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Rothul: Many of these examples seem to just be Easter Egg, but moreso. What differentiates this trope from just "Game With A Lot Of Easter Eggs"?

{{00Davo}}: This Troper thinks that The Dev Team Thinks of Everything is specifically related to Combinatorial Explosion - if I Can't Use These Things Together, the Dev Team didn't think of that. But if I can use all kinds of crazy things together, The Dev Team Thinks of Everything. An Easter Egg is merely a general hidden thing that can be discovered.

In the first King's Quest game, trying certain item combinations or even walking into certain areas on the screen would cause the game to crash, citing the cheerful note: "Sorry, you tried something we didn't think of."<BR>
Pretty much every Sierra game from that era had that message, which was "You have done something we did not think of. Whatever it was, you did not need to do it in order to complete the game. Try taking a different approach to the situation." From Jones in the fast lane, use the Reset option several times in a row. From Police Quest 3, at one point your partner will want you to drive her to the mall. There are several seconds of uninterruptable driving beforehand. On a sufficiently fast computer, you will have exited the city by then. Crash car, crash game. The message was always the same.

Defiance: I've tried to clean this page up a bit. Any comments?

kitsunezeta: for an example of something that clearly wasn't planned for causing the above crash message, see this video from LateBlt's LP of Quest for Glory 2. Given how many obscure things the devs do, in fact, think of, finding these instances is actually pretty... hard.

Prfnoff: Someone put this back, and it's still wrong. Anything you type does this.
  • Also, early in the game when facing the bulldozer you can walk away. This results in a stray brick hitting you and killing you. However, it doesn't end the game instantly, allowing players to continue. Typing in revive self results in the game saying "You keep out of this, you're dead. An ambulance arrives. "

Ununnilium: Tabletop Games
  • GURPS (Generic Universal Role Play System) dedicates itself to this. The whole idea, of course, is that in GURPS if you can think of it you can make it or buy it or be it. Legions of Advantages, Disadvantages and Skill appear in the core books alone. Even more examples show up in specific settings, sourcebooks, their magazine. Seriously there are rules detailing exactly how the economics of magical enchantment work.
  • It could be said that the whole point of tabletop RP Gs is that, as the GM is effectively part of the dev team, the dev team can in fact think of anything on the fly.

Neither of these are quite the same thing, though.

DS Piron: would Sonic saying "I'm out of here!" and jumping off the level after standing still for three minutes count?

G-Mon: No, that's more like an Easter Egg/Non Standard Game Over.