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Ununnilium: Hmmmmm. You know, now that we have a trope section for TabletopRPGs...

Seth: I was thinking the same thing, should we A- Create a second entry at the bottom underneath the current one or B- Call that one {{D&D}} or Dungeons And Dragons Game or this entry Series.Dungeons And Dragons

Ununnilium: I'd say Series.Dungeons And Dragons is the best option, in my eyes. Other opinions?

Robert: This isn't the only case where there's a potential clash. Batman should really have a different page to Batman the 60s series, and so on. Series.Dungeons And Dragons works for now, but some general way of avoiding clashes would be good.

Seth: Well to start with i'm going to copy paste this from here to the series. page.

Sci Vo: Hey guys, this is a tangent from The Bible Discussion. My understanding of the avatars of D&D gods is that they're like the divine, metaphysical equivalent of hands, extruding an extension of their power and self into the material plane. Is that accurate? For that matter, is there even consistent canon on that?

Ununnilium: From what canon I've seen, that sounds accurate, but I'm not a D&D Vorthos Spike.

Fast Eddie: Just did a quick google/wikipedia refresher course on the topic. The Hindu idea seems closest to what's going on in D&D with this idea — sometimes the avatars are born and grow up like other humans, but mo' bettah, and sometimes they just pop out from Vishnu's desire to bitch-slap somebody. They also call someone who is "possessed" by the big boss an avatar, albeit more like a temp than a full-hire. So, I suppose you could think of Jesus as an avatar of the big boss (and some Hindus do), or you could leave it to folks who care about the distinction to puzzle out.

Dalantia: It really depends on the setting. I know that's not very helpful, but it's true. I know that in Forgotten Realms, if you get your hands on the avatar of a god, you can theoretically kill them just like anything else.

Nornagest: Excised the following —

** Not really, 3rd ed had the same kind of backlash. And before that... well there was no internet to whine on when 2nd edition came out. It helps that by the time 4th ed came out, the fanbase had grown exponentially from the days of 2nd edition too.
**You're not kidding. This troper remembers the flamewars that 2nd ed fans released against 3rd ed. The complaints 3rd ed fans use against 4th? Mostly the same thing as last time, just in disguise.
***That's because 4th takes to the extreme many traits of 3rd, that were and are perceived as negative by many people. (And then it adds its own negative, such as forcing radical game setting changes.) And no, 3rd did not have the same kind of forum backlash, with year-long flamewars and lasting 50/50 fanbase split.

What does this contribute, exactly?

Ganon42:Related to the Dn D RPG vs Dn D cartoon discussion above, this page's WMG link goes to the WMG page for the cartoon instead of for the tabletop game. Is there anyway to fix this?


Lich: Anyone know if I could find the Tomb of horrors module? I have heard its rather evil, so much about it over the years, I am curious if perhaps I could find it preferable in digital PDF form.

Ganon42: I think the original module is included as part of the 3.5e Return to the Tomb of Horror module.


Grumman: The Fanfic Recs page doesn't have its own discussion page, so I guess this is it. Just removed a few entries, since it kind of misses the point to put things which aren't fanfiction on a page intended for the purpose of recommending good fanfiction.

Dread Gazebo by Richard Aronson
  • Recommended by FLCNPNCH
  • Summary: The fear...The pain...Can you handle the NIGHTMARE that is...THE DREAD GAZEBO???
  • Comments: Yeah, chances are you've heard of this at some point. If you haven't - It's funny. Really really funny.

Lawful Good Story Thread
  • Recommended by FLCNPNCH
  • Summary: Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Comments: Link is to sup/tg/. sup/tg/ archives threads directly from 4chan. You have been warned.

tbarrie: I removed the following:

Not long after the release of 3.5, Wizards of the Coast began publishing sourcebooks without the 'Advanced' moniker in the title, realizing that calling it 'Advanced' would intimidate many first-time players. Since the 'basic' edition and the 'Advanced' version were essentially the same game anyway, the decision made sense to a lot of fans.

...because I have no idea what it's talking about. As the summary already makes clear, "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition" was succeeded by "Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition". "Advanced" as part of book names had been gone for years by the time 3.5 came out.

T Beholder: Sadly, references to the primitive trolling don't make a good silver bullet. Even in the cases when Epic Trolling managed to troll out 11 pages of replies, it was obvious enough to get the right answer on first page.
Also, for mentioned grievances edition is almost irrelevant, because it's all (excluding "armor vs. damage type" adjustments addressed in earlier ed.) appliable to most of the line, save Player's Options — and partially to many other systems as well.

Peteman: To elaborate on my deletion of Your Vampires Suck: the example is directed at the game mechanics, but these same complaints can be directed at any Level Adjusted monster. The game mechanics were not initially designed to allow monster races, and the LA system was an attempt to balance having a monster race and not making them so awesome there would be no reason to play anything but a monster race. However, whatever complaints you have about the game mechanics, it is irrelevant because Your Vampires Suck is about fiction taking pot shots about the fictional creatures of other fiction. Your Vampires Suck would be in effect if, say in a Dragon Magazine article, Kas (Vecna's former vampiric lieutenant) found a source book of Vampire the Masquerade, read through it, and said something like "Antediluveans are a stupid idea".
Zarpaulus: The 4e alignment system: More or less restrictive (so we can remove the discussion on the page). I personally think it's more restrictive because it cuts the number of possibilities almost in half and retains two of the least liked alignments

AvatarofRage: The WMG page directs to be the one for the cartoon series...can someone in the know fix this up?
Sabre Justice: Anyone else think we should divide this page for each edition? (with a general page or folder for all-encompassing tropes) The editions seem different enough from each other to qualify, with certainly enough content at least.

T Beholder: At least major steps (D&D 1 - AD&D / AD&D 2 / PO - D&D 3 / 3.5 - D&D 4), otherwise it either speaks a lot about everything and nothing or becomes a complete mess.

Yertz: 1st and 2nd edition AD&D are probably similar enough to share a section if necessary (speaking as a fan of both). 3rd definitely should be seperate to previous editions, and 4th obviously should be seperate from all the others. I definitely think it would be a good idea, though.

Matrixx: Ugh. Can we change the "walk, kill, loot" page quote? There's so much more to the game than that.

Talen Lee: Perhaps an iconic quote from 1st or basic? Not owning the books I can't offer much help there.

Talen Lee: I'm not a big fan of the Your Mileage May Vary under Your Mileage May Vary that doesn't seem to add anything. I do like the phrase 'the ambulance that rules lawyers chase' but it seems nothing beyond a cute aphorism. I'm reluctant to just flat-out delete someone else's contribution though but can't see a way to rework it into the earlier text.