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Valentine: This bit was inaccurate: "The title, according the the author, comes from the Irish word for "family". It actually comes from the band "Clannad" of Ireland, which is a shortening of "Clann as Dore" (the family of Dore). Clannad the game, then, would be "Clann as Dango". Family is the major theme of CLANNAD."

The words "as Dobhar" can mean "of Dore", but only in the sense of "from Dore". "Family from Dango" doesn't make sense though, so I chopped that bit. I don't think the rest flows as well now though, so if anyone can fix it up, feel free.
Citizen: Guh. Please label your spoiler tags with at least the source (game, anime 1st/2nd season...).
Mirrinus: So, uh...why is the ~After Story~ an Idiot Plot again?
Kyler Thatch: removed:

  • No Hugging, No Kissing - Subverted in Tomoya and Nagisa in that they're clearly in love with one another, but despite being the official couple and getting married, they're never shown doing anything more than holding hands. Akio makes fun of Tomoya ruthlessly for this in the game.

This was taking the trope title too literally. See the trope page itself for details.
Citizen: Having just completed Kappei's route in the game, I have the urge to give Ryou a Beware the Nice Ones mention, though she probably doesn't qualify too well. I'm really just looking for an excuse to talk about... well... her way of persuasion in a certain matter in that route, because there's an absolutely hilarious way of phrasing it. If you've done the route, you'd know what I'd say.
  • Mapi-chan: I know what you mean by this. It's the first time I've seen Ryou so overprotective of anything. The way she makes Sunohara back off kinda took me by surprise. I'd like to put Ryou under Beware the Nice Ones too, since it's so far from her usual timid nature.

Kyler Thatch: This is the second time I'm taking out a reference to Fan Dumb. Like it says in the Deus ex Machina line, it's a debatable subject if you take the anime adaptation as-is. More importantly, calling it Fan Dumb just reeks of Complaining About Fandom Opinions You Don't Like. I don't think that's something we want to encourage here.
Mapi-chan: Having played both Kyou and Ryou's route twice now, I've decided to give both the Fujibayashi sisters Alternate Character Interpretations, in regard to The Cyrano, Matchmaker Crush, and Sibling Triangle business.

Citizen: I removed the Alternate Character Interpretation section. In the game Ryou outright says that she had known about Kyou's feelings and used her anyway. The "alternate interpretations" were too extreme and the actual route not ambiguous enough for that.

Mapi-chan: Duly noted.

werd: Should we have the first stanzas of the Dango song up there, instead of other lyrics from the middle of the song?

Neobowman A quote fits better than the song.

Am I the only one who feels that the the way Sanae planned for Tomoya's safe return to Ushio's life counts as a Xanatos Gambit?