounding hammy characters (and the English voice actor had to read the same lines), or to the fact that he's in [[WorldOfHam a]] ''[[WorldOfHam Soulcalibur]]'' [[WorldOfHam game]].
* LaserBlade: The lightsaber.
* LightningBruiser[=/=]MightyGlacier: Depending on the attack he's using; in general, he's slightly slower and stronger than Mitsurugi.
* TinTyrant
* VaderBreath: The {{Trope Namer|s}} and TropeCodifier, naturally.


[[folder:''Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny''[='=]s Guest Character]]

Origin - ''Sparta, Greece''

Weapon(s) - Chained swords

--> Voiced By: TesshoGenda (Japanese), T.C. Carson (English)

Yes, ''[[GodOfWar that]]'' [[GodOfWar Kratos]]!

* {{Badass}}: What were you expecting?
* BattleThemeMusic: His stage uses [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L09rqYVFxTk "Isle Of Creation"]] from ''God of War II''.
* ContinuityNod: His Critical Finish is an exact replica of the finishing move used on Ares in the final battle of the first ''God of War'', though with the Blade of Olympus replacing the Blade of the Gods.
** He also name drops [[BigBad Zeus]] after his opponent has not seen the end of this day. ("Zeus! You will be next!")
* LargeHam: As always.
* LightningBruiser[=/=]MightyGlacier: Pretty much has the same attacking and movement speed as Vader in ''IV''.
* ShoutOut: Several to his home series:
** As expected, he retains many of his popular combos with the Blades of Chaos. The ever-trusty Plume of Prometheus even has the same command input as in ''God of War''.
** Kratos' home stage (Challenge of the Gods) comes from an area located on the giant temple on Cronos' back from the original ''God of War''.
* StoryBreakerTeamUp[=/=]{{Bowdlerise}}: As is standard procedure for violent/mature works crossing over with tamer series, Kratos has none of the {{Gorn}} he's famous for here. Thankfully, the censorship is only there to bring him down to a "T" rating in a game that's anyway geared towards players in the same approximate age range as ''GodOfWar'''s demographic.

[[folder:''Soulcalibur V''[='=]s Guest Characters]]

!!Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Origin - ''Florence, Florentine Republic (Italy)''

Weapon(s) - Hidden Blades (two), Roman Longsword, Stiletto, Hidden Gun, Crossbow

--> Voiced By: TomokazuSeki (Japanese), RogerCraigSmith (English)

The main character of ''[[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII Assassin's Creed II]]''. The son of a Florentine banker (and ex-Assassin) from [[TheRenaissance Renaissance Italy]] whose life of luxury was shattered when his father and brothers were framed and executed. Seeking vengeance, he embraced his true heritage as an Assassin, and worked his way up to become one of the most prominent leaders the order had ever known.

* {{Badass}}: And how! Aside from what he's done in his [[AssassinsCreed home series]], Ezio makes his ''Soul'' debut by picking a fight with '''[[BigBad Nightmare]]'''.
** BadassCape: A white half-cape, which conveniently covers all of his left-side weapons when not in use.
** BadassGrandpa: His appearance is based off ''[[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood Brotherhood]]'' (as that game's release was when Namco Bandai started collaborating with Ubisoft), where he was between ages 40 and 48.
** BadassNormal: Arguably considered to be one, at least compared to most of the other characters and guest fighters in the ''Soul'' series.
* BattleThemeMusic: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt2qhuTWrs4 Uses a cover of]] ''ACII'''s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EaRHlo4B0Y "Venice Rooftops"]] as seen in his announcement trailer.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: His Hidden Blades, which he uses for many of his melee attacks, including an unblockable attack that resembles the high-profile "flying" assassinations in the ''Assassin's Creed'' series. His Hidden Gun also counts, as it's mounted alongside on his left-forearm hidden blade.
* CanonWelding: The official backstory has Ezio making a stop in his quest to kill Cesare Borgia to recover a treasure that the Templars stole when they raided Forli; however, as soon as he opens the box, the Animus flips out and jumps ahead to Ezio waiting for the ship to Navvare. This sets the event just before the final battle of ''Brotherhood''.
* {{Career Killer|s}}: His reveal trailer even dubs him "Master Assassin." Quoting [[LeonardoDaVinci Da Vinci]], "Our lives are made by the death of others."
* FishOutOfWater: AVERTED! Ezio actually fits in with the time and setting of the game, which is notable given the series' penchant for sticking [[StarWars characters]] [[{{Tekken}} of a]] [[{{Spawn}} very different]] [[TheLegendOfZelda setting]] [[GodOfWar (or even time)]] as guest fighters. As it turned out, that's ''exactly'' why he was picked.
** This is only to some extent. The first ''Soul'' game takes place six decades after Ezio's death in the 1520s, whereas ''Soul Edge'' is set in 1584 and ''SCV'' takes place twenty-four years later in 1608, despite his look and fighting style being a better fit for the ''Soul'' universe and both series being set during TheRenaissance. WordOfGod [[http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-10-21-ezio-confirmed-for-soulcalibur-5 suggests that]] Ezio's appearance in ''SCV'' is due to the Animus, making Ezio a "ghost" of sorts (or making ''V'' a program within the Animus).
*** A Namco Bandai community manager however noted that Ezio had several undocumented periods in his life during the events of ''Brotherhood'', suggesting the "time/dimensional travel" explanation; the Animus was actually Ubisoft's suggestion.
** Somewhat confirmed. Before setting off for the final mission in ''Brotherhood'', Ezio assisted in fighting off some Templar invaders. He then found an unknown artifact that transported him to the future (i.e. the events of ''SCV''). He eventually returned to his own time period to kill Cesare Borgia.
* FullNameBasis: Is the only character whose last name is displayed and read by the announcer.
* GuestFighter: Confirmed to be playable in both the [[{{Playstation3}} PS3]] and {{Xbox 360}} versions, due to ''AssassinsCreed'' being multi-platform.
* HeyItsThatVoice: In Japanese, he shares his voice with [[FullMetalPanic Sousuke Sagara]] and [[OnePiece Rob Lucci]].
* HitlerCam: Used when he wins a match.
* InTheHood
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: His intro quote as the first fighter ("Insieme per la vittoria!") roughly translate to "Together, we will be victorious!". Make of it what you will.
* ManInWhite
* MeaningfulName: Ezio being derived from a Greek word for eagle, he's "The Eagle of Florence."
* MultiMeleeMaster: Just look at the weapons he has in his arsenal! To quote [[NiccoloMachiavelli Machiavelli]] in his announcement trailer: "Before else, be armed."
** Shown mainly during his Critical Edge attack, where he slashes his opponent with his stiletto, hidden blade, ''and'' longsword, then finishes the attack with a crossbow bolt and an immediate follow-up hidden gun shot.
** Namco Bandai actually cited this as ''the'' main challenge when it came to balancing Ezio as a fighting game character.
** NamedWeapons: Somewhat averted, in a similar manner as the ''StarWars'' guest fighters, as the site simply gives his weapon name as "The Hidden Blade." (Funny as this only applies to one out of God knows how many weapons he has.)
** The Japanese profile refers to it as "Assassin Blade."
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: "I tried to warn you!" (said before Ezio performs his Critical Edge attack.)
* PrimalStance: Averted, Ezio's fighting stance is his idle stance from ''Assassin's Creed''.
* PostMortemOneLiner: "The world will be better without you." and "May no one remember your name." The former one actually counts as a ShoutOut to ''Brotherhood'', as Ezio used this line to destroy one of Leonardo Da Vinci's war machines, while the latter is used after Ezio defeats [[FinalBoss Cesare Borgia]].
** He also uses his main one-liner from ''Assassin's Creed'' ("Requiescat In Pace"), when using his Hidden Gun unblockable attack.
* ShoutOut: Many to his home series, as per the course:
** The glitch that occurs after Nightmare's scene in Ezio's trailer is similar to the one found in the "Black Room" trailer for ''[[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedRevelations Assassin's Creed: Revelations]]''.
** Most of his attacks (the Hidden Blade assassinations, Hidden Gun shot, his counters) are lifted straight from ''Assassin's Creed''.
** The official bio mentions Shaun Hastings, part of Desmond's MissionControl from ''Assassin's Creed II'' onwards.
* TheSlowWalk: How Ezio is introduced in his reveal trailer before "dropping in" on Nightmare and delivering his first line.
* TalkingToHimself: He shares his [[RogerCraigSmith English VA]] with Siegfried.

!![[{{Tekken}} Devil Jin]]
In a seemingly opposite situation compared to ''III'''s KOS-MOS example, Devil Jin's moveset is exclusive to custom characters, but there is no word on whether or not there any parts to recreate him with. To get the Soul (read: fighting style) of Devil Jin, one must defeat the ghost Harada TEKKEN, who uses his style, in Quick Battle mode.

* BareFistedMonk
* CallBack: The theme that plays when fighting Harada TEKKEN in Quick Battle mode is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDcnRvZZ4wU "Antares,"]] the theme of Devil Jin's home stage in ''Tekken 5'', the Cathedral. This is because the theme was composed by the series' sound director, Junichi Nakatsuru.
* TheCameo
** CreatorCameo: One of the opponents that uses this moveset in Quick Battle is Katsuhiro Harada (Harada TEKKEN), the creator of the ''{{Tekken}}'' series.
* FrickinLaserBeams
* PowerGivesYouWings
* {{Shoryuken}}: As an unblockable.
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