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03:33:25 AM Aug 13th 2013
Tira's voice actress...After playing some U Mv C 3, Felicia sounds *EXACTLY* like Jolly Tira in SCV. Gina Bowes(GK Bowes) plays her, anyone think that's who provides her voice?
05:57:54 PM Sep 17th 2012
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EDIT: Goodness, forgot how the forums worked x.x

Are there some tropes regarding how all the characters play? I've looked a bit, but can't quite find ones for all of them. Here's the list so far:

Abelia: ?

Alpha Patroklos: Difficult, but Awesome/Elite Tweak

Abyss: ?

Aeon/Lizardman: ?

Algol: ?


The Apprentice: ?

Assassin: ?

Astaroth/Ashlotte: Mighty Glacier

Aurelia: ?

Berserker: ?

Cassandra: Jack-of-All-Stats

Cervantes/Shura: Lightning Bruiser/Difficult, but Awesome

Charade: Ditto Fighter

Chester: ?

Dampierre: Lethal Joke Character

Darth Vader: ?

Demuth: ?

Devil Jin: Confusion Fu/Lightning Bruiser

Edge Master: Ditto Fighter

Elysium: Ditto Fighter

Ezio: ?

Girardot: ?


Heihachi: ?

Hilde: Difficult, but Awesome

Hualin: ?

Hwang: ?

Inferno: Ditto Fighter

Ivy: ?

Kilik: ?/Ditto Fighter

Kratos: ?

Leixia: Fragile Speedster

Li Long: ?

Link: ?

Luna: ?

Lynette: ?

Maxi: Confusion Fu/Shrodinger Fu

Miser: ?

Mitsurugi/Arthur: Jack-of-All-Stats

Natsu: Confusion Fu/Lightning Bruiser

Necrid: ?

Nightmare/Kamikirimushi: Lightning Bruiser

Night Terror: SNK Boss

Olcadan: Ditto Fighter

Patroklos: Jack-of-All-Stats

Pyrrha: Jack-of-All-Stats

Pyrrha Omega: Difficult, but Awesome

Raphael: ?

Revenant: ?

Rock: Mighty Glacier

Seong Mi-na/Angol Fear: ?

Setsuka: Difficultbut Awesome/Elite Tweak

Siegfried: Confusion Fu

Sophitia: Jack-of-All-Stats

Spawn: ?

Strife: ?

Taki: ?

Talim: Waif-Fu

Tira: ?

Valeria: ?

Viola: Gradual Grinder

Voldo: Confusion Fu

Xianghua: Fragile Speedster

Xiba: ?

Yoda: Waif-Fu

Yoshimitsu: Confusion Fu/Difficult, but Awesome

Yun-seong: ?

Zasalamel: ?

Z.W.E.I.: Difficult, but Awesome

I'm feeling like I'm groping in the dark on all but the SCV characters since I never really had much understanding of how the characters truly were before it, but even on them I still feel like I'm missing some things. Some I'm unsure about and would love input on:

Aeon/Lizardman: He really seems like a low Tier-Induced Scrappy that's only really good at ring outs(being one of the few characters there's something of a consensus regarding tier standing). While it may be due to his moveset being incomplete, all the same his gameplay is mediocrity incarnate. Compared to the other characters that fall under Jack-of-All-Stats though, he seems inferior. Crippling Overspecialization is something I don't believe applies as though he's one of the best ring out characters he doesn't have any clear specialization. Master of None also seems like an accurate description, but I'm thinking it may be a bit too negative.

Algol: I'm leaning towards Lightning Bruiser. He's average or better for many attacks in terms of speed and he can deal in excess of 200 damage out of any stun if he has two full bars of meter; which is good by any standards(all characters start with 240 health).

Devil Jin: Seems like another Lightning Bruiser candidate with a touch of Confusion Fu in his mixups. Fast and powerful, great mixups, relatively safe on many attacks.

Ezio: He seems to be geared more towards fishing for counterhits as best I can tell, but I feel like I'm missing something major here too.

Ivy: I really can't think of any tropes that describe her role in the game. She has great range yet her ranged attacks are risky, a worthwhile throw game, and lots of gimmicky moves that aren't exactly difficult to use. The one thing she really excels at is discouraging sidestep, in my opinion. I can't think of any tropes that describe these traits.

Kilik(pre-SCV)/Xiba: Good range, power, and mixups. Not fast enough for Lightning Bruiser or quite confusing enough for Confusion Fu I think.

Leixia/Xianghua: Fragile Speedster was already listed on Xianghua and while the speed part is reasonable enough, the fragile part definitely doesn't apply since all characters have the same amount of health in most games in the series.

Natsu: Confusion Fu and Lightnign Bruiser seem to sum her up well since she's fast, powerful, and has crazy mixups out of her Possession stance but is there anything that relates to characters having short reach?

Nightmare: I hate using Lightning Bruiser for him, but it seems about as close as one can get. Is there nothing more appropriate for a character that's such high risk and high reward?

Raphael: I...really don't know. The only thing he really seems good at is interrupting attacks with pokes. Granted, he's probably the best at it but I can't think of a trope that sounds right.

Tira: Um...Well, she seems to kind of break the mold. She switches between two distinctly different playstyles with some degree of randomness associated with specific attacks, each with their own specialties yet one clearly being overall better than the other, has a lot of combos that are luck-based and require multiple shifts between both her personas, and she's especially good at harming grounded foes. Oh, and she's also a bit more towards the upper end of the spectrum in terms of tier placement. Nothing I can think of(or even multiple things) really encompass even parts of that well at all.

Okay, can anyone help out this crazy worthless troper?
02:14:19 AM Mar 7th 2012
In the bonus character section for Soul Calibur V, it discusses the soul of Devil Jin style, and states the following... "To get the Soul (read: fighting style) of Devil Jin, one must defeat the ghost Harada TEKKEN, who uses his style, in Quick Battle mode." I've unlocked the moveset, but I have not even faced the Harada TEKKEN character. I think I unlocked it during the story mode somehow.
12:02:28 PM Mar 8th 2012
There's actually multiple ways of doing so. Defeating Harada TEKKEN in Quick Battle is one way and the method that's advertised the most. Defeating any opponent in Quick Battle who uses the Devil Jin style can also do the trick. The third way I know of is reaching a Player Level of 5.
10:32:19 PM Feb 4th 2012
I have to question the validity of some of the info added to this page.

For one, Kilik isn't evil at all in this game. Anything that the bios hinted at must've happened completely off-screen (Xiba already has the Kali-Yuga when Pat bumps into him during the story) because Kilik's his usual self. Perhaps a bit more serious, but overall the same.

And there's the topic of Viola and Nightmare's true identities. How can what is on the page be true if nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) is disclosed in the story? Yes, we have some clues (which I will list below), but nothing official.

* Raphael and Nightmare share a seiyuu; there seems to be a debate on whether it's Patrick Seitz or Charles Rubendall as Nightmare in English (seeing as Charles is uncredited and yet still seems to be voicing Raph like he did in III and IV); it sounds more like Patrick Seitz to me, but then again, it was a bit hard to discern that Patrick Ryan (who voiced Nightmare in III) was still voicing him in IV due to all of that voice modification.
  • Graf Dumas looks like Raph with a mask, which is more noticeable in CAS.
  • The similarities between Raphael and Graf Dumas, as seen on the WMG page.

That's really it. This is exacerbated by Raphael not appearing at all in the story.

* Pretty much everything: she's amnesiac (whereas Amy seems to have gone missing), resembles an older Amy, wears similar clothing with the same overall motifs as Amy, uses some of her more acrobatic moves in battle, and shares a VA with Amy in both languages.
  • Raphael remarks "Strange..." when biting Viola during his throw.

There are hints, and strong ones at that, but it's just conjecture at this point. Nothing was disclosed in-story to confirm it, regardless of how likely it is.
11:23:21 AM Feb 9th 2012
edited by BroDudeMan
Thank you.

For a while, I was actually wondering whether some book was released with the collector's edition detailing all this hidden information, or if perhaps there were some modes or endings or bios I failed to unlock, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one a bit skeptical of all the new information that seemingly appeared out of no where for Raphael, Amy, and a few other characters.

As you stated, there's a few scarce clues hidden both in and out of game, but that's all there is, clues. I have absolutely no idea where everyone else seemed to get all that character information from.
08:58:17 PM Mar 1st 2012
I remember it saying that Nightmare was using Raphael's body and that Viola was Amy was revealed in the credits of the game, but I guess not.
02:16:36 AM Mar 7th 2012
I hate how there's no bios, or any character info in the game. I mean, I had to come here to get the character information.
11:58:55 AM Mar 8th 2012
edited by X2X
@ Arawn: Unless I missed something, I didn't see anything of the sort after finishing the story. I'll go back and check soon, but I don't recall anything of importance happening after the credits.

EDIT: Yeah, checked earlier today. I didn't see anything.

@ kaiden: Most of the bios can be found on the official website, the Soulcalibur Facebook page, the artbook that came with the Collector's Edition, or the player's guide released by Future Press. But yes, there's no Museum mode or Character Profiles in the game proper.

EDIT: Some more food for thought. I don't know how we missed it, but this is probably where the Raphael is a ghost theory was partially born from. According to Daishi, Raphael died during the events of SCIV.

The plot thickens. Seeing as this is Word of God, it probably should be added to the page. In spoiler tags, of course.
10:45:17 PM Jan 18th 2012
Kilik, an angelic being known as Elysium (who bears a striking resemblance to Sophitia), Alpha Patroklos (Patroklos wielding Soul Calibur), and Omega Pyrrha (Pyrrha wielding, you guessed it, Soul Edge) have been confirmed as the final characters in Soul Calibur V. Should we add them?
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