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Kriegsmesser: What, no They Fight Crime! quote for They Fight Crime!? /cry

WoodenTable: Agreed, we need one of those up there as a quote. Naturally, we should compile a list of prime candidates, vote on the top 10... nah, screw it. I'll just put one up, and any time someone generates one that's even awesomer than the one currently up there, they can feel free to replace it. Just a little wiki fun!
Ununnilium: I don't think Tru Calling or The Brady Bunch Variety Hour really fit.

Gareth: Fair enough on Tru Calling, I've removed it. As for the other, I've added a description of the premise and I'll leave its presence up to consensus.

Ununnilium: Was it actually supposed to be, in-show, something literally put on by the Brady family? If so, it fits. If not...

Gareth: I think so. There's more details [1]here. To be certain I'd actually have to watch the show, and that's going a bit too far.

Ununnilium: Huh. All righty.
Fire Walk: Is it me or do the examples seem to be veering into "This show is weird". From the description, I'd understand this as a show with a weird element or two, but that don't really implement their presence in a major way, so a lot of examples don't seem right.

(Later, with that in mind, pulled the following, as they don't seem to fit:
Citizen: I was going to put this in, but changed my mind:
Shakugan no Shana: He's the remnants of an Ordinary High-School Student, kept alive by the most sought-after artifact in the world. She's a flaming immortal loli hunter experienced only in combat. They Fight Crime.

Fire Walk: The examples here REALLY need a better idea on what should be included; This seems to be veering very close to being a rehash/ prehash of Better Than It Sounds or Exactly What It Says On The Tine, when really it should be more "this show presents fantastic/ outlandish concept, but generally delivers fairly standard plotline". Just because someone fights a multitude of evils, including crime, doesn't make them an example, in my book.

Antheia: Something else this page really needs is a better name. This is nearly as bad as Bus Full Of Nuns was — going over the wicks for this page, almost all assume the trope is crime-fighting. I suggest we rename this one, make They Fight Crime a redirect to whatever the name for crime-fighting stories (do we have that one? is called, and change the few wicks that are currently correct.