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Wizard Joni: I decided to start the Eberron article due to the setting being Troperiffic. I needs me a lot of help however.

Wizard Joni: Does anybody think we should separate the Eberron races and their tropes? Perhaps take a cue from the Character Alignment page?

Trolls: Are there enough tropes for each of the races to make it worthwhile? If there are, sounds like a good idea to me.

Inyssius: Pulled this example, because it's kind of a mess:
  • God Save Us from the Queen! - Queen Aurala of Aundair.
    • How is this so? She's competent, skilled and actually (last I checked) cared about Aundair and its people. Don't load tropes into the page just for their own sakes......
      • And she wants to restart the bloody continent-wide war just so she can sit on that big comfy chair in the middle of Thronehold. In the words of the campaign guide, "she waves the hand of peace with her left hand and directs war machines with her right".

Considering adding this to the "Space Jews" entry:
  • D&D-esque Dwarves also traditionally hoard gold and hide it underground vaults. The Dragonmarked Houses resemble medieval fantasy corporations so it's closer to a Corrupt Corporate Executive twist on Our Dwarves Are All the Same.
  • Considering the setting creator's wife at the time was of Jewish descent (and their seperation was amicable) it's probably not intended as Anti-semetic.

Any thoughts?

Wizard Joni: This sounds reasonable enough.